10 Best Face Swap Apps to Make Your Photos Hilarious

Today we are going to talk about 10 Face Swap Apps to Make Your Photos Hilarious. If you’re someone like me who loves to take photos and especially selfies. Then the face swapping feature might be familiar to you. For those who don’t know face swapping you can change your face with anyone you want whether it’s a friend, celebrity, cartoon or even a pet.

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Mostly the normal camera of your phone doesn’t have features like it. To do that there are some apps you can use to do so. With the help of these apps you can change the faces in real time or even edit them in any photos or even give the same face to everyone in a group photo. 

This is a great way to prank someone and to do whatever you think of to do with it. In this list I’ll show you some of my favorite handpicked apps to do face swapping and many more tricks to make you look cool.

So with any delay let’s start. 

10 Best Face Swap Apps of 2022


Best Face Swap Apps

I love to take selfies and If you’re also someone who loves to do so and use different filters the name Snapchat is not new for you. For those who don’t know, Snapchat is a free app compatible with both iPhone and Android. 

It is one of the best and most popular face swap apps. Along with face swapping it has a ton of filters to use. Its dog face filter has its own fan base and many people are not aware of its face swapping feature. You just have to search for the ‘face swap’ on the search bar and click on its icon. 

After clicking photos you can share them with your friends instantly. With Snapchat you can create videos, bitmojis, use 3D lenses and many more. 

Download: Android / iOS 

Face Swap Booth 

Best Face Swap Apps

If you want to swap your face with a celebrity this is the right app. In Face Swap Booth you get multiple features like swapping faces with any photo even if it’s a friend or a celebrity. 

You can save the mixed faces and use them again and again. With its advanced editing tool, you can easily blend the images perfectly, by mixing different facial features it allows us to create new faces. It already has a bunch of celebrity photos and images available in it. 

After mixing you can share these images with friends. With its auto detection features, we can swap faces with friends in real time. Face Swap Booth is not limited to only swapping the whole face but also allows to mix one person’s eyes, nose, mouth, the beard with another person. 

This app gives you various features to make your photos hilarious. Its only drawback is that, for using all of its features you’ve to get its premium version. 

Download Android / iOS


Best Face Swap Apps

Cupace works smoothly for face swapping. It is a simple app to cut and paste faces on photos. On its homepage there are three options: Cut Face, Face Gallery and Paste Face. We will understand them one by one. 

Cut Face – With its cut feature you can cut the face from any photo just by drawing a path on it. While cutting you can even zoom to make the process more clean and smooth. 

Face Gallery – The cut photos are saved in the Face gallery. You can use them multiple times and don’t have to cut the same face again and again. 

Paste Face – To paste the face just open the Paste Face option on the homepage. Then choose the photo on which you want to paste the face. After that tap on the face icon and select the face and then place it on the photo. 

This app is super easy to use. You can even add emojis, photos, stickers and texts on images. The  texts are available in different fonts. You can also post the edited images directly on social media like Facebook and Instagram etc. 

Download:  Android 


Best Face Swap Apps

Reface is a face swap app which gives you a chance to swap faces with movie characters. Even though it’s a deepfake app you can swap your faces and voice with celebrities and with movie characters, create GIFs, photos and videos you can even directly share them on social media.

It gives you the feeling of being a lead movie character, sounds exciting right. Along with face swapping you can play with gender swaps and live face swaps. It’s photo animator puts life in the still images and then you can make them talk and even sing. 

Even if you’re not creating new images it entertains you with. It allows you to not only put faces on people but also on anything and make memes. 

Reface has its own unique quirk of swapping faces in movies but you can’t swap faces with your friends, it gives you a three days trial but after that you’ve to pay to use its features.

Keeping all the drawbacks aside this app really gives you a fun time with its deepfake technology you really should try it once.

Download:  Android / iOS 


Best Face Swap Apps

B612 is a great face swap app to take selfies and photos using a variety of filters; it also includes the face swap option. This app is completely easy to use. 

You just have to install and open it and you’ll understand everything automatically even if you’re not into regularly using these apps. It has numerous features like beautifying, editing and stickers etc. 

B612 is a great app for fun but particularly not too great only for face swapping features. You can only swap faces with anyone live on camera; it automatically detects the faces. It is a free pack with a lot of features. You should at least try it once.

Download: Android / iOS 


Best Face Swap Apps

Mix booth is not especially a face swapping app, it gives you a different take on face swapping. You can mix two photos and get a different photo. 

Using MixBooth is easy, you just have to select two photos and the rest will be done by the app. It will detect the faces automatically and mix them. 

It’s a nice app to prank with your friends or to see how you’ll look in someone’s else’s body. Using it will surely give you some laughs. It is free to use and available for both iPhone and Android. 

Download: Android / iOS 

Face Swap by Microsoft 

Best Face Swap Apps

Face Swap app by Microsoft truly gives you a number of features for face swapping. With its easy swapping process it gets the job done. 

It allows you to try different hairstyles, in group photos swap multiple faces, swap faces with cartoons, animals and posters. You can match the light, face skin tone, tilts and turns. It’s easy and fast to use.  

You just click a selfie or choose a photo from the gallery, select any photo from the web or app, select the scene. After that the app will detect the faces and will do its job. 

It’s free to use and adds a free app but it will take more than one try to perfectly mix the photos. You’ll have to be patient. 

Download: Android


Best Face Swap Apps

We all know that Instagram is mainly a social media app,but it has its own huge range of filters. You just have to open Instagram and click on your story option in the top left corner, scroll on filters  and tap on browse effects. 

Type face swap on the search bar, select the shown filter and swap the face with anyone you want. It might not give you a clear result but it’s good to use. 

Download: Android / iOS 


Best Face Swap Apps

MRRMRR- Face app Face filter has everything you expect from a photo and a video filter app. Along with face swapping it has face masks, emojis and animojis. It’s real time fx features allows you to morph your face live on camera and gives hd quality images. 

You can use the celebrity masks to see how a celebrity’s face will look on you. With its real time morphing you can easily try out any filter and even distort your face for fun. It has some features for free but to unlock all its amazing features you’ve to get a subscription.

It has auto renewable subscriptions on weekly, monthly, or yearly basis according to your subscriptions. You can use it for both iOS and Android. 

Download: Android / iOS 

Face Swap Live 

Best Face Swap Apps

Justifying its name Face Swap Live provides you with a real time face swap feature. You can swap faces with anybody live. You just have to install the app and open the and get in frame with your friend. The app will automatically swap the faces in front of your eyes in no time.

You can also swap faces with a 3D filter available on the app. It shows you high quality photos and videos. It has multiple masks to make you look hilarious.

Whether it’s a celebrity, friend or any photo this app does the swapping job easily. With all the great features it has a downside that you’ve to pay to install it but if you’re looking for a face swap and other unlimited features this might be the right one for you. 

Download: Android / iOS 

Ending Words 

So that was our list of 10 Face Swap Apps to Make Your Photos Hilarious. In these Face swap apps along with face swap you’ll get all the other ton of features. Before going just a little friendly reminder that even though face swap and filters are cool.

 It’s your responsibility to use them just for fun and pranks with friends and not to take it too far that might get you and someone else in trouble just be responsible while using these face swap apps. So that’s it for today, see you till next time. 

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