10 Best Free Weather Widgets for Android

The ability to predict the weather is something that we all require. Weather apps for android and widgets for smartphones have constantly improved over time, and they are now better than they have ever been. They perform better, provide more complete and accurate information, and the weather widgets in general appear to be more modern and appealing.


Even if Dark Sky is no longer available for Android, you can obtain some very nice radar these days. There are many excellent choices, but we believe we have narrowed it down to the best of the best. The top weather applications and weather widgets for Android are listed here.


Free Weather Widgets for Android

Accuweather by Accuweather.com is a well-known and useful weather app. It includes the essentials, such as extended forecasts, hourly predictions, and so forth. Radar, some of the greatest Wear OS support of any weather software, and more are among the other features.

It also has a MinuteCast function. It forecasts rain minute by minute so you can organize your day more efficiently. In mid-2020, the app was redesigned, which caused a slew of new flaws that have yet to be addressed. However, when they work out the kinks over the next year, things should improve. For some customers, the service also offers a subscription option.


Go Weather

Free Weather Widgets for Android

Go Weather, a highly recommended weather app, will not let you down. This is more than just a standard weather app. It will show you gorgeous widgets and live wallpapers, as well as basic weather and climatic information for your region.

It gives real-time weather reports, regular predictions, temperature and weather conditions, UV index, Pollen count, humidity, sunset and dawn times, and other information. Go weather also offers precipitation forecasts and rain chances, both of which are notoriously inaccurate. The widgets and themes can both be modified to improve the appearance of the home screen.


World Weather Clock Widget

Free Weather Widgets for Android

The World Weather Clock Widget not only has a well-known name, but it also has a very detailed appearance. There are several wonderful themes available that will both make your home screen look great and deliver valuable information.

This weather widget for Android is at the top of the list since it is the only one that attempts to incorporate practically every component of weather into a single widget. This software is for you if you are a perfectionist who wants to verify everything at a look on a widget.

Its large appearance can be both a disadvantage and an advantage, depending on your personal preferences. It has the potential to draw too much attention to itself. For the minimalist, this is a must-have.



Free Weather Widgets for Android

The WeatherBug is a well-known and well-established third-party weather application. The makers of WeatherBug have not disappointed when it comes to the aesthetics and the user interface of the application.

They provide hourly and even 10 day predictions with real-time updates on weather conditions. If you want the WeatherBug advantage of having a professional weather network, warning on hazardous weathers, animated weather maps, and International weather forecasts, you definitely need to install the App on your Android.

Weather data modifications, Doppler radar animations providing information on precipitation probability, and wind conditions are all available in the app.

Air quality, pollen count, temperature, and a storm tracker are among the features of the app. The widget will provide you easy access to anything on your Android’s home screen.

The WeatherBug has a 4.7-star rating on the Google Play Store, indicating that app is well-liked by its users. The paid version is quite pricey at $19.99.



Free Weather Widgets for Android

WeatherLive offers some of the most attractive weather widgets available. The widgets, like the diversity, are incredible. Its weather widget, which is entirely rounded, is simply wonderful. You may check the local weather or the global forecast right on your phone’s home screen with this app.

It deviates from the standard by providing all of the information you require in one easy location. Weather forecasts for several areas across the world are also available through the widget. If you want to be more minimalist, you can go with a smaller layout.

You can choose the detailed layout if you prefer to see everything on one widget. Change from one layout to another with ease. The software has a live wallpaper that is animated. The real-time weather conditions are reflected in the live weather scenes, which look fantastic.


Yahoo weather

Free Weather Widgets for Android

Yahoo is another search engine that has a highly successful weather widget. Despite Yahoo’s progressive decline from the list of well-known search engines, its weather forecast has always been reliable.

The Yahoo weather application accurately depicts all vital data such as wind, rain, pressure, and precipitation probability. They feature 5-day and 10-day forecasts so you can plan your week ahead of time. Yahoo Weather’s UI is embellished with lovely and elegant Flickr photos.

The simple UI is incredibly user-friendly and easy to understand. Sunsets, sunrises, and pressure modules are all animated. You can keep track of weather forecasts for any city or destination.


Today Weather

Free Weather Widgets for Android

This app is simple and straightforward. It simplifies matters by providing you with all of the necessary weather forecasts and information in the simplest, most plain manner possible. View the weather forecast quickly with its attractive widgets.

It’s simple to examine and check the current weather conditions in many places of the world using this app. Beautiful weather widgets, as well as a severe weather alert and rain alarm, are included. It provides weather forecasts on a daily basis.


The Sense Flip Clock & Weather

The Sense Flip Clock & Weather widget app is a fully configurable weather forecast and clock widget. It can be used as a feature-rich weather app as well as displaying the current time and weather update on your home screen.

This widget will look shockingly similar to HTC users, as it is based entirely on the Sense widget found on HTC handsets. If you like the HTC original’s old-school flip functionality, you’ll appreciate having this widget as an alternative to use on your other Android devices.


Transparent Clock & Weather

While a true translucent time and weather widget would be worthless, the app’s clever name belies the fact that it lacks an invisible clock and weather widget.

The Transparent Clock & Weather Widget, despite its name, has a transparent background, allowing the information to blend in with whichever wallpaper you’re using.

The widget has a variety of typefaces in addition to several themes and icon skins. The app can also show the time and date of the next alarm and calendar event.


Aix Weather Widget

The Aix Weather Widget is basic and straightforward. There are no fancy options available, and the widget just displays a graph with the current temperature. So if you’re looking for something more thorough and stylish, this isn’t the app for you.

However, it’s refreshing to see a widget app that’s as simple as an arrow. With so many Android weather widgets going the flashy path, it’s great to see one that’s so clear and uncomplicated. All you have to do now is enter your location and you’re ready to go.


So, have a look at these 10 best weather apps for Android and learn more about the weather.

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