10 Best Themes for Ubuntu of 2022

Best Themes for Ubuntu of 2022

Today we are gonna tell you the 10 best themes for Ubuntu of 2022 but first Let us start with the basics. Ubuntu is an operating system like windows. The uniqueness of Ubuntu is that it’s an open source and a modern operating system on Linux. Whereas Windows is a paid and licensed operating system, also needs JAVA installed every time for updating the system.

Ubuntu is really convenient as its browsing system is faster and the updates are easier too. Ubuntu is very useful too. It comes with important and essential pre-installed applications such as office suite, email, media app, and browsers. The best thing is that all this is totally FREE.

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Now writing about the significance of different themes of an operating system, it changes three things on and on your desktop. First one is the Icons of the applications like File Explorers, Launchers. Secondly, it changes the looks of the windows of the applications.

Lastly, the theme changes the Shell of your desktop screen, things such as the area where desktop notifications appear, the top bar, etcetera. The theme of an operating system personifies the vibe and feel you get after setting eyes on the overall look it creates.

So if you’re the individual who likes the pinch of personification on your desktop screen and likes to try out best of best themes for Ubuntu every once in a while then this article is going to be serviceable.

Best Themes for Ubuntu of 2022

Flat Remix

The first Ubuntu theme we have here is Flat Remix, it’s also known as Flat Remix GNOME. The name of this Ubuntu theme suits the overall look it creates very well. Flat Remix is a theme that uses flat colours wherever colours are needed and then it gives that area a stark contrast and a keen frontier.

Flat Remix is a package deal as it gives you its own wallpapers, GTK, GNOME shell theme, and icon pack. Other than that there is a wide range of options to choose from, it’s a plus point for those who are really picky by nature.

Flat Remix consists of some clever changes which makes a great difference in the look of the theme. One of them is that it adds extra shadows to the drop-down and windows, another one is that it makes the topbar transparent which makes your desktop screen seemingly larger in size.

Flat Remix is often considered as a mixture of Adapta and Arc, so if you like these two themes for Ubuntu then you’ll definitely love Flat Remix.


Yaru Colors

Yaru Colors 

Yaru Theme is claimed to be the user interface theme and has been in use since Ubuntu 18.10. This theme decides the set of shapes and colors for the graphical control elements, also the shadows, borders, window decoration, and the window of the shell.

Now you would be wondering why I am staying here about Yaru Theme when I have added Yaru Colors as the part of this article and in the list of best 10 themes for Ubuntu; the thing is Yaru Colors is none other than the upgraded version of Yaru Theme. Yes, you read it right.

Yaru Colors is not a plumaged Theme of an operating system. It squeezes in some colours to the already existing Yaru Theme and hence known as Yaru Colors. Yaru Colors lets you choose from the total of twelve colours as the colour of your theme.

Now no more sticking to the same old common coloured Ubuntu themes. The other themes for ubuntu really don’t work well with the snap applications, so if you are using one of those you should definitely try Yaru Colors as it comes with a snap support special feature. 

Download Yaru Colors



Vimix is known to be a flat Material Design theme. It supports and works for the GNOME-shell which has GTK 2 and GTK 3 based environments namely Mate, Pantheon, Unity, etcetera. Many like the gradations in this theme.

Also, it can be an eccentric replacement for any other theme of Ubuntu as it is available in both light and dark colour styles. Each style consists of three colours Grey/Green, Ruby/Red and Doder/Blue. This gives the Ubuntu users the right to choose and the satisfaction of getting what they want from so many options. 

Download Vimix



WhiteSur is again an Ubuntu theme which supports and works for the GNOME-shell which has GTK 2 and GTK 3 based environments namely Gnome, Icons, Mate, etc. WhiteSur Theme is known for the likability of it with MacOS Big Sur. Basically you can call it one of the coolest Mac themes for Ubuntu.

MacOS Big Sur is a recently launched theme. So what WhiteSur theme does is, it turns the top panel, doc and the applications to the MacOS Big Sur. It’s the best fit for those who want to have a macOS like user experience while using Linux.

Download WhiteSur



If you are someone who likes the presently famed dark themes, then go away. Why? Because this theme here, Prof-Gnome-Theme is for those people who don’t like dark mode themes. This might seem old-fashioned or outdated to dark theme lovers, but it’s good for the ones who regularly use the Gnome desktop.

Prof-Gnome-Theme is very pleasant for the eyes to look and gives out a neat and clean vibe. Prof-Gnome-Theme focuses on affinity and handiness the theme causes. It has a dark grey shade as the colour of the theme which makes it enticing.

Download Prof-Gnome-Theme

Orchid GTK Theme

Orchid GTK Theme

Orchid GTK Theme is a material design and a flat style gtk theme for GNOME/ GTK based desktop environments. Orchid GTK is a ubuntu theme that gives your desktop a modern, quirky and upright look. Very few themes have added GNOME 40 support so far, Orchid GTK being one of them. 

Download Orchid GTK Theme

Pop Theme

Pop Theme

Pop Theme is one of the newcomers in the list of Themes for Ubuntu. The Pop Theme is created by the team of System 76, they released this theme after they made the announcement of the start of their own distribution.

Pop Theme is one of the themes which would give you a clean and fresh feel after looking at your desktop screen. The wallpapers, icons and shell of Pop Theme are too good to be true. Also it portrays an overall look of marvelous smoothness to any Gnome desktop. 

Download Pop Theme



 Ant is a dramatic theme. The reason behind it is, Ant consists of contrasts of three themes, MacOS, Vimix and Ant. The two themes Vimix and Ant draw their brainwaves from MacOS.

Vimix theme tries to subdue the colour scheme of MacOS but Ant on the other hand brings out the richdom of those colours and takes it to the next level. 

Download Ant

Ultimate Dark

Ultimate Dark

If you are a sucker for Dark themes, this is the theme for your desktop’s Ubuntu. Ultimate Dark is the theme which gives you numerous shades of black colour as theme colour. So the ones who don’t like pitch dark themes can go for light grey or black colour.

It’s easy going on eyes that way. Ultimate Dark gives you a descent and consistent version in the theme pack to choose while setting it up on your desktop.

Download Ultimate Dark


Paper theme for ubuntu

Paper gives not so good an impression when first used. It seems immature to many but it’s one of the oldest themes in this list and has been in existence since a long time now. Paper is actually about giving out a joyful and merry vibe after using it regularly. And it does grow on you after some time.

Download Paper


 All these themes for Ubuntu are the best of them out there. The significance of the theme in the look of your device or the object you stare at for hours daily is very high. 

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