10 Best Apps To Mirror Android Screen To PC in 2022

We have discussed the 10 Best Apps To Mirror Android Screen To PC, Technology has given us many great things to make our life easier, and screen mirroring is one of the most useful and convenient tools that it has bestowed us. 

Screen mirroring is designed to be used during presentations, lectures, and other digital activities by sharing the phone screen. We prefer to store most of the files on our phone because of its easy accessibility but sometimes we have to use our PC for some specific activities like meetings and lectures and we need to share some of our files in such scenarios. 

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It would be quite inconvenient to transfer those files from your phone to a PC through a wired connection; it will not only take extra time but will hamper the storage capacity of your PC as well. In such cases, screen mirroring can help you share your files directly by presenting the content of your android phone on your PC. Here, We will discuss some best screen mirroring apps for Android. 


Apps To Mirror Android Screen To PC

Vysor lets you create a connection between your phone and computer to view the content of your phone on the big screen of the computer.it’s very easy to do so because it’s an easy interface that doesn’t complicate screen mirroring of your android. 

You can play games and use other apps on the computer by pairing mobile and computer with each other. Vysor will help you to have control of your android on the computer. 

Download: Vysor


Apps To Mirror Android Screen To PC

Apowermirror lets you cast the content of your android phone to the PC through a wireless connection. You can easily share the screen of your android to PC via USB or WiFi with the help of a mouse and keyboard. 

Some apps permit you to play videos but when you play them you find that they have no sound in them. To get rid of this issue Apowermirror has added a feature where you can watch the video along with audio without using any AUX cable. You can also record your android screen while doing the activities of screen mirroring. 

Download: Apowermirror 

Screen stream mirroring 

A powerful application that lets you view the content of your android on your computer. You can use this application for various purposes like giving presentations of your work, playing games or education. You can play videos with audio in real-time. The audio will sync perfectly with the video which will let you understand it clearly. 

Apart from playing videos with audio, it also has some other features like it will let you record the screen mirroring in video files and 

You can share your screen “live” to any device just like a dual-screen. 

Download: Screen Stream mirroring 


Airdroid is an all in one application that not only works for screen mirroring but also includes file transfer, remote control, receiving SMS notifications right from your computer and making calls on PC. 

This app is packed with incredible features that offer many useful tools other than just screen mirroring. If you have this app already on your android then you know how amazing this app is but if you don’t have it then what are you waiting for just download it right now from the link given below. 

Download: Airdroid 


MirrorGo is one of the best applications for screen mirroring where you come across various features to kick start your screen mirroring activities.

You can transfer files between your android and PC by simply dragging and dropping the files. If you want to capture or record any activity during the screen mirroring then it will let you take screenshots and screen recordings which will automatically get saved on your PC. 

Download: MirrorGo 

Mobizen mirroring 

It’s a simple application with some great features to support the screen mirroring with ease. You don’t have to sign up for this application, just simply log in with a Google or Facebook account to use this application. 

You can remotely access your device easily anywhere. Record or capture the screen to save whatever you want while mirroring the screen. It also supports OTP authentication. 

Download: Mobizen mirroring 

Miracast display finder 

A Miracast display finder is a searching tool that helps to find the compatible device to pair with. It lets you find the devices to share the screen of your android connected with the same network. 

In this application, you will get the option to capture the content of your android and save it on the PC so that you can access your captured content anytime on the PC. 

Download: Miracast display finder 

screen cast 

One can easily understand the meaning of screen cast by its name. It means ‘casting ‘ the ‘screen’ of your phone on the PC. Through this app, you can share your screen on PC weather for your private use or present it to a group of people. 

It has some primary features like it lets you play the video with audio in real-time to have a better experience of the screen mirroring. 

Download: Screen cast 

Mobile to PC screen mirroring 

Mobile to PC screen mirroring is a powerful application that makes sharing your screen over a wireless connection easy. You can share your phone’s screen with your PC just by connecting to the same network.

It not only lets you share your phone screen on PC but also on other devices which are compatible with screen mirroring. 

Download: Mobile to PC screen mirroring 

Teamviewer quick support 

It is undoubtedly one of the best applications for screen mirroring. In this application, technicians can access and operate your device like their own. They will have the ability to chat, transfer files back and forth, view your device information, stop processes, and much more. 

All you have to do is provide your ID to the technicians after that they will have full control over your device. This application is mostly used to troubleshoot the issues that you face on your mobile or desktop remotely. 

Download: TeamViewer quick support 

Wrapping up 

Screen Mirroring app is one of the must-have apps. If you are a working professional, student or someone who wants to play games and watch videos then you should have this app on your android phone to increase the productivity of your work. 

You can download any of the applications that are mentioned here to jump-start with screen sharing. If you have any idea about such apps then let us know in the comments below.

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