10 Best Tattoo Design Apps of 2022

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo but not sure where to look we might have a solution for you today we will talk about 10 Best Tattoo Design Apps. 

In this list there I’ll some very interesting apps for those who want to get tattoos and for tattoo artists too. These Tattoo design apps will help you get your ideal tattoo design. 

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I know that getting a tattoo is a very popular thing. People tend to get tattoos for various reasons such as to remember someone or something, to write your favorite quotes on your body. It is a very personal matter that a person wants to get a tattoo not always for a serious reason but sometimes just because they look cool on us. 

Once you get a tattoo it’ll stay with you for life. So making sure that your tattoo designs match yours with your body is an important thing too. To make sure you choose the right tattoo design we’ve listed Tattoo design apps which will help you do so. 

So without any delay let’s start with our list of 10 Best Tattoo Design Apps.

10 Best Tattoo Design Apps of 2022

Tattoo Designs

Best Tattoo Design Apps

Tattoo Designs is a pretty simple app. If you are looking for some tattoo ideas it has tons of them. This app suggests you over 5000 tattoo designs. 

Along with tattoos you’ll get the location of the tattoo shops and artists around you. It shows you popular and trending designs. It has tattoo categories like Pirate Tattoo, Viking Tattoo, New Old School Tattoo, Old School, Quotes, Sugar Skull, Sun&Moon, Sword, Thai Style, Tiger, Tree, Watercolor, WhiteInk, Wing, Wolf and many more. 

You can download and share them too. It is free to download and use. 

Download: Android


Best Tattoo Design Apps

Tattoodo is one of the most popular tattoo design apps with over millions of downloads. This is a perfect app for both the one who wants to get a tattoo and for tattoo artists too. If you are a tattoo lover using this app will give you a feeling of being a part of a tattoo community. 

If you’re looking for new ideas it has a variety of tattoo categories and even allows you to create your own designs with inbuilt tools of app. You can discuss your designs with tattoo artists and also book appointments with them. 

Tattoodo allows you to see the work of tattoo artists and even present your work in front of everyone. It is a free app but also has a premium version which offers you a lot of more features. 

Download: Android / iOS 

Inkhunter – try tattoo designs

Best Tattoo Design Apps

Inkhunter is a bit different tattoo design app. This app not only suggests new designs to you but also allows you to create your own designs. 

Inkhunter will help you to see how a tattoo will look on your body before getting it inked, so you have no regrets. With its amazing features that project any tattoo designs from app or your gallery on your body in real time or click photos and even use editors to get a better idea by looking through all angles. 

The drawback is that you have to see ads to unlock new designs and its editor has some limitations. Keeping them aside it is a free tattoo app with great designs and features. This app is definitely worth trying. 

Download: Android / iOS 

Tattoo Fonts – design your text tattoo

Best Tattoo Design Apps

The name itself is self explanatory. Tattoo Fonts provides you around 150 fonts for your tattoo.

Many people like to have a quote written on them. But while getting a text tattoo you’ve to be careful while choosing the fonts. Making sure that your text matches with the perfect fonts and looks good on your body.

With help of Tattoo Fonts you can try out different fonts and get an ideal one for you. It allows you to share your design directly to Facebook or Instagram or save in your phone. 

Download: iOS 

Soundwave Tattoos by Skin Motion 

Best Tattoo Design Apps

Soundwave is a very unique tattoo design app. It allows you to create a sound wave tattoo and you can later scan the tattoo and listen to the sound. 

To create a sound wave tattoo first you have to record the sound and upload it on SkinMotion.com  you can play the sound back on the Soundwave app. The licensed tattoo artists to create sound wave tattoos can be found on the app. You can make an appointment with the artists and get your tattoo done. If any tattoo artists want to apply to be on the Skin Motions tattoo artist directory apply on SkinMotion.com/apply

However, Soundwave app only plays the sound from images or tattoos which has been created by SkinMotion.com

Download: Android / iOS 

Tattoo Maker 

Best Tattoo Design Apps

Tattoo Maker is a free app that helps you to browse various tattoo designs as well as fonts and try them virtually. 

This is a pretty straightforward app with limited features. There are designs available on the app plus you can even create your own. 

It has different categories which includes but not limited to Love, Dragon, Fantasy, Butterfly, Animals, Skulls, Wing etc. Tattoo Maker is a great app if you want to see how a tattoo looks on you and edit it a bit. 

Download: Android 


Best Tattoo Design Apps

Inksquad is an app where you can find tattoo designs along with tattoo artists too. It is basically a community app for tattoo lovers. 

Inksquad allows you to contact tattoo artists directly for designing tattoos and you can even book appointments to get the tattoo inked. 

You can also design your own tattoo using text and images. The app helps you to get the perfect artist according to your design. It is a great app for artists to showcase their talent. 

Download: iOS 

Tattoo my Photo 

Best Tattoo Design Apps

As you can understand by the name Tattoo my Photo is used to put a tattoo on your photos. It is a free app and easy to use. 

Tattoo my Photo is like a photoshop app for tattoo’s. By putting your favorite tattoo design on photo anywhere on your body you’ll get an idea of how it’ll look on your body when inked. 

With this app you get about 500+ designs and texts in different categories both for boys and girls. Just choose design from app or gallery. Use the tattoo stencils and other tools to move and adjust the tattoo as you want. You’ll understand how to use it once you get the hang of it. 

Tattoo my Photo is a simple app with not many features but useful to try tattoos virtually. It is completely free but also has a special tattoo pack with some additional features. 

Download: Android 

Japanese Tattoo design 

 Best Tattoo Design Apps

Japanese Tattoos designs are quite famous among tattoo lovers. These tattoo designs consist of bold lines, styling, traditional images and historic patterns. 

If you’re into Japanese culture and tattoos, Japanese Tattoo Design is a perfect app for you. This app suggests amazing designs that you surely want to get one inked. 

There are various types of designs such as Full arm and  back, Cherry blossom (Sakura), Dragon, Tiger, Geisha tattoos, Koi Fish tattoo, Japanese Mask, Yakuza, Samurai tattoo designs and many more. 

You can save these amazing designs and export them on your phone and even share them with others. This app is definitely worth checking out. 

Download: Android 

How to Draw Tattoos 

Best Tattoo Design Apps

The last one on the list is How to Draw Tattoos. I guess the name justifies its purpose. It is a very different tattoo making app from others in the list. It doesn’t suggest any designs but help you to learn how to draw tattoos.

With this app you get a step by step guide on how to improve your drawing skills. You can draw tattoos from an easy to hard level. It doesn’t need to log in or register, just open the app, take pen and paper and start to draw. It is really a great app to use. 

Download: Android 


That was the list of 10 Best Tattoo Design Apps. We hope that you find our list useful and get you perfect tattoo design. There are some interesting tattoo design apps that offer you different types of designs. 

Make sure you use the virtual tattoo analyzer app to see how it looks on you before getting it inked. Let us know if there are any other great apps that we miss or if you used any app from the above mentioned tatoo making apps.

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