10 Best Keyword Search Websites for SEO of 2022

In this article, I will be talking about 10 Best keyword search websites for SEO. These Keyword Search websites will help you search for keywords or topics that are popular and relevant to your article. They will help you conduct searches that take a lot longer than the regular minute-long searches on google or yahoo, but they can be well worth it. 

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The process of searching for keywords seems so basic: you just type your search term into a search engine, right? That’s where you’re wrong. There are many ways to find a topic or keyword that is relevant to what you want to write about. This article will give you 10 best websites that can help with your searches. First off, you can search on sites like google.com and yahoo.com. 

These are the most popular search engines around, and they are used by millions of people every day. There is a time limit to their searches, so they don’t always have responses to all the keywords that you type in. Some terms are just not popular enough to be on the first page of their search engines. So that’s where we need to research other ways to search for keywords. 

One of the best ways to research a topic or search for words that you want to write about is to use your computer’s search engine. You can use any browser on your computer and do a search for words that you want to keep an eye out for. These are great sites that give you better results than the regular ones because most of them are related to the word and they provide good information. 

My favorite search engine is DuckDuckGo and it is not exactly like google or yahoo; yet it gives you so much more information than the regular searches on google. So I suggest you change this setting in your browsers so that it will pop up a new window every time instead of just entering into your default browser every time. 

This will help you search for keywords, and all the other sites that I will give in this article. DuckDuckGo is a safe alternative to Google if you want to keep your privacy. 

So if you want to get a good search on the topic that you are writing about, I suggest using these 10 Best Websites to Search Keywords For SEO

  1. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer 
  2. SEMRush 
  3. KW Finder 
  4. Keyword Eye 
  5. Google Trends  
  6. Moz Keyword Explorer 
  7. Keyword Tool 
  8. Bitly 
  9. Google Keyword Planner 
  10. Serpstat 

Best Keyword Search websites of 2022

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer 

Keyword Search Websites

The first website on the 10 Best Keyword search Websites is Ahrefs Keyword Explorer. Ahrefs is a powerful website that gives you tons of information about keywords, backlinks, and much more. You can do a search for a keyword on this site to find out how many people have searched for it over time and what websites they came from. 

Ahrefs also offers some powerful tools that can help you in your keyword research. For example, the Keyword Explorer has tons of information about the popularity of keywords in different areas that might be useful when you want to write an article or post about something specific.

Website – Ahrefs Keyword Explorer


Keyword Search Websites

SEMrush acts as another keyword search engine that you can use to find out lots of information about keywords and topics. For example, SEMrush offers a Keyword Difficulty tool that shows you how hard it is to rank for a certain keyword compared to how difficult it is to rank for a similar keyword. 

This helps you decide which keywords will help your site, and which ones won’t be worth the time it takes to find them. Also, SEMrush shows you where all your website’s backlinks are coming from using the Backlink Checker tool.

Website – SEMRush

KW Finder 

Keyword Search Websites

Third Website on the list of 10 Best Keyword search websites is KW Finder. KW Finder is yet another tool that you can use to find keywords. This site is pretty simple, but it does offer some useful capabilities. 

For example, you can search for a keyword on this site and find out how many people have searched for it in the last month and the competition that term has. You can also see what related keywords people have used on their sites and which websites they used.

Website – KW Finder

Keyword Eye 

Keyword Search Websites

One of the best free Keyword search websites in this group of 10 Best Websites to Search For Keywords.Keyword Eye is a free keyword research tool that allows you to easily sort results by search volume. This makes it easier for you to find the best keywords for your posts and articles. 

You’ll also be able to see what domains have used that keyword as well as what web pages have used it. Since this is a free tool, you’ll only be able to use it for 15 searches per day, which is still more than enough if you’re using this tool the right way.

Website – Keyword Eye

Keyword Search Websites

Google Trend is a famous website in the group of 10 Best Websites to Search For Keywords. Google Trends is another great search engine that will give you useful information about a term’s popularity. 

For example, you can find out how many people searched for a certain topic on Google in the past month by entering that keyword into Google Trends. The page will show you the top search terms related to your subject and how they are trending compared to other months.

Website – Google Trends

Moz Keyword Explorer 

Keyword Search Websites

Like Ahrefs, Moz also gives you a lot of relevant information that can help you with your keyword research. For example, Moz gives you top-level domains that have used a keyword as well as related keywords that it can help you with when you’re searching for something specific. 

You can also see what other websites are linking to the keyword, as well as which keywords they are linking to. It can help you with your link building strategy, as well as give you a better keyword to target. 

With its tools that include internal links, external links, and social shares, Moz offers you a lot of information that can help you with your overall SEO strategy. It’s like having the ability to look at how Google sees any specific website … so it’s pretty much like having the power of Google in your hands.

Website – Moz Keyword Explorer

Keyword Tool 

Keyword Search Websites

Keyword Tool is another useful tool that can save you time in your research for a key area of your article because it allows you to search for words that contain the keyword you need. 

This can be useful if you’re searching for a specific word, but aren’t sure where it appears on the page or what page it appears on. If you can’t figure out how to search using the tools above, then make Keyword Tool your last resort.

Overall Keyword Tool is a great tool to use if you are writing an article that needs a specific word and want to find it on the page. Keyword Tool is also useful if you’re trying to find synonyms or related words that are similar. The tool will search multiple pages and provide the information in a spreadsheet of data that you can copy and paste into your Word document.

Website – Keyword Tool


Keyword Search Websites

Bitly was built to help you shorten links and make them easier to access by putting them into a short and easy to remember format, but what many people don’t know is that this service is also great for helping people find keywords quickly so they can search them easily. 

Bitly puts important phrases into a short format, which makes it easier for people to find and type the key phrase they are looking for to research. 

If you want to use Bitly as a research tool, MyBitly is also a great idea for you. MyBitly allows you to set up lists of keywords, organize them into folders and sort them into different categories. This helps the user find the keywords they are looking for quicker when researching in an organized way.

Website – Bitly

Google Keyword Planner 

Keyword Search Websites

Another great resource that can help you find keywords is Google’s Keyword Planner tool. When you search for a keyword, this will give you related words that people have used to search for in the past when they typed that term into Google. 

You’ll be able to see how many searches there were during each month and how much competition there is for this term compared to others. You’ll be able to find how many people are searching for keywords relevant to your article, which can help you save time and get more information about those key phrases.

Website – Google Keyword Planner


Keyword Search Websites

Last one in our collection of 10 Best Keyword Search Websites s Serpstat. Serpstat is a powerful tool that can help you find keywords for your SEO that are related to the terms you already have on your site. 

This website is great for finding information about key phrases that you might be having difficulty with from other websites. You’ll be able to see what other sites are linking to the key term and how much volume there is on the site, which will help you choose a keyword and make your site more competitive.

Website – Serpstat


So that was it with our list of 10 Best keyword Search Websites for SEO, Using these 10 free keyword researches will help you find important keywords and phrases that you can use to improve your SEO. Use these tools when you’re creating a new site, writing an article or doing some other kind of research. 

These Keyword search websites will help you find the best phrases to use in your content, which will make your articles more readable, popular and more likely to get a lot of traffic. If you know of any other helpful free keyword research tools, please share them in the comments below!

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