10 Best Expense Tracker Apps for Android in 2022

In this article, we will be discussing the 10 Best Expense Tracker Apps for Android in 2022. Who doesn’t want to be rich? Well, you can’t obviously be rich just by saving money. But doing so will really help you get through some tough times. If you’re a student doing some part-time work trying to save some money aside or even running a household and trying to manage the budget of your house. 

Doing all that is not an easy job. Sure you can keep track of expenses on your accountancy book but. What if I said that I can offer you a much more easy, more accurate, and more efficient way to do so. You heard right, an easy way to manage budget records, then nowhere other than in your phone.

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You might have already tried doing so on your phone’s notepad but that doesn’t work well I know. To solve that problem I present to you 10 Best Expense Tracker Apps for Android in 2022. With these apps you can manage your budget, track your expenses, set a financial goal and progress towards it and much more. 

These Expense tracker apps will help you in many ways. If you want to get exact and detailed reports of your expenses in a fun and understandable way like graphs or pie charts then these apps will also do that. 

We’ve listed all the apps that will assist you in your finance and help you operate in your accounting tasks. There are tons of things that they can do. 

So without wasting any more time let’s start with our list of 10 Best Expense Tracker Apps for Android in 2022

Best Expense Tracker Apps for Android


Expense Tracker Apps

The first app on our list of 10 Best Expense Tracker Apps for Android in 2022 is Mint. Let’s start with getting to know what this app has to offer us to keep our budget in check. Mint will Monitor Your Cash Flow. 

It will help you to Spend Smarter and Save Money with Personalized MintSights. If you’re looking for an app to do Better Budgeting, Money Management & Expense Monitoring for you then Mint is the perfect match for you. 

If you’re someone like me who keeps forgetting about upcoming bills then Mint will manage your bills like never before. Whether you are a student or a working person having set financial goals sure helps for the long term. With Mint you can customize your financial goals, with its money management advice and the budget calculator, and refund tracker you’ll stay focused on your financial goals.

Every passing day we keep hearing about people promoting crypto trading and people earning a lot from it. So if you are too interested in Crypto currency then you’ll be happy to hear that Crypto currency is supported in Mint.

Getting your own house is a dream for many Home Loans with Rocket Mortgage is possible in Mint. You’ll get money saving offers, credit cards, investment savings, loans, & more. 

And lastly, a question that comes in all of your mind is if it is safe to use. So yes it is safe to use it, Mint is constantly improving our security measures. If you have any other doubts regarding security check out this link Mint Security

Download – Mint 

Expensify – Expense Reports 

Expense Tracker Apps

Expensify is another all in one expense tracker or budget tracker app. With Expensify you can easily manage all your expenses in one place. It becomes more useful since it is integrated with other accounting apps NetSuite, Xero, Sage Intacct, QuickBooks and many others, this will help you to manage the expense more easily. 

Expensify is good for both individuals expense management and for business purposes. This allows you to scan your receipts and capture all the details in it. Booking for your travel is also possible, you can book flights, cars, hotels in a simple chatting way with 24/7 that will analyze your travel preferences as you go. 

But with all the good things a downside is that the Expensify interface is a bit challenging to understand, but once you get the hang of it then it’s all a smooth ride. With its advanced tax reporting, custom reports exports and other features definitely keep your expenses in track and help you excel in it. 

Lastly let’s look at all the features it offers us Multi-level approval workflows, Mileage tracking, Automatic credit card import, Corporate card reconciliation, Per diem support, Candidate reimbursement, Receipt integrations (Uber, Lyft, Hotel Tonight, Grab), Accounting integrations (QuickBooks, Xero,NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and more!), PCI-compliant security, Custom report exports, Advanced tax tracking, Delegated access, Multilevel coding, Automatic currency converter and SAML SSO. 

Download – Expensify  

Wallet –  Budget Expense Tracker 

Expense Tracker Apps

Wallet now this is a perfect name for an app that does expense tracking in our list 10 Best Expense Tracker Apps for Android in 2022. The wallet is a perfect app for assisting in your personal finance. The two best things I liked about it, is that it supports multiple currencies, and your personal financial reports are presented in graphs which makes them super easy to understand. 

You just add the list of your accounts and how much you have in them. Later add the categories in which you’re spending and you’ll get a graphical report of your expense structure and in which category you spend most. A limit can be set and you can see how much you are spending, that is you are in limit or going over the board. 

Wallet also has a seamless cloud synchronization. For your bill payments, Wallet will notify you when they are due. Another great feature I think that will really help you is its flexible budgets, that will help you to carry out your spending and save money for your future goals like new car or house, for retirement, holiday trip, emergency fund or health care etc. 

Overall Wallet is a great app to help you accomplish several of your financial goals. This app is limited to your personal finances and budget tracking and does that job well. 

