Screenshots are one of the easiest ways to save pages to view offline, even though we can bookmark all those pages it is not possible to view them offline. So, most of the people prefer to use screenshots or screen records because they are accessible offline.

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Chrome is one of the best browsers with a lot of features. There are plenty of Chrome screenshot extensions on web store that helps us to take screenshots. It has a large library of add-ons that provide many functionalities. There are many Chrome Screenshot extensions available for download. Extensions are installed in the browser and the screenshots will be saved on the computer’s hard drive.

It is easy to take screenshots in chrome browse, just click the prtScn button but they lack advanced options like scrolling screenshots, full-page screenshots, automatic cloud sync, annotation and more.

Nowadays there are a lot of chrome screenshot extensions to get all these features. Here is the list of some of the best screenshot extensions for Google Chrome that are considered as best to use to save screenshots.

10 Best Chrome Screenshot Extensions

Awesome Screenshots


Awesome Screenshot has a variety of robust functionalities. This extension not only helps to capture screenshot but also helps to annotate them and can also blur some areas within that screenshot. Through this Awesome Screenshot we can share the screenshots instantly with anyone.

It is a user-friendly interface. Besides taking screenshots, it can be used to take screen records and can be shared immediately to anyone and helps to upload it to any project management tools like Trello, Jira, Asana and more. The popup menu of this extension allows to use screenshots and screen recordings so easily. This will also help to record voice using microphone option.

We can also crop or resize the screenshot according to our need. The screenshots can be annotated with circles, lines, rectangles, or arrows. Text can be added with or without different background color, font size can be changed.

Important or sensitive information can be blurred on the screenshots, important parts can be highlighted, even an image from clipboard can be copied and pasted. All the taken screenshots will be saved to Awesome Screenshot account and will get a shareable link. It can be copied directly while capturing the screenshot.


Screen Capture


Screen Capture helps to get instant capturing of individual screen and helps to share them easily to others. It helps to record videos, add voice notes using a microphone at the time of recording. This extension helps to get screenshot of a page reliably and entirely without asking permission. This is the easiest way to take screenshot of a full page.

To capture the screenshot using this extension, click on the extension icon. This extension captures each part of a page and will be transported to a tab where all the screenshots can be downloaded as image or in pdf format or it can be saved to desktop. The link of the screenshot can be shared to people and they can view it from their device.




NinjaCapture Software helps to share screenshots and recorded videos from any device. Through this extension we can capture a whole page or can screenshot a section of a page. It has options for diverse screencast alternatives like Visible page, Full page, Select area.

This extension is available for download in any devices. Diverse screencast alternatives can be used with just one click. NinjaCapture helps to record Audio with good sound quality.




FireShots Chrome Extension is one of the best chrome screenshot extensions available. Through this one can capture the entire screen without any permission. There is an in-built image editor which helps to edit the captured screenshots.

Besides emojis it gives permission to add text annotations. Screenshots can be saved in different formats like PDF, JPEG, BMP and GIF. The captured screenshot will be saved on the PC, even if the internet is turned off one can work with that. FireShots can capture a section or can just capture a visible part of a page. With just one click screenshots of all open tabs can be captured. Screenshots can be easily customized.


Nimbus Screenshot


Nimbus Screenshot allows to capture full page or just a part of it. It gives permission to record video from screen and from webcam too. Nimbus records the entire selected browser ta or the desktop. It allows screenshots of complete web page or a selected part.

Nimbus allows us to choose what to show on the recorded video, can choose which part of the screen to capture, a selected area, visible part, or a scrollable page. Variety of screenshot mode options are available. A perfect chrome screenshot extension to organize screenshots. Screen recorded videos can be converted from WebM to MP4 and GIF.




Lightshots is a simple and convenient screenshot chrome extension. Lightshots can capture any part of a page and can be shared with few clicks. These screenshots are saved to disk or can be uploaded to cloud for easy access.

This gives an option to find similar screenshot and these screenshots can be copied to clipboard. Lightshots extension provides editing options too.




qSnap is good for people who want to take many screenshots in limited time. It is possible to take multiple screens captures with few clicks. The plugin feature enables us to capture both partially visible screenshots and whole screenshots so easily.

All these multiple captured screenshots are saved in a single document. Screenshots can be edited with in-line notes and is possible to share with colleagues so easily. qSnap is a browser with cross-platform screen capture. It captures single, light weight images.




Clipular captures a region, a horizontally/vertically scrollable page, or a visible content of a tab. It is fast and easy to use. To use Clipular Chrome browser must be up to date and it should not be beta.

The captured screen clips will be saved to google drive and it can be changed anytime. Clipular has screen capture mixed with book marking. It helps to share screenshots in chrome.




ClickUp has customizable and advanced features, including a Google Chrome extension, which helps to keep more productive and organized. It helps to create a new task or save a website to a task, track time, and will attach its report to ClickUp.

It will capture and mark up screenshots, attach emails to tasks. This chrome screenshot extension replaces five separate apps. Its storage is free up to 100MB file storage. It is a productive and time saving platform.




Blipshot, easiest and fastest chrome extension for taking screenshots. It has drag and drop features. The captured screenshots can be dragged into any folder in PNG file format. With one click this extension takes the screenshot, its quick in action.

The screenshot will be saved automatically and names itself as per the webpage, time, and date. So, it’s easy to identify and access. The latest version of chrome captures flash contents on screen so quickly. It captures the whole page with one click, not just the visible area. Blipshot is the best extension possible. This extension works on Mac, Windows, and Linux.


These are some of the easily accessible and free chrome screenshot extensions available in the web store. There are many other extensions available according to specific needs and demands. 

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