10 Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows 10 (2022)

In this article we have a list of 10 Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows 10. Procreate is a very famous digital painting and designs program. It is one of the best and stands out among others. It gives the users a realistic feel of painting while using it. However it is only available on iPadOS. Using it is surely a better option for creating digital art. 

But you choose Windows to do your job and if you’re someone who wants to use an app like Procreate on your Windows device then you’re in the right place. People always tell you that it is always the artist’s talent and not the device or tool they use to create. Surely all of it is true but still the tools help you to get the job down really with an ease. 

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By using our expertise we’ve created a list of 10 Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows 10 to help you in your venture. 

In this list we’ve put together programs on the basis of features like what they offer and how much weight they take off your shoulder in the process of drawing. Some of them are to help beginners to help them to take their steps in the digital art world and some are for those who’ve aced in this field. 

So without any delay let’s start. 

Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows 10

Corel Painter 

Corel Painter  Procreate Alternatives for Windows

Corel Painter or Corel Painter 2022 is one of the best procreate alternatives for Windows 10. It is a paid application. It is mostly good for both the beginner and pro artists. 

Corel Painter is a raster based digital art program and has a very huge number of features and tools such as brushes (almost upto 900), tools,  textures to use. You can customize the user interface as you want by keeping things you’re going to use and removing things that you don’t. 

If you’re a newbie don’t worry Corel Painter consists of video tutorials to guide you. You can even convert a photograph into a painting. It analyzes your device and acts accordingly, so you don’t have to worry if it works for you or not.

Corel Painter has a color wheel pinned to make color samples. It’s downside is that it is very costly but with all that features the price seems to be worth it. 

Download: Corel Painter 

Autodesk Sketchbook 

Autodesk Sketchbook Procreate Alternatives for Windows

Autodesk Sketchbook is a popular app for drawing on Android. It also has a version for Windows. 

In Autodesk Sketchbook it provides you with different brush types, air brushes, pencils, markers, smears and more that look and feel like real ones. You can customize brushes as you want, import brushes made by other artists and also share your own.

To be precise while drawing you have rulers, guides and stroke tools. You can customize your hotkeys and make them your creative tools.

Its sketching interface is clean and obtrusive which helps you to keep focus. With its flipbook, you can create 2D traditional style hand drawn animations. It also supports palm rejection. 

If you’re into drawing from some time you must’ve used its Android version and have an idea of its features. It’s perfect to work with Windows 10. Vist it’s the website to know about all its features. 

Download: Autodesk Sketchbook 


Krita Procreate Alternatives for Windows

Krita is one of the top great Procreate alternatives for windows available. It is a fully free and an open source application. You can easily learn how to use it and did I mention that it is loaded with some rich features. 

Krita’s user interface is very user-friendly, organized, and not too cluttered. It has built in vector tools which helps you to create panels of comics. Important thing is that it is very smooth to use. 

Krita offers an accelerated canvas, an advanced brush engine and brush stabilizers, color management support masks, group-based layer management, non destructive layers, wrap around mode, resource manager and many more. 

The app also offers some features to boost your productivity such as Drawing Assistants, Layer Management, Select & Transform option , Full Color Management, OpenGL Enhanced, PSD Support, HDR Painting, Python Scripting. 

Along with all that it also has some educational material to learn the tools fast and easily you can get that on the internet and Krita also produces its own training guides and manuals. 

Download: Krita 

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint Procreate Alternatives for Windows

Clip Studio Paint is a one great lightweight features packed alternative for Procreate. It is particularly known as a best tool to create comics, manga and also consists of a wide range of brushes. 

Clip Studio Paint handles everything like imported 3D models, vector art, bitmaps and even frame-by-frame animation. 

In the painting section it offers  smart fill tools, realistic color blending, eyedrop colors from your desktop, AI colorization, Easy color selection and Packed with presets. 

In brushes and material it consists of non-destructive adjustment layers, flexible designs with vector lines, color palettes for consistent design, brushes for every style and mood, color variations with gradient maps, easy thumbnailing & layout. 

Along with all that it provides smooth workflow integration, perspective rulers  makes printing easy, you can even work with pen tablets comfortably. 

It has options for beginners like official tips and tutorials. Clip Studio Paint has a 30 days free trial, a monthly plan and only for Windows and Mac users it offers one time purchase.

Download: Clip Studio Paint 


ArtRage  Procreate Alternatives for Windows

ArtRage is a good alternative to give even further I would call it one of the coolest and easiest procreate alternatives for Windows for newbies to use. It gives a realistic touch to your paintings along with it has a simple and easy-to-use UI (user interface).

It has a wide range of features which includes but is not limited to Oil Brush, Pencil, Watercolor, Airbrush, Paint Roller, Gloop Pen, Glitter, Eraser, Paint Tube, and paper textures, Digital Drawing & Editing Tools, Tracing Images, Stencils & Rulers, Sticker, Custom Brush, Layer Blend Modes, Paint Symmetry, Grids, Guides, etc. 

