10 Best Free Email Accounts For 2022

Looking for a new email account? These are the best free email accounts providers out there. There are many email accounts where you don’t need to spend a single penny, you can make an account without investing any amount but its services are free. 

But there is some important information which you need to know before making an account. Don’t reveal your personal information like a phone number or house address. If you want to secure your email id You should have a proper password which you should never save in your email account.

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Due to this, it will be harder to hack your account. So, you should never save your password. There are many fraud messages which are sent to you through email like you have won a lottery to get this amount to share your OTP(one-time-password) these types of tricks will be played by them but make sure you don’t fall into these traps.

Beware of what you are sharing with others and don’t leave your device unguarded / openly, protect your device with a strong password. 

Best Free Email Accounts For 2022


G-mail Free Email Accounts

G-mail is the priority of every one user, nowadays everyone is using Gmail and it has high demand, it has many features which is now likely to be safe and sound. That’s why many of the users are using Gmail. You can simply log in to your Gmail account there are no further steps required. 

In Gmail your files are safe, you can undo your mail sent to the person, Gmail makes it easier to identify the spam messages and will automatically go to the spam box. You can also host a meeting through meet picture-in-picture, so you can do multitask. It gives you a 15 GB vault storage message. But there is one disadvantage in this, there is a high possibility of getting confused in the folders/labels. 

Yahoo mail 

Yahoo mail  Free Email Accounts

Yahoo mail provides 1TB of free storage to the users who are new to Yahoo mail. There are tons of storage is given to the users. Whereas Gmail doesn’t provide you with this special service. In this, you can attach a Gif. You can use Yahoo calendar for free and it also provides you a free disposable service but there is a disadvantage also you can’t use as many filters you want. 


Outlook.com  Free Email Accounts

Outlook Microsoft works with other Microsoft services. Microsoft Outlook can easily connect with Microsoft word which is easy to navigate. In this, you can organize your email automatically. This makes it easier for the user. In this, you can have multiple allies that will hide your email address but sometimes it takes a long time to load which is the disadvantage for outlook.com. 

AOL Mail 

AOL Mail  Free Email Accounts

AOL mail is another free email account service that provides a calendar and to-do list which are easily accessible. Nowadays there are many users whose English or grammar is weak this email (AOL mail) provide services to these problems and as a spell check service before sending your email you can check your spelling mistakes. But it contains a lot of ads, and these are some features that require an AOL Desktop Gold Subscription. 


Tutanota  Free Email Accounts

The name itself tells the meaning of this name ” Tuta Nota”  is a Latin word that means “Secure Message”. It gives you 1GB free storage like Yahoo gave you 1TB storage free. This email is not as popular as Yahoo. In this, it requires a strong password that can not be hacked easily.

Before you send a mail to the person you need to put a protected password. So, only that person can open the message. It is end-to-end encrypted. But there is also a disadvantage some services can not be useable before you pay for that service. 

Proton Mail 

Proton Mail 

Proton mail is similar to Tutanota Mail because both of these require a protected password before any email. The messages are end-to-end encrypted, the person who is receiving the email cannot open the message before you fill in the password and it provides you a link through which you can open your mail & fill the password. But what we don’t like is, there is only limited storage which is up to 500 MB, you have a limit also on messaging you can message up to 150 per day and it only supports three folders. 

Yandex Mail 

Yandex Mail 

Yandex is a Russian company that provides many tools and free email accounts. It provides 10 GB of storage to share with email or with other Yandex Mail. In Yandex Mail, you can sign up with your existing account on Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. It includes a built-in-translator service. But what we don’t like in Yandex Mail is you can’t change the 24 Hour Time Format and it requires some special app for Yandex Mail. 

10 Minute Mail 

10 Minute Mail 

10-minute mail is one of the best free email accounts as the name tells itself, you don’t need to register yourself or don’t have to follow any steps like in another email account. You can use it for only a temporary time period.

If you don’t trust the user to who you are sending the mail this 10 minute Mail is best, your email address or identity will disappear when the time is complete. 

You don’t have to delete your account it will automatically be deleted and if you want to use it for a longer period of time you can just refresh your 10 Minute Time before it is up. 

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail

Zoho mail has a free service account although you can view messages online but not like Gmail where you can view messages offline also. You can insert any item through Google Drive, One Drive Box, WPS, and others. Connecting to Zoho apps is easy and their design is clean and minimal. This Zoho mail works best for teams but what We don’t like is it’s primarily centered around business use. 

iCloud Mail 

iCloud Mail 

iCloud Mail is an interesting service it provides you 5GB of free online storage and a two-click method to unsubscribe from unwanted emails. Once your account is created you can easily get access to work from a PC Computer or Mobile Phones.

This iCloud mail is easy to set up for Apple products but those who don’t have Apple products can also use this. But what we don’t like is there are no advanced services given by this iCloud Mai. You will not get lots of options there is only limited service which is provided by this iCloud Mail. 


When choosing free email accounts you need to check whether it is reliable to you or not. What are its features and functions, what are the advanced services you’ll get? Check whether the filter or theme is right or not. Make sure there is a properly protected password, end-to-end encrypted messages, alternate identities, or aliases.

Before making an account you need to check you should try or study about different free email accounts whose email service is good for you because they differ from each other. These are the 10 best free email accounts for 2022.

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