With all that said let me just mention all the key features it offers us Automatic Bank Updates, Flexible Budgets, Insightful reports, Planned Payments, Sharing selected accounts, Imports or Manual Updates, Multiple currency support, Automatic cloud sync, Receipt and warranty tracking, Categories and templates, geo-mapping transactions, hash-tagging, Shopping lists, Exports to CSV/XLS/PDF, debt management, PIN security, Standing orders, notifications, reports and more.

Download – Wallet 

Moneyfy – Budget Manager and Expense Tracker App 

Expense Tracker Apps

Moneyfy it’s a very interesting app in this list. Along with a detailed report of your expenses Moneyfy has an inbuilt calculator calculator to calculate your expenses in it. The app is specially known for its easy to use interface in which you can add new records easily. 

For your expenses report you get an easy to read chart in a detailed way. The insights provided by the charts will always prove to be useful in order to keep your finance on track. In Moneyfy you can even manage multiple accounts. In one click you can manage and export all the data on your personal finance.

You can track and take control of your recurring payments and also track expenses in multiple currencies. You can use a Google Drive or Dropbox account to safely synchronize your data and make it accessible from any device. For your security purposes you can keep the app under password protection. 

You can manage custom categories to track expenses. And for stopping you from overspending Moneyfy also has some pro tips in store for us. Overall it is a great app if you’re just looking to keep the budget in check without creating a mess and keeping the process all simple. 

Download – Moneyfy 

Andromoney – (Expense Track) 

Expense Tracker Apps

Moving on with our 10 Best Expense Tracker Apps for Android in 2022 list we have Andromoney. This expense tracker is an all in the straightforward app with all necessary features. 

With Andromoney you get both a free version and some in-app purchases. About them, I’ll say that they are pretty reasonable and you’ve to pay only once which is great to save money as well as having more tools to manage your account’s and expenses. 

The best thing about Andromoney is that it doesn’t badger too many features on you. I’m not saying that multiple features are not great, but if you are not going to use them ever why to bother having them. It is a perfect app for managing an individual’s finances and keeping his budget in check. 

With Andromoney you get a simple and intuitive interface to operate with ease. In the field of effectiveness, Andromoney will give you detailed reports of your day to day expenses. 

The features that we get with the app are Multiple accounts and support account balance & account transfer, Cloud Storage (Dropbox , Google Docs), SYNC with other devices, Any currency with downloadable rates, Number pad with calculation, Hierarchical categories with custom attributes, Simple/ Detail / Custom Budgets, Trend, Pie and Bar charts for Expense and Cash Flow, Password Protection, Overview your expense and income summary and you can even Back up data to Excel/ Mac Number. 

Download – Andromoney  

Quickbooks Online Accounting, Invoicing and Expense 

Expense Tracker Apps

QuickBooks is an expense tracker app that is more well suited for the people managing businesses whether it’s big or small rather than tracking an individual’s budget. Quickbooks offers us a 30 day free trial with no credit card required and you don’t even need to do any purchases before. 

The free trial gives you unlimited access to all QuickBooks features on the web and also on all your mobile devices. However it is not compatible with desktop for Windows and Mac.

 Let’s talk about the features in which you get, Automatic mileage calculator will help you track your business mileage using your phones GPS and without draining its battery, It Easily manage your cash flow you can track all finance of your business in one place on it Cash flow Dashboard it forecast cash flow of 90 days and set asides business funds and payroll taxes with use of envelops. Now that we are into it, let’s talk about Dashboard business analysis. 

In the dashboard you can view profit and loss, your earnings and check the account balances, go through your overdue invoices and monitor cash flow easily. Manage payments, track sales and customers on the go with this feature you can save tax by scanning receipts and attaching them to your expenses, transactions can be reviewed easily and can be added to accounting books with a tap, customers can be also added to keep touch with them. 

Create invoices and get paid faster, by using an invoice generator for simple invoicing in multiple currencies you’ll always know who owes and who paid you and get paid faster by bank transfer and credit card.  

Maximize online accounting and customize online invoices and sales receipts with your logo, colors, and custom different fields easily. Other than that you can easily start to use it, download, create an id, enjoy your free trial and later decide if you want to further use it or not. 

Download – QuickBooks 

Every Dollar : Budget Tracker

Expense Tracker Apps

Every Dollar, the name sounds quite assuring that the app will save your every dollar, just kidding, let’s look into its features and see what it actually does. The app claims that you can get started with it and build your first budget, customize categories, track expenses, set up savings funds and much more.

With Every Dollar, you can create your monthly budget in just a few minutes and do customization in the budget in a way that makes sense for you. Setting up saving funds and goals for your larger expenses is also possible with it. 

