10 Best Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone in 2022

No one likes to get up early, But we have to wake up on time. That is why we have written this article where we have made a list of the 10 best alarm clock apps for iPhone in 2022.

There is an alarm clock in every smartphone to set the alarm, but there are no additional features. So these are the 10 best alarm clock apps for iPhone in 2022 with additional features.

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Best Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone


Alarmy Best Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone

Alarmy is a free app available for both Android and iPhone. And you can buy its pro version to get all the features that make it special. You can customize almost everything on this app. It is super simple and easy to use. after setting your alarm on your main page of the app.

you can see all your alarms that you have on, and you can also see on the top which is the next alarm and how many it is going to go. It also tells you the weather, which is pretty cool. You will get an alarm with a slider to turn the alarm on and off on your screen.

In that alarm, you can see which day it goes on and watch the label of the alarm and what’s the main method of turning it off. You can set your mission to dismiss the alarm. It gives you six different options to dismiss the alarm, and some of them are very smart, like a QR scanner or math equation. And you can turn off your snooze button. It has sleep music.


Wakie Community

Wakie Community Best Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone

Wakie is an alarm app for iPhone users. After downloading the app, you will set how you get up. Very first thing you have to do is set your language. In this app, a stranger wakes you up by calling you. When the alarm starts, it connects to random people, and the good thing is that it doesn’t show a phone number.

You can choose how you want to awaken up. You can be on the other side too. It has chat features that let you chat with people in your language. The call will end itself in 16 seconds. And if someone does not call you to wake up, a recorded voice will ring.


Sleep Cycle: smart alarm clock

sleep Cycle Best Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone

The sleep cycle is an alarm clock with features like sleep tracking, snore tracking, and more. It is a free app for both android and iPhone users. You can receive a personalized daily analysis of your patterns and trends. It also accesses a premium library of sleep sounds for meditation and mindfulness to help you relax. You can set the alarm, and it will wake you up naturally.

The sleep tracker features trackers of your sleep schedule. It has a premium version too. It has two snooze modes. First is intelligent snooze that lets you snooze through your wake-up phase. The second is a regular snooze, which lets you choose a specific alarm snooze time between 1-20 minutes.


Math Alarm clock

Math Alarm clock Best Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone

The math alarm clock is an app that wakes you up doing maths. When your alarm starts, you have to solve 1-2 equations based on your settings, and after solving them correctly, it will turn off. To turn the alarm off, there is more task you can set. There is a memory game or equation of maths based on your level, easy or hard you have set. Or selfie options are available too. It is available in a dark theme also.

You can disable snooze mode or can limit it. Available for both Android and iPhone. You can not cheat with the app because it can recognize objects. So in selfie mode, you have to take a good picture. Customize your alarm the way you want.


Motion alarm clock

Motion alarm clock Best Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone

The motion alarm clock will not turn off until you sake it at a certain speed. So you have no option to escape from waking up. You can customize your alarm according to your preferences. It has a lockable option that will not let you cancel the alarm.

It has a dark mode, dark theme, color theme, and has alternative app icon colors. You can set your self-composed ringtones. It will snooze for 10s only. It has battery saver mode. In this app, it is almost impossible to mute the alarm.


Dawn chorus

Dawn chorus Best Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone

Dawn chorus is also an alarm app. You can download it from the AppStore. It lets you set the alarm and its ringtone. The ringtones are the sounds of birds. It is really simple to use. It lets you set the alarm by the birds, and it can be education because the bird’s name appears under the alarm.

You can find it for both Android, iPhone, and iPad. You can set up to five birds for one alarm. You can manage and label your alarms. But it does not have a very good rating on the play store, but do not go on that and give it a try.


Alarm clock for me

Alarm clock for me Best Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone

Alarm clock for me is an app that can be found on both Android and iPhone. We can use customized clock widgets on your home screen. We can adjust the screen brightness to not blind you after a good night’s sleep. You can turn it off in two ways math tricks or shaking it.

It can tell the weather. It has nightstand mode. You can also choose between vertical and horizontal modes, or you can prevent the main screen from auto-rotation by fixing the clock’s position on your screen. It is one of the coolest alarm clock apps for iphone.


Rise Alarm Clock 

Rise Alarm Clock Best Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone

Rise is a simple alarm clock for iphone with lots of smart features. It is one of the easiest ways to set the alarm and use it. Pull it up or down and watch the sky change as you pick a wake-up time. Turn the alarm on by pulling the screen left or right.

Shake your device to quickly set the alarm for a short nap or use it as a timer. Tap to snooze and be a little late, or pull the screen to turn off the alarm and be on time. Toggle all your alarms on or off from one screen. Rise will always show the next alarm when you open the app.


Carrot Alarm

Carrot Alarm Best Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone

Carrot is the simplest alarm clock for Iphone you will ever use. Just swipe up or down to choose your alarm time, then drag the carrot to the right or left to set your alarm, and you are done. Carrot will wake you up in the morning with a mix of songs and witty spoken dialogues.

Carrot is more like the game as you keep waking up on time you level up in carrot twisted little game. The alarm unlocks games like new songs, app upgrades, and even a collection of bedtime stories. Shake, swipe, and pinch to complete your daily chore and set off the alarm. It is not a free app. It has a very good rating on the app store.


Walk me up

Walk me up Best Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone

As its name is, walk me up, you have to walk to dismiss the alarm. Hold the phone in your hand and start taking steps to disable the alarm. The app has smart algorithms to detect when you try to cheat the app by shaking and punishing you by imposing extra steps.

Enable ‘Evil Mode’ while setting the alarm, and snooze gets disabled. You can Customize the number of steps you need to take. Choose from an awesome collection of alarm tones.

Set labels to each alarm to remind you why you need to wake up. Regular updates. Not one of the best Alarm clock apps for Iphone, but it is worth trying.



These Alarm clock apps for Iphone are almost free, but you need to buy the pro version if you want to use more features. These Alarm clock apps keep updating, so do features will keep adding. Now you won’t be late for many things. The iPhone has an alarm, but it cannot be very pleasant. So now customize your phone by your choice.

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