10 Best Password Generator Apps For Android In 2022

In today’s world it is very important to have a secured password to protect different social media accounts. It is important to protect them with secured passwords. Nowadays people have a lot of accounts on different social media platforms.

So, you must have a good password generator to create a password easily, that are hard to crack or guess, for personal as well as business use. Hacking is increasing daily; this will lead to password and log in theft. This may lead to loss of personal information, money, if these passwords are in wrong hands.

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Even though we used to protect our accounts with passwords, experienced hackers will crack it if it is an easy password or something that is capable of guessing. So, it is important to set passwords using new and different ways to create a strong password.

Most of the passwords would be date of birth, names, etc. These are simple passwords that can easy be hacked and opened. So, it is always important to generate password using a good password generator.

Several password generator apps are available for android that can generate strong passwords in less time.  When comparing with regular passwords, the passwords generated through such apps will be difficult to crack.

10 Best Password Generator apps for Android

Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager Best Password Generator Apps

Kaspersky Password Manager is an effective password manager apps for android. It has an encrypt vault where you can store or save passwords, addresses, private details, bank details and documents, and more. The brand Kaspersky is trusted by millions of people and has been around for decades.

This manager is available in two versions, one is the free version and the next is the paid or premium version. In the free version, there is a limit of only 15 passwords, images, or any details to your vault. The vault is the main part of Kaspersky Password Manager, it is where you store all the passwords, documents, private details, images, applications, etc.

One of the good features of this Password Manager is that it allows to auto fill the needed information even when it is in offline mode. Kaspersky helps to evaluate the existing password and helps to create a new strong password. Kaspersky has a feature to assess, whether the chosen password is strong enough or it will give another chance to come up with a new password.

This is to make the password stronger every time. This method completely relies on a random string sequence. Kaspersky has a browser extension feature, not all password managers have this feature. This manager compresses large size files and images to small size. With this Kaspersky a strong new password and can be added to password vault. 

Download Kaspersky Password Manager


LastPass Best Password Generator Apps

LastPass is a good password manager app for android devices. It has many security features that helps to guard all the important details. LastPass has a device sync feature, that makes everything saved on the other available devices automatically. It helps to keep all information safe and secure and can be accessed from anywhere.

This app saves all the information to a secure vault, and it automatically fills all the information. LastPass easily secures all the documents and details. It stores username and password and automatically fills whenever it is needed. Forms can be filled quickly because all the details and address will be saved already.

You can log in from any device and can get access to all the details from anywhere. Copy of passport, insurance card, and any other important documents can be saved, and all this data is available on any device for free.

This app tells us how strong your password is and how to improve them. It gives alert message, whenever your information is at risk. Only by knowing the master password you can access your vault. The in-built password generator will generate passwords in a click. 

Download LastPass


Dashlane Best Password Generator Apps

There are lot of reasons to use Dashlane because it saves all passwords, fill the forms fast, keeps data and details safe and accessible. It is a top-rated password manager. Dashlane helps to fill passwords and information as you browse through the internet.

It stores unlimited number of passwords to the vault; you can access the passwords and information whenever you want. It rightly fills the password to all accounts. It automatically sync’s all your data when logged into another device.

Creates unique and strong passwords with in-built password generator for each account. Passwords can be reset easily. it can autofill information’s like name, address, phone number, and all personal details, bank accounts and card information.

With Password health score, you can know your password is strong, weak or need to be changed. It protects passwords with strong encrypted methods. It can generate and store unlimited number of passwords.  

Download Dashlane


 1Password Best Password Generator Apps

1Password Password Manager for Android is a simple app that looks so beautiful and easy to use. It remembers all your password. 1Password is a paid server. It can omit password entries that are not safe to store in a local storage of a particular device.

The Password Manager can remember all the logins and password, the next time you login, its autofill’s the information and generate random passwords. 1Password has paid plans for business and separate plans for individuals and family. It offers an extension called 1PasswordX for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, but subscription is required.

Download 1Password


NordPass Best Password Generator Apps

NordPass keeps all passwords safely in one place. NordPass Password Manager is from Nord Security, it automatically saves and fills password. With the help of this password generator, you can create a password quickly both online and in NordPass Password Management app. It can support a password up to 60 characters long.

It can have uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, symbols, or a combination of all these four characters. The Master password is the key to the encrypted vault. It is up to the user to protect it. It has a feature to share passwords between NordPass users. It can identify weak, reused, and old passwords. It saves the generated passwords immediately and its in-app generator is so powerful. This is 100% free to use.  

Download NordPass

KeePass Password Safe

KeePass Password Safe Best Password Generator Apps

KeePass Password Safe is free to use app. It is little difficult to set up, but extremely powerful and helps to select a strong password. With standard length and composition criteria you can create a strong random password. It enables the generation of passwords following specific rules.

If there is both upper case and lower-case letters, numbers, and a special character, it can be specified with a click. It is totally free and lightweight to use. This helps you to remember only one master password. KeePass is extensible and have multi-language option. It has strong protection against intruders. It has powerful password generator with many options.

Download KeePass Password Safe

TweakPass Password Manager

TweakPass Password Manager Best Password Generator Apps

It is a robust browser extension for Chrome that can save passwords with high security and allows to auto login and fill form automatically. You need to remember only the master password. In the vault, you can save websites, usernames, passwords, and other details.

It stores all important data in one place. One can add, modify, view, and manage passwords for all accounts. The imported and saved data is synced between TweakPass and Browser Extension. It generates strong and difficult password, create random password for each site, encrypts data at device level and sever end. It will automatically login to sites with saved passwords. Secures all passwords in the vault.

Download TweakPass Password Manager

Bitdefender Password Manager

Bitdefender Password Manager Best Password Generator Apps

This is the most secure password manager app. This app gives you an end-to-end data encryption. Bitdefender has the strongest data security protocols. It is equipped with HTTPS, BCRYPT, AES-256-CCM, and WSS protocols.

Data are encrypted and decrypted locally, only you will have the access to the master password. Bitdefender runs and syncs on multiple devices with the help of single master password. It imports data easily from different apps. This app provides you with strong passwords.

With a single click you can generate a complex password. It helps to autofill forms with all the data they have, without any worries you can allow it to fill the form because all data is encrypted.

Download Bitdefender Password Manager

Norton Password Manager

Norton Password Manager Best Password Generator Apps

Norton is a cloud-based password manager. It helps to manage passwords safely in a vault. This app saves all usernames and passwords and sync them with all apps in the device. With an in-built generator a safe and highly secured password can be created.

Bank account and card details can be stored to make shopping experience easier.  It saves all usernames and passwords and helps to sync them with all the devices that are connected. Norton helps to create a super strong password. 

Download Norton Password Manager

Bitwarden Password Manager

Bitwarden Password Manager Best Password Generator Apps

Bitwarden is a secured and free password manager app. It is one of the easiest and safe way to secure all passwords. This app will keep on syncing all the passwords. Bitwarden sync across all the devices.

It is full encrypted, and you will have the master password to access the app or whole data. It is with AES-256-bit encryption. Apart from a password generator it can store, secure, and share passwords.

Download Bitwarden Password Manager

Using any one of these Password generators you don’t have to memorize all the passwords, personal details, bank details, etc. it is easy to store everything in this app. When it comes to protection and security all these 10 app are best to use.

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