10 Best Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick (2022)

Amazon Firestick is very popular among people and today we are gonna tell you 10 Best Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick. Firestick gives users a very different experience while using TV. It opens up the world of high quality content in front of you. 

Other than just watching movies, news or tv series there are tons of things which you can do on it. There are many apps pre-installed on the device. But you can go beyond that and download apps you want. 

In this list we have talked about 10 Best Apps to Install on Amazon Fire Stick. We’ve created this list keeping in mind the basic apps that can give you an idea about the wide range of choices you have that will increase your viewing experience. 

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Some of these apps to Install on Amazon FireStick are completely free to use, some are paid and contain in-app purchases. Remember that this is the list of some apps which are very popular among users and recommended by them. You can also install other Amazon firestick apps similar like these and and completely utilize the full potential of your smart tv. 

Before we start to install these apps make sure you enable the ADB Debugging and allows you apps to be install from Unknown Sources you can do the changes from the settings. 

So that’s it lets start our list of 10 Best Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick

Best Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick (2022)


Best Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick

Netflix is one of Best Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick to start with our list. You’ll possibly don’t know about Netflix only if you’re living in a cave. It has tons of content to entertain you. 

From movies, web shows, tv shows to anime it has everything. Netflix provides you a high quality of content in a very high definition. You can choose content from different regions as you want. If you want to watch a Spanish or Korean show no worries you’ll either get a dubbed version in English or your regional language or subtitles which help you to understand. 

It comes with an amazing intuitive interface and it will suggest content based on your preferences. It is free to download and there are multiple subscription packs you select as per your need. 

Download – Netflix 


Best Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick

If you are looking for some delicious recipes, exercise videos to get fit, tips to excel in your academic studies or just for entertaining videos and music you surely have visited YouTube at least once. It seems to have endless content for free. YouTube makes sure that you never get bored by recommending new videos.

With its easy to use interface people choose to use it on their device whether it’s android, iOS or Fire Stick users. YouTube offers you features like voice search, supports multiple accounts, video casting.

It is completely free to use but also has subscription plans that open gates to new features which enhance your experience. 

Download – YouTube 


Best Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick

Spotify is currently the most popular app to listen to music. While using Spotify your music listening experience goes to a next level. It is free to download and use. But to get free from ads and access to more features you can get a subscription . 

For Fire Stick users you can just simply download and listen to music or if you have a subscription account on Spotify you can link your account to your TV and make it your default app to listen to music. 

Download – Spotify 

VLC for Fire 

VLC for Fire or if you are a PC user you may know it as VLC Media Player. It is a free media player which supports almost every type of video format. In VLC you’ll get a media library in which you can easily browse your local files or watch anything online. It is one of the coolest video player Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick

It contains all the basic features like subtitles, multiple audio formats, auto rotations, playback buttons etc; that will give you a hassle free video watching experience. You can even listen to music saved in your local fies. 

Download – VLC for Fire 


Best Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick

Kodi is one of the best online streaming Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick. It is an open source application with a stylish and easy to use interface. It gives you access to a wide range of content. It provides you skins which allows you to customize the interface and give you a better experience. 

You can watch movies, tv shows , listen to music, view photos in a slideshow on your big TV screen. With its PVR (personal video recorder) feature you can record, watch and record the live TV. Other than entertainment you can play games of your choice by choosing from a large number of emulators. You also get a number of add ons like music add ons and video add ons which let you stream various content online. 

Kodi is not available on the Amazon app store. To get it first you’ve to install the Downloader (further mentioned in the list) app on your Firestick. After that, when it asks for access to media files and visits Kodi website (link given below) there you’ll get a complete idea of how to download it. 

Download – Kodi 


Best Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick

Downloader’s job is pretty straightforward just like it’s name. You can download apps easily and on your Fire Stick. To download the apps Fire Stick you can obviously use the Amazon App store. 

But to download apps from other sources Downloader is used. Basically it works as a browser for your Fire Stick. It navigates websites using Fire TV remote. 

It consists of all browsers features like fullscreen mode, zooming, and quick access to favorites and bookmarks. It is best to install, delete, manage apk files within apps. 

Download – Downloader 

Twitch : Livestream Multiplayer Games and Esports 

Best Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick

If you are a gamer or love someone to watch game play then you’re gonna love Twitch. You have probably used this application on your phone but using it on your Fire TV will give you a whole other level of experience. 

You can watch gamers play single or multiplayer games like Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Valorant, Grand Theft Auto, Free Fire, and many more. You can chat during a live gaming session. Along with watching you can broadcast your own live stream easily with the touch of a button. 

Twitch has unique programs like art demos, music fest or just chatting with others. Especially if you are a late-night gamer then the dark mode will help you a lot. With games, your favorite sports are here too like basketball, baseball, soccer, football, swimming, wrestling, hockey etc in the form of talk shows, fantasy and esports. 

Download –  Twitch 


Best Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick

Crunchyroll is an amazing app specially for the anime lovers. It is a perfect platform for die hard anime fans. It provides you with over 1,000+ anime series, live action dramas and produces its own original shows. 

You can watch your favorite anime like JUJUTSU KAISEN, Attack on Titan, Black Clover, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Castelvania, One Punch Man and many more. No matter how old the anime series is, you can easily watch those episodes. You can choose from different genres of anime and even select to watch from the most popular ones.

New episodes are available on it within one hour of release in Japan. It is free to download. There is a premium subscription which provides you an ad free experience, offline viewing, streaming 6 screens at once. Crunchyroll allows you to use the premium version free for 14 days. 

Download – Crunchyroll 

Mouse Toggle for Fire TV

Best Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick

Mouse Toggle for Fire TV is used for navigation. By installing this app you can use your remote’s D-pad. It only works on Fire TV or Fire TV Stick and you must have a Stock / original remote control.

To use it you have to get the original stock remote control. Add the mouse mode into your stock remote control. Double tap on the remote’s play button and it will launch a mouse icon on the screen.

Mouse Toggle automatically detects the device otherwise you can also use manual mode. After that it will work just as a mouse you can click, long click, wheel up, wheel down, and drag. You’ve to download it from the play store to use. 

Download – Mouse Toggle 

Tune in Radio 

Best Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick

Other than the visual entertainment the Fire TV can also be used for listening to radio for that Tune in Radio is there. It is completely free for download and use but contains some in app purchases. 

To listen to music there are other apps to install on Amazon firestick like Spotify but with Tune in Radio you can listen to Radio, Podcasts, Music, Sports, News. With its premium subscription it provides you with Fewer Ads, Commercial-Free Music, News with less Ad Breaks and Live Sports. 

You get 24/7 news from around the globe, live sports talk, music suitable for your mood, amazing podcasts and you can listen to it anywhere on 100,000 AM, FM radio stations broadcasting from 197 countries. 

Download –  Tune in Radio 

Final Words

So that is with our list of 10 Best Apps to Install on Amazon FireStick. There are some really great varieties of apps in this list. Let us know which apps you use and how was your experience using the Firestick. 

Tell us about which apps you use and if you’ve used apps from the above mentioned list then we’d  like to know about your experience using them. Thank you for reading. 

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