10 Best Contact Manager Apps for Android

Your phone is the instrument you use to keep in touch with your friends, family members, or colleagues through messages or phone calls. The contacts are the most essential part of our handsets.  Our phone is already equipped with inbuilt software that acts like a telephone directory with names, numbers and addresses. 

The inbuilt contact manager app is very basic and also performs very limited tasks. When the contact list is long it is not so easy to manage them. To help you manage your contacts easily I will talk about the 10 Best Contact Manager Apps for android in this article.  

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There are many third-party contact manager apps that are available to download. These apps are packed with an interesting UI and other wonderful features along with managing your ‘close ones’ list. These contact manager apps for android will surely make your work easy and hassle free.  

Let’s take a closer look of 10 Best Contact Manager Apps for Android! 

10 Best Contact Manager Apps for Android


Best Contact Manager Apps for Android

This is the most common app that is used by android users. This is not entirely a contact manager app but has many features that will help you manage your contacts easily. It offers you to secure your contacts, messages, chats by backing them up. It also has a caller ID function that shows the information of the caller. This feature will help you to keep your contact list refined.

It also shows information about promo calls and calls from telemarketers so that you can ignore unimportant calls. The app uses user based data to list the calls and messages into the spam category so you can trust the authenticity of the information the caller ID displays. 


Best Contact Manager Apps for Android

This app will help you to remove the duplicity of contact information with just one tap. You can secure all the important contact information by backing up the data to Google Drive with a single tap. It removes all the repeating contacts and merges together doubled–up contacts with just one tap.  It cleans up the unimportant contacts with missing name, number or other information and makes your contact list crisp. 

Simple Contacts Pro

Best Contact Manager Apps for Android

This app is packed with finest features as a contact managing app. You can easily take the backup of your contacts or create a Vcard format file to send it to your other devices. It is auto synced as whenever you add any new number it will automatically get added to the backup.

It also helps you to sort your contacts in different groups like Work, School, College or Family depending on your choice. This makes the access to your contacts very easy and swift. You can block unwanted calls with this app. 

It has separate parameters that use can use to sort contacts with different important information like email, addresses etc. You can customize the app to display surnames first or navigate through your contacts based on email addresses. 

Smart Contact Manager

Smart Contact Manager Best Contact Manager Apps for Android

It is a basic contact manager that will help you to remove duplicate contacts with one tap. You can login to this app and back your contacts up using it. It also has a tab that shows your backup history. In case you are switching to another device you can just log into this app and find all your contacts there. You can run a search function to find and delete repeating or unnecessary contacts. You can merge contacts with the same info with one tap. 



This app has a simple UI and is very easy to use. It has a dialer and also provides caller id facility to know who is calling you. It also provides free spam call and message blocking. It has a unique feature where in you can scan any visiting card to add the contact information in your contact list.

You can search for any contact with information like email, number or name. You can also manage your SMSs, calls and contacts with separate tabs. Also, you can save contacts with a photographic identity and find them easily. You can speed dial a number with double tap. 

Covve: Personal CRM

Covve Best Contact Manager Apps for Android

If you are someone who has to stick to their phone for long hours to keep in touch with their business network, then this app is for you. You can manage your business communications with a note with every contact. You can put reminders for important business calls.

You can also group your network with tags. You can also label your business contacts to remind of the next action you have to take with the particular contact or client. It also provides the statistics related to the communication you have gone through in a week. 

MyContacts – Contact Manager


This is one of the best contact manager apps for android that has a very simple UI so you will have no struggle while using it. It will help you to manage your contacts and the related information like emails, addresses and even social media profiles of your contacts in one place. You can have a separate list of your favorite contacts to access them easily.

You can also sort your contacts in different categories like workplace contacts, personal contacts or family. You can also take pictures from your camera to make it as the profile picture of your contact. You can customize the theme of the app and it is available in dark mode also. 

True Phone 

True Phone 

The app has a highly customizable UI and the call screen can also be customized. You can also choose call answer/reject key styles. You can put information like emails, birthdays, notes with your contacts. A profile picture can be added with your contacts so you can see who is calling with just one look.

There is a separate tab available for your favorite contacts. Speed dial can be done on your favorite contacts with a single tap on their contact profile picture. The social media profiles can also be connected with the contacts. 



This app is the best in the list of 10 Best Contact Manager Apps for Android and it is my personal favorite. This app comes with numerous amazing features. You can call, send text message, open Whatsapp chat box for that particular contact, open Telegram chat, open LinkedIn profile of the particular contact, record the call and perform other functions by sliding the contact to the side panel in a single tab.

It has a caller id tracker and blocker that will help you to manage and block unwanted calls. You can manage duplicity of addresses and contacts with merge function. Timers or reminders can be put for your next important call. Best thing about the app is it is very small in size even after being packed with so many exciting features.



 This app gives you the facility to identify any caller. You can block any unwanted calls from telemarketers or spammers. It also helps you merge together your contacts with similar information. You can look up for any phone number and know the name of the caller with reverse lookup and blacklist unwanted callers. You can also identify the spam messages, promo messages through this app. Overall it is a simple contact manager with simple functions. 

This was the guide to help you choose best from the 10 Best Contact Manager Apps for Android and manage your network with ease. Share with your friends and family members to make their life a little easy with these new technologies.  

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