It is really great for beginners who are making their way into the digital painting world. It is not that great a choice for the professionals. 

Because ArtRage has kept everything at a much low level which might not be suitable for the pros in the field. 

Download: ArtRage 

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Procreate Alternatives for Windows

Digital art and Adobe these two words that go side by side. It is one of very good procreate alternatives for windows but paid alternative with a bunch of features. 

It has a very simple UI and allows you to create anything you want even giving users an intuitive control for the touch screen devices. In Adobe you can share your projects with anyone. It consists of an in-app learning panel. 

If you are tired of all the old fonts Adobe Illustrator automatically finds fonts and activates all of them from Adobe fonts with its Auto font activation. It has a 3D panel that can give your photos a rotating, lighting, and extruding effect. 

You can create logo, icon, chart, infographic, banner, and hand lettering designs along with that typography designs, you can create wallpapers too.

That was all the cool features of Adobe; it literally lets you create anything you want. Well, all that comes for a price it has a 7-day free trial and a variety of different plans for everyone from business to students and teachers. 

Download: Adobe Illustrator 


Concepts Procreate Alternatives for Windows

Concepts is a free drawing app with some really awesome features. It offers you an infinite canvas to explore your art as you want.

Concepts is fully based on the vector paths, which means any bigger or smaller detail can be edited at any time. It takes care of your workflow by providing every tool to you on canvas whether it’s colors, layers, or tools. Each of the tools is customizable. 

It helps you in sketching with its tools like nudging or selection. You get a realistic touch to your work when you use a physical medium like pen, pencil, marker, pastel, and paintbrush. However, you can edit the brush strokes. 

Concepts have precision tools like shape guides and grids. The vector keeps your artwork completely clear whether it is big or small. You can export your work in PNG, SVG, DXF, PSD, and PDF. It is the perfect alternative for Procreate. 

You can download and install different subscription plans which are explained in detail on the website. 

Download: Concepts 

MediBang Paint 

MediBang Paint Procreate Alternatives for Windows

MediBang is another one of the best Procreate alternatives for windows It is free and also great for beginners to use. MediBang’s unique selling point is its ability to give the best features to create manga. It offers almost 50 brushes, over 800 backgrounds and upto 20 fonts. 

It provides basic tools like Brush, Eraser, Dot, Move, Fill, Bucket, Gradient, Select, Lasso, Magic Wand, Select Pen, Select Eraser, Text, Operation, Divide, Hand and  Eyedropper tool. In brush tools, it has Eraser, Smudge Blur, Watercolor, Pencil, and Pen. 

You can easily adjust brush size, customize and create new brushes. To get your artwork near perfection it gives you an anti-aliasing, stabilizer for correction. 

Overall it’s a great program for graphics and editing with a simple UI you can create any type of graphics. Check out its website to get a detailed understanding of its features and tools. 

Download: MediBang Paint 

Paint Tool SAI

Paint Tool SAI Procreate Alternatives for Windows

Paint Tool SAI is an easy to operate and lightweight program which only requires a couple megabytes of storage. It is a very good choice for beginners. However, it’s not nearly as good as the Procreate but gets the job done. 

Even if it’s for beginners it requires basic knowledge of Windows operation. Paint Tool SAI has a data protection function to avoid bugs. It has a simple and trouble free interface and it is easy to use once you get the hang of it. 

Paint Tool SAI offers its users pressure support. It supports  Intel MMX Technology. It gives you anti-aliased drawings.

You get a 31 day free trial, which allows you to use all of its features. But after the trial ends you’ve to pay to use it. 

Download: Paint Tool SAI

Tayasui Sketches 

Tayasui Sketches  Procreate Alternatives for Windows

Tayasui Sketches, is made to give users a hassle free experience. It has all the basic and necessary set of tools. This one is also a great option for comic book and manga creators. 

Tayasui Sketches work well with both amateurs and professionals.  It offers features like Wet Watercolor, Unlimited Layer, Acrylic Brushes, Patterns, Gradient, Color Mix, Brush Editor, Color Palettes, Pencil, Move and resize option, Copy paste, Ruler, Fill & Area tool, Zoom, Color eyedropper, Edit color, Papers, Text, Shapes, Smudge, Multiple tips, Import photo option. 

It has a pro feature that gives you tips for each tool, a cloud sync option, and some extra rulers to take your artwork near perfection. 

Tayasui Sketches is free to use but you can also shift to the pro version for more features. 

Download: Tayasui Sketches 


So that was the list of 10 Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows 10. We’ve tried to include the best procreate alternatives for Windows to use in place of Procreate. Some of them are paid and some are free. You can choose them according to your expertise and your needs. 

Couple of them are perfect for beginners and most of them require a pro artist to utilize their potential properly. If you think we left any other procreate alternative which you think should’ve been in this list let us know in the comments. 

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