10 Best Chess Apps For Android and iOS in 2022

Chess is a terrific method to spend time in an intellectually stimulating way. Chess is regarded as a legitimate indoor sport that improves a person’s patience and intelligence. If you enjoy chess games and have a smartphone, this article is for you.

Chess Apps For Android and iOS are nearly everywhere on the internet since they are so popular among users. It may become difficult to play it offline on the chessboard because the board is not portable. To tackle this problem, we looked for the greatest chess apps for android and ios on the internet, which will take your chess game to the next level without a hitch. Millions of people play the game all over the world. Chess competitions are also held in many nations.


However, not all games meet the requirements for being the best. The Best Chess Games for smartphones in 2022, according to gamers and the internet, are those with sophisticated features, exquisite visuals, and updated models based on current trends.

But, don’t worry we looked for a variety of apps and compiled a list of them below, each with its own set of modules and user interfaces. So let’s talk about it and see which option is best for you.

Best Chess Apps For Android and iOS

Learn Chess: From Beginner to Club Player

Best Chess Apps For Android and iOS

Learning chess will help you progress from a beginner to a club player, as the name implies. The app includes an incredible teaching guide that will assist beginners by explaining the rules and laws of chess.

The software will help you as a coach, guiding you first and then taking your test. It will assist you if you get stuck anyplace in the test by providing clues and explaining your errors. 

Download: Android/ IOS

Chess Tactics Pro 

Best Chess Apps For Android and iOS

Another app for solving puzzles is Chess Tactics Pro. You should give it a shot, if you love solving chess puzzles. Make sure you have at least one of these apps to pass the time when you’re waiting for a bus or in a saloon. There are numerous difficulty levels in the programme, ranging from beginner to advanced.

It also has an ELO system installed, which selects problems for you based on your preferences. Naturally, your development is taken into account as well. You’ll never run out of riddles because fresh ones are added every day. So solve all the challenges and master the game of chess.

Download: Android/ IOS

The Omnibus

Best Chess Apps For Android and iOS

Everyone from beginners to grandmasters. Games can be played at any speed, with time constraints ranging from a quick one minute per side to a leisurely five days for each move.

You can just play and ignore the rest of the site’s features, but there are plenty of options for the interested. You can compete against a variety of AI-powered chess bots, each with its own set of skills and strategies. Those seeking non-competitive study options can use puzzles and lessons, as well as watch chess livestreams (yeah, this is a thing) and locate a mentor.

A subscription paywall, which appears in numerous locations on the web, is the one thing that stymies your discoveries. When you first start playing, you’ll be given a rating that indicates your level of skill. Over the course of your first few games, it will swing drastically before settling into a narrow.

Download: IOS

Chess Clock

Best Chess Apps For Android and iOS

This application is distinct in that it includes a timer, which is a one-of-a-kind feature. You can set the timing, and both players will have the same amount of time to take their turns. They will lose their chances if they do not move the pieces inside the time limit.

The app gives you the privilege of both landscape and portrait modes, allowing you to play with greater confidence. Themes are the nicest aspect of this programme, and you may customise them as well.

Download: Android/ IOS

Chess – Play & Learn

Best Chess Apps For Android and iOS

It is the best free chess programme that will help you develop and improve your chess skills. You will get a chance to play chess with millions of other online players to enhance your chess rating. You’ll also receive a tactics puzzle and 100+ interactive tutorials to help you study chess and improve your mental capacity.

The interactive courses will teach you how to finish the chess swiftly and defeat your opponents. You can also play with its computer mode and adjust the strength to your preferences.

Download: Android/ IOS

Chess Royale

Best Chess Apps For Android and iOS

Chess Royale is the game for you if you want to master the game of chess. This is a fantastic tool for learning chess and playing online with recreational and experienced chess players from all over the world—also it’s a terrific way to obtain helpful advice from them.

This board game, which is available for Android and iOS, is suitable for players of all skill levels. Simply set your timer and prepare to get your brain drained. Hone your skills and have fun with your new pals while playing.

Chess Royale has a lot to offer in terms of features. There are many of visual themes for figures and boards, for example. You may also verify your standing among other players by looking at the leader board by nation statistics.

Download: Android/ IOS


Best Chess Apps For Android and iOS

You would think Twitch can’t possibly be among the best chess applications available, yet it is. While the popular live-streaming app does not allow you to play games, it is a great spot to watch some of the finest chess players in the world in action.

Grandmasters like Hikaru Nakamura routinely stream on the platform, and Chess.com has its own channel where matches and tournaments are televised. Twitch’s chess community is constantly growing, and it was especially large during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, it’s a fantastic opportunity to not only learn from specialists, but also to network with other chess enthusiasts.

Download: Android/ IOS

Play Magnus

Best Chess Apps For Android and iOS

Grand Master Magnus Carlsen will be your opponent in Play Magnus, a two-dimensional chess game. You can choose whether you wish to play against a five-year-old Magnus or a 27-year-old Magnus. This one’s chess engine is unique, and it uses the same opening as Magnus, depending on the AI-powered opponent’s age.

Features like the “Brain Power” boost and the Magnometer can assist you figure out whether or not your opponent is bluffing with their next move. There are also training videos available if you are new to the game.

To top it off, you may be eligible to play Magnus Carlsen Live at a hidden location. After over 23,000 downloads, the app has a 4.3 rating on Google Play.

Download: Android/ IOS


Best Chess Apps For Android and iOS

CT-ART is one of the best learning chess games available. It includes 2,200 fundamental exercises, 1,800 supplemental activities, and 50 learning topics. Each practise is designed to teach you a new strategy and has a different purpose.

Additionally, as you move through the app, the game will keep track of your ELO development. It’s more likely to be labelled as an educational app than a game. Learning all of the small tactics, on the other hand, does necessitate playing chess.

Download: Android/ IOS

DroidFish Chess

Best Chess Apps For Android and iOS

Droidfish is a GUI-based adaptation of the popular Stockfish chess program. It has a slew of advanced features for power users. Support for PGN, FEN, and EPD is included. It also has table base support, as well as support for other engine programs.

You may alter the difficulty by changing the engine’s strength, as with other games. This is a chess game that serious chess players like playing. It’s also 100% free, with no ads or in-app purchases. This is one of the toughest chess apps for android and ios without a doubt.

Download: Android

So these were the 10 Best chess apps for android and ios that we have used and can surely say that it will entertain you in your free time.

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