10 Best Typing Test Websites of 2022

From the start and to now computers have evolved drastically. The number of tasks a computer can do is remarkable. But no matter how old the computer is, typing is one of the basic things that everyone uses it for.

 To type that any average user is a very beneficial skill everyone must possess. For that purpose we are presenting you the list of 10 Best Typing Test Websites

In this list, you’ll see different types of websites doing the same thing of improving your typing skill in their own unique way. Some of them are just to test your speed and practice. While some possess game-like interfaces that will make your practice a fun experience. 

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Each one of them is tested and they work perfectly and effortlessly. Some of them also offer typing courses from which you can learn and even get a certificate of your completion. 

So without delaying anymore let’s start our list of 10 Best Typing Test Websites. 

10 Best Typing Test Websites of 2022

10 fast fingers 

 Typing Test Websites

First one on the list of typing test websites is 10 fast fingers that have been in use for a very long time. In this website you can test your typing skills in over 50 languages. You can set the time duration of the test from 30 sec to 10 minutes.

The website provides you with some random words which you have to type correctly. After the test time is complete you get to view your result like how many words per minute, keystroke, correct words, wrong words. 

You can compete with others with its multiplayer test. And even share your test results directly online. With its various typing modes it will surely help you to improve your typing skill. 

Website10 fast fingers 

Type Racer

 Typing Test Websites

In second place we have Type Racer. It is a bit more unique than the traditional typing test websites. With its multiplayer racing game-like theme interface. 

You can test your typing skills individually and with others too in a typing race. In its multiplayer typing race feature the participants are presented as a racing car and shows cars racing towards the finish line. It offers typing in multiple languages and you can compete with your friends too in your private race. 

If you get bored by just typing the random words you can test yourself by typing quotes from anime, video games, comic books, quotes from movies like star wars, harry potter, lord of the rings and many more. Other than that you can practice with jokes, passages from Bible, inspirational quotes, haiku, hip hop hits etc. 

Overall it’s a great site that helps you to test your typing skills and keeps you entertained at the same time. 

WebsiteType Racer

Typing Test.com

 Typing Test Websites

Typing Test is a very easy and straightforward typing test website. It offers a variety of features which can definitely be used for improving your skills. As you open the website you can just start typing. 

Just set the time duration of the test and the level of the test like easy, medium and hard text. It has other options like a benchmark test for 2 mins, blind typing, story typing, theme typing in which you can type text regarding pop culture, sports, nature, traveling, technology and mixed. 

For beginners it has a free typing course, and an option for recruiters to test candidates’ typing skills. Other than that you get a typing race and typing games too. It shows you test results by comparing them to an average typer and your typing speed, accuracy, errors and your wpm. 

However the website’s interface is not very catchy and feels old. The response time is also a bit slow. But the website does its job accurately and provides many options to improve. 

WebsiteTyping Test.com

Free typing game.net 

 Typing Test Websites

Free typing game.net is one of gaming type free typing test websites. It provides you with high quality fun typing games, typing tests and typing lessons. The simple typing test starts from an easy level testing home row only to a difficult level to type German and Spanish words. 

You can customize your typing test by choosing from the lesson 40 different blocks of text, set the time duration from 1 to 5 minutes and choose your font size. If you are a complete beginner who wants to learn typing fast for you it has a free typing tutor which consists of 30 different typing lessons. 

On the completion of the typing lesson you’ll get a certificate. The mistakes are shown in red. And you’ll see your complete result after the test ends. You can even submit your score to the leader board and see where you rank. 

WebsiteFree typing game.net 

Monkey type

 Typing Test Websites

Monkey type is an open source website. It is very easy to use with some great features. Rather than typing by looking at the text. Monkey type lets you type directly on the text like tracing on it. If you are looking for Open Source typing test websites then this is the one for you.

This makes your practice or test very much easy and even good for the beginner to improve their skills. Firstly it offers you to choose from 15 to 120 seconds but you can choose your own time and even set it to infinite. It has many customization options like choosing language it offers upto 40 languages, difficulty level of the test from normal to master. 

You can choose different modes to practice like blind mode. Other than that Monkey type has many things to offer you it takes your typing test experience to the next level. 

WebsiteMonkey type 

Nitro Type

 Typing Test Websites

Nitro Type is a website that shares similar racing themes like Type Racer. But with Nitro Type with the car racing animation you get the sounds effects like cars engine, people cheering and birds chirping too. 

As you open the website you’ll get a qualifying test to give you an idea of the website. As you log in you can participate in the race and improve your skill. At the end of the test you can see your results like accuracy, wpm etc. 

What makes this typing test website more interesting than others is that it makes you come back again and again because of its racing game-like interface and competing with others. You can easily test or practice your typing skill. 

WebsiteNitro Type 

The Typing Cat

 Typing Test Websites

Typing Cat is a simple typing website. With it you can test your typing ability by taking tests and improve it by playing games like Rain in which you have to type words before they reach down. In this game you’ll get an easy and hard mode. Typing Cat is not only limited to games and tests but also offers typing courses too.

 It has two courses: basic and advanced. It has 1 to 5 minutes duration typing tests. It offers typing courses with Ngrams too. For practice you can type famous law quotes, glossary of legal terms, list of Latin legal terms, brocard, anatomy, geography, math etc.

You can even try out different types of keyboard layouts like Qwerty, Dvorak, Colemak and Workman. Typing Cat has options for everyone. You might get annoyed by it’s typewriter sound but it can be turned off. 

Website –  Typing Cat 

Key Hero

 Typing Test Websites

Key Hero is a simple typing test website. It provides users test results in the graphs format. This will help the users with the detailed insight of their test. After the completion of the test along with the graphs, you’ll see where you made the mistakes highlighted, accuracy rate, wpm. 

Later you can easily start the new test and in every test you’ll get a new text to practice on. Other than that it offers tests in almost 25 languages. However it forces you to correct the mistake before moving on and you can’t choose the text of your choice. 

To save the result and keep track of your score you have to create a free account. For checking the typing speed it doesn’t need to create an account. 

WebsiteKey Hero

Type Test

 Typing Test Websites

In this list type test should be the most simple and smooth website. It shows you complete analysis of your test giving results like wpm, accuracy rate, correct and incorrect characters. You’ll even see a small graph of your result.

 You can select the time duration of the test from 10, 30 sec and 1, 2, 5 minutes. Other than that you can choose to keep the punctuation and numbers on or off to increase the difficulty or not. 

The word list can be kept simple or advanced. The highlight style of word while typing can be picked from character, word or caret. Your results are displayed on the 24 hours leaderboard.

Keep that in mind that this website only offers simple typing tests and not any more like games or courses. However if you are seriously looking to improve your skill this is the right place for you. 



 Typing Test Websites

KeyBr is a website which you can easily use to develop your touch typing skill and typing speed. Rather than giving you words for practice and test KeyBr gives you some random letters to practice on. You can see your result on the page with the overall score, wpm, wrong words, number of errors etc.

There are multiple options of keyboard layouts to use. You can test your typing skill by competing with others in the multiplayer mode. There are a total of seven languages and the lessons are set in basic and advanced mode in three skill levels. 

You can shift to the dark or light mode as your preference. Other than that it has various customization features that you can set to get a better experience. It is a great website which will carry out your typing practice with ease. 

Website  – KeyBr

Final Words 

So, that’s the list of 10 Best Typing Test Websites. All these typing test websites are great to test your typing abilities and even to improve them. You can choose how you want your experience to be. 

There are website designs that give a game-like feel and some pretty straightforward. Each and every one of them works well and gets the basic job done. If you use any of them let us know how they helped you. 

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