10 Best Voice Changer Apps For Android in 2022

Let’s be honest, Have you ever been a scapegoat for a prank or have you ever pulled any prank on your friends? Undoubtedly, Your answer