10 Best Time Management Tools For Windows 10 (2022)

Time management is essential to carry out day-to-day activities, though it might be negligible and really a work to put down the things in pen. Yes, it might get clumsy and messy if you start working all your fingers at the same time.

Time management is a work of art to remind and reprimand you in the manner of doing the tasks within the time limit, it helps in reducing the workloads, time sharing, and spending enough moments for other activities as well.

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This doesn’t have to be a memory related thing, when one can save their time by utilizing the time management tools to enhance consistency and do shed the work efficiently without perplexing the contents. If you know where and how to use it, simply put, you can be more decisive and develop better success. All you have to do is look down to gather the tools in one place.

Best Time Management Tools For Windows 10

Task manager

Best Time Management Tools For Windows 10

The name itself gives a sense of accomplishment that might help you in handling the tasks in a better way. You can put down all your priority tasks in the tool and track and organise your progress. What’s more, it has time allotment next to note, and you can change as per the requirements.

You can foresee the time it takes and act accordingly. The most important tasks can be red-flagged to conjure your attention to it immediately. Isn’t exciting to know that, you can play the time limit when you carry out the task and remind you when the time ends- and,yes- it has a pause option too. You can go for it, if you prefer a simpler tool.


Best Time Management Tools For Windows 10

The tool we come to view almost everyday, can also be used for time management. It shows the date and events to notify the user, why not use the same feature to mark down the schedule to rule out the time inconsistency.

The calendar has upgraded its services to hold appointments, reminders, celebrations and so on. It also notifies the festival and important day to tiptoe your work around the time. It also has a countdown and alarm feature to set beforehand to the event. It provides different project labels where it can be differentiated between the personal and work label. 



Best Time Management Tools For Windows 10

Todoist is one of the tools which can be operable in both mobile and desktop. It is built to enter the to-do list which helps in assigning tasks, managing meeting agendas to carry out without wasting much time until it is completed.

You can add different project labels to ensure the type of list to be noted and given top priority. It encompasses the notes and reports to your table to keep you motivated and ensure you keep wanting to complete the tasks.

It supports not only the work category but also offers templates to the other possible things like education, travel, personal and many more. It contributes to reviewing the tasks every week with a checklist.



Best Time Management Tools For Windows 10

Monday.com is a prominent and most user friendly tool available which overall increases your rate of productivity. One in all apps, it has a timer facility to allot time for the work which can be turned off and on. It monitors the progress made and works under a real time basis.

This can be used both in free mode and paid subscription. It works for free for a single user, if it’s a group of individuals, it is not accessible without a paid subscription. 


Proof hub

Best Time Management Tools For Windows 10

Proofhub has all the features under one platform to form tasks, manage projects and to pin down schedules and much more. One can track their time using timers and procure the time taken to complete a specified task.

It is not only used for tracking, but also records time to review one’s task after completion to better perform later in future. This tool provides pay and use subscriptions on a monthly as well as annual basis. Proofhub organizes time reports of all tasks and the file can also be shared with others.



Best Time Management Tools For Windows 10

Desktime is also one of the automatic time sharing software for individuals as well as groups. This includes tracking, boosting management, and arranging workflow efficiently. This app provides a 14 day free trial to work around the software before agreeing to be a paid subscriber. It encompasses smart reporting, calendar addition, project completion and determining the schedules.



Best Time Management Tools For Windows 10

Clockify offers better engaging and maintaining time tracking progress, be it an individual or team it works better for both with access to unlimited resources. It is well known for its popularity for unlimited projects, unlimited users and unlimited accessibility.

It can work not only under windows but on mac and open source operating systems and many more. It can help manage time by entering it manually and providing timely reports of all the tasks that are completed within the scheduled time frame. 



Best Time Management Tools For Windows 10

Monitask focuses on time tracking, reports, and management, it is one of the software used for employee monitoring, which works wonders for freelancers and remote workers. It can track time by starting the clock, until the end of work, and it also has a pause option when needed. 

It sends its daily report to the employer timeline to note the time taken by the employee activity. It also captures screenshots occasionally for securing reports. Monitask has been popular among the working environment for its user friendliness, saves a lot of time and staff for the employer. It is deemed highly recommended among the employers to check and monitor the status. It has paid subscriptions separately for individual users and teams.


Rescue time

Best Time Management Tools For Windows 10

As it points, it rescues one to timely manage their time and implement their tasks and scheduled working under a timely frame. It offers its service to employees who want to finish their daily targets. It is widely chosen by the employer to report their status to the company.

Though it doesn’t provide free access, it is worth choosing for. It ensures the goals have been made and sends out timely reports to remind the user of their completed and yet to finish out  tasks. 



Do you feel like organising can  make you messy sometimes with all the confusing and overlapping tasks. Evernote creates a design which helps to formulate the different tasks with different labels and colours so it makes users feel less wary.

It separates the important task to unimportant by pinning down the current priority to your screen. It portrays the software with  calendar and upcoming events with reports and analysis of the current work occupying the same screen. One can scan over and find out what you are looking for without so much hassle. Apart from that, it has notes added, where you can manually put down the side tasks to be done. 


Now that the software available for better time management has increased numerically, the above involves both paid and free versions that have made it easy to be accessed in both mobile phones and desktops.

Good time management tools make it hassle free to work on a desktop, it better fits when it is paid. One might find themselves being grown decisive and working up to gain better ground to tackle the time crisis.

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