You can even check your budget from anywhere through your desktop browser or with the mobile app. The key feature we are looking for is the expense tracking and what different the app has to offer us, you can add expenses on it from anywhere, splitting receipts and expenses across multiple budget lines can be done, checking of your remaining balance is possible in one glance.

The uniqueness of the app is that it connects you with trusted experts by finding a local real estate, insurance and tax professional through its Endorsed Local Providers program, and No third-party advertisements are encouraged, they’re just experts who will assist you in your finance.

The app also offers a premium version. By switching to it you can connect to your bank and do automatic transactions straight from your bank account. You get custom reporting on income and spending habits directly.

Analyze all your connected account balances in the app. Export the transactions and download as CSV. Most importantly you can speed up your debt payoff with automatic balance updates. For any query, get priority callback support. 

And lastly unlock premium content and courses, including Financial Peace University. Every Dollar is a great app which focuses more on keeping you on budget rather than managing your expenses. 

Download – Every Dollar   

Money Manager Expense and Budget 

Expense Tracker Apps

Down to our eighth best app in list of 10 Best Expense Tracker Apps for Android in 2022. Money Manager is a simple financial planning, expense tracking and personal finance management app. It is one of the top expense manager apps of android. 

With Money Manager you can record your personal as well as business financial transactions, and generate spending reports. You get to review your daily, weekly and monthly financial data. Asset management is possible with Money Manager’s spending tracker and budget planner. 

One of the best things about Money Manager is that you can add as many subcategories in it as you want. The app also comes with a cool and easy to understand interface. Money Manager lets you apply a double entry bookkeeping accounting system.

It not only just keeps record of your money coming in and out of your account but also, it deposits your money into your account, as soon as your income is input, and draws money from your account your expense is input. It also has credit and debit card management features, you can set a settlement date, and see the payment amount and outstanding payment at the asset tab. 

Automatic debit can be arranged by connecting your debit card to your account. Finally you can set a passcode and safely manage your account’s book financial review  with the Money Manager. 

Other than above mentioned Expense tracker apps Money Manager also manages features such as Transfer direct debit and recurrence function, Instant statistics, Bookmark function Backup / Restore data in excel files, Change of starting date, Calculator function. With the paid feature you get  a no add experience and unlimited assets in the free version they are only limited to 10. 

In the end I’ll say Money Manager is a great app that will provide you with multiple features and help you to analyze your expense and budgets informaron in a graphical way. 

Download – Money Manager 

Money Lover – Spending Manager

Expense Tracker Apps

Money Lover is a better name for an expense tracker app than any other app in this list of 10 Best Expense Tracker Apps for Android in 2022. Who doesn’t love money. This Money Lover will help you to save money and will make you stick to your budget. 

It is an award-winning app that will track your expenditures, monitor your transactions, create your monthly budget, push you to save money, and do much more. 

Let’s talk about the main features of the app now, keep track of transactions & expenditures. Link the app with your bank account for it to track automatically. Create a budget and maintain it. With its Financial Planning tab you’ll get features to create a monthly budget, managing bills and recurring transactions. Some other features for Budgeting & Financial Planning are such as Budgeting Events Recurring Transactions. 

With its pro version you get various additional features and the best thing is that you’ll only have to upgrade it once and get the benefits for lifetime. 

The additional pro functions are Tracking more than 1 wallet, Add credit walletUnlimited financial plan & budgets, Create goal wallets, Create saving wallet, Create financial plan to pay off your debts, Export transactions to CSV, Excel, Enjoy support by financial experts, Attach images, Remove ads and enjoy ad-free app experience. 

Money Lover is a straightforward app with great features and bank level security to keep your activities safe and secure. 

Download – Money Lover

Microsoft Excel 

Expense Tracker Apps

Lastly we have to discuss Microsoft Excel. You might wonder why I’m mentioning it. I know it’s not a proper expense tracker app like other 10 Best Expense Tracker Apps for Android in 2022

But many of you know how to use Excel. And, so it might come handy just for you to keep track of the expense. All you’ve to do is create a spreadsheet and add all your expenses, savings and list of areas where and how much you spend. 

You can create a report as you want. It’s also free to use. One of the best things is that you can save the file on local storage and cloud too. So if you’re just looking for something to write down and maintain the budget without needing too many features. 

Microsoft Excel is the right place for you. Just note that it’s a free app and really helpful, if you know how to operate it you’ll face no problem. 

Download – Microsoft Excel 


So that’s it with our list of 10 Best Expense Tracker Apps for Android in 2022. All these Expense tracker apps listed above work well and do your expense and budget tracking job in a great way.

All you have to do is get to know all about them and understand exactly how they work and you’ll face no trouble. So that’s it with this article see you later. 

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