Coupon apps are the coolest things on the Internet available out there cause we all love discounts and we all love facilities and here are the few coupon apps that you can use on your android phone which will make your work smooth.

Are We There Yet:

This is a very beneficial app for those who’re anxious that you miss your stop in a train or metro, or if you’re tired of looking at the map again and again during a road trip to check if you’re there yet? Basically, in this app, you search the destination and define a range. So as soon as within any range you’ll get the notification, letting you know that close to the destination.

Nothing But Wallpaper:

As the name suggests Nothing But wallpaper is a wallpaper app., you’ll get free wallpaper in the app which is a hand break a din total you’ll get 500+ wallpaper MB apps and new ones getting edited daily. In this app, you will find the quality of wallpapers efficiently. You’ll get to know the collection page which is neatly organized and belongs to various categories. You may apply for more it on your phone. Overall, Nothing But Wallpaper is easy to use wallpaper app with a good collection of wallpapers.


This is a unique app that understands that the weather is subjective and unique to an individual. It provides personalized reports and breaks down whether in terms of the outfit you need to wear. At the time of initial set up, you need to answer a few questions in the app is UVI to recommend the right garments at the right time.

Apart from that, the app is simple to use. You’ll get to know current weather, hourly weather predictions, and current conditions which will let you know about sunburn according to your skin type and whether it is worth grabbing sunscreen. Dina is a new personalized weather app which will really like this month.


Volume creates the world’s finance content under one platform. You’ll have bites size of contents around the world and you have taxes on different topics which you can rate quickly. You can go through this tax by swiping left or right.

You can also subscribe to the creator to see more tax features. Every story in the article on volume is uniquely crafted to give you the best experience. There is also in-house content on volume, which will give you a very good experience while reading them.


Tilla is a subscription management app that lets you keep track of all subscriptions in one place. The interface of the app is simple, just add the subscription started, billing cycle, and price. You can either choose a subscription from the list or add your own. This app supports different currencies and bets part of that you can see your weekly, monthly, or yearly spent on subscription.

If there is any subscription due for willing you can set an alert notification. Tilla is a very useful app, especially when you have a lot of subscriptions, and keeping track of every subscription is sometimes difficult. In this app, there’s also a pro-version for which the developer of the app has given 50 promo codes.

Black Screen

It lets you play video games with the screen off. With this app get to turn off your screen anytime and save battery and too while playing music from YouTube, you may listen to podcasts or even record a video with the screen off.

Black Screen app is useful for those using display phones as this will save battery while listening to the music on YouTube. Just stamp on the lock icon and you get all horizontal display with time or to go back, just stamp on the screen once, it will unlock all the display. This app must-have for those non-premium mighty users yet this will save battery for you.

Quote Paper

Quote paper is a wallpaper app that offers high-quality wallpaper with quotes. It has a good collection of high-quality wallpapers which will make your home and unlock screen pretty look and motivate you to achieve goals. For this, you must go through different wallpapers on the homepage and see the collection such as success, study, love, and so on. Overall Quote Paper offers a unique quote wallpaper to your phone.


Heypal app enables you to learn a new language by chatting with native speakers around the world. At the time of set up, set the language you speak and what would like to learn. Once you are done with settings, you may go through the feed of particulars language and search for users’ whore native speakers of that language. The best part of the app, you can type in your language and use a translation tool to translate the sentence. In another way, you can also translate the text you’ve received.

Nearby Share

NearbyShare is just short cut of the NearbyShare feature. With this app, you can share media with other android users quickly. Instead of using another third-party app for file sharing, you can use this app to share files locally between two phones. In short, this app is simply a shortcut to launch nearby functionality and it’s a shortcut app.

Shazzle Chat

digital communication and messages are some of the most significant advantages of technology. There are thousands of messaging apps out there. But one notable mention is a Shazzle Chat. It is safe private convenient and fast messaging and calling.

The most suitable of the app is its privacy and security features. One communicating over a digital messaging app, privacy concerns a lot. Since this application is used to send all sorts of documents and personal messages.

Naturally, you might have been concerned about the security of your data. The audio and video calls through Shazzle Chats are intently safe and are protected by P2P technology.

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