10 Best Parallel Space Alternatives For Android In 2022

Best Parallel Space Alternatives For Android

In today’s world people used to have multiple accounts on social media, to use the accounts so easily all they look for is parallel space in smartphones. This parallel space helps to have multiple accounts of an app on a single device. Parallel space is a kind of app that helps to run another app of the same kind on smartphones.

It is more like cloning an app, cloning the same app, and using different accounts. The main purpose of these parallel space alternatives is to separate personal life and work life. The major disadvantage of this space alternative is battery will keep draining even if the phone is locked.

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Some apps do not provide log out option so, we must remove the entire account from that app to add another account, in those cases Parallel space alternatives are very useful. There are plenty of cloner apps available.

10 Best Parallel Space Alternatives of 2022

Clone App

Clone App Best Parallel Space Alternatives

Clone App is one of the best space alternatives that can be used in android to clone app. This app helps to make duplicate apps of an app, allowing us to manage multiple accounts on a device at the same time. There is no limitation like 64-bit or 32-bit apps, so any app can be cloned using this Clone App.

For security reasons, there is a feature to put password to the app. This app provides both free and paid versions. It doesn’t have any ads either in paid or free version. There is a built-in VPN that increases the security while browsing. This is a best cloning app for cloning social media accounts, it doesn’t work well for games. It is a best app to create and run apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Download Clone App

Super Clone

Super Clone

Super Clone tool helps to clone application and helps to manage two different accounts simultaneously. Different app requires mobile number to create accounts, that doesn’t allow multiple apps in the phone. So, there comes the use of Super Clone application.

This app will clone almost every app and games for android devices. The process of cloning using this app is just a few clicks away. It has a feature to customize the app to differentiate it from the original app. This app has a fast switch option that helps to switch between the original and cloned version so quickly.

The cloned apps will always have to password for privacy protection that hides the cloned account. Super Clones will clone only the apps that are available in your mobile phone. The app asks for permission before beginning.  This app doesn’t take too much memory, battery, and data, but the cloned apps will take a lot of battery, memory, and data.  

Download Super Clone



2Accounts is the best parallel alternative for cloning apps which are light weight. If people must log into two accounts of same app on a single device, then 2Accounts is the best solution. It enables two accounts to run in a parallel environment. This app ensures that, the data of each account is stored separately and shows the notification of both the apps, without missing any single notification.

The highlighting features of 2Accounts apps are it can clone most popular social media apps and some gaming apps like Clash of Clans, FreeFire, etc., it can switch between two accounts so quickly at the same time, makes it easy to manage work and personal life, data is stored separately and won’t get tangled.

Some special features are available for subscribers like security lock and secret zone to maintain privacy, apps can be cloned multiple times without any limit. Its user interface looks clean and well organized.

Download 2Accounts

Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts app makes it possible to keep both the accounts online at the same time. People can log into different user accounts from a single android device. It can clone more than one apps for applications like Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, from a single device.

It makes it easy to use multiple accounts. This app creates a virtual space, which helps the apps to run independently of each other. So, this makes it possible to use same app twice in a single device. By cloning games, two or more users can play a same game with separate accounts from a single device.

Multiple Accounts app expands the possibility of using an Android device. It takes only 5MB space, and does not require root privileges, and can run on any android device. This is one of the best parallel space alternatives that can be used today.

Download Multiple Accounts

Dr. Clone

Dr. Clone

Dr. Clone is One of rare parallel space alternatives for android that are free with no advertisements. It helps to sign into two accounts of same app simultaneously and provides privacy and security. It supports social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc. Games can be cloned and can play with two different accounts.

Dr. Clone supports many popular games. It also supports sign in with Google Play Games. This Cloning app protects privacy by setting security lock. Notification settings can be blocked or allowed. Cloned Apps can be hidden from device space    

Download Dr. Clone



Multi is one of the easiest parallel space alternatives for android. It is a free mobile application. This cloning tool helps to create multiple clones of a single App. It supports social media apps and gaming apps. The use of this app varies from person to person.

Multi helps to manage multiple accounts and helps to switch between applications so quickly. Any number of clones can be created with Multi Parallel. Cloned apps can be easily customized with different icons and names. It provides a privacy locker to protect and prevent access to these accounts by placing them inside the locker. Data created a managed and stored separately.

If any changes are made in cloned app, the original app will be left unaltered. The only draw back is the slow loading time and some random crashes. Multi is the simplest app and not filled with unnecessary features.  It is compatible with all social media Apps.

Download Multi

Water Clone

Water Clone

Water Clone, clone’s app and will help to run multiple accounts of same application at the same time. This is the best multi-space clone app currently. It creates a parallel space on the phone and allows to log in to multiple accounts at the same time. Provides free and convenient services.

Its security prevents others from viewing application and sets passwords. Water clone is an easy -to- use application, just a click to add button creates a new clone. It is powerful, stable, and can clone 64-bit applications. Clone apps will be lightning fast. This app is perfect to clone social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc.

Download Water Clone

DO Multiple Accounts

DO Multiple Accounts

This is a best Parallel space alternative to run two accounts for messaging apps. It helps to clone all type of apps on the device. It allows to sign into unlimited number of accounts and will keep them all online, because they all work independently. This app is powered by best cloning engines. It provides a locker to protect the cloned version of the app. The lite mode helps to use less memory and battery. It is easy to separate accounts using this DO Multiple Accounts.

Download DO Multiple Accounts

Multi Parallel

Multi Parallel

You can give a try to use Multi Parallel app, if you are to create and use unlimited number of social media apps. Multi Parallel helps to create and manage multiple social media accounts easily and helps to switch between them quickly. It also provides a locker to protect account from intruders and can hide them. 

Download Multi Parallel

Parallel App

Parallel App

This is one of the best Parellel space Alternatives for android to create cloned version of different apps. It helps to manage multiple accounts of the same app in a smartphone. It also supports games. By using the free version, we can clone only two accounts. To remove such limits, we need to purchase premium account

Download Parallel App

These are some of the best Parallel Space Alternatives, which helps create a cloned version of an app. If you liked our list or you want to add some of your favourite parallel space alternatives then please do let us know in the comment section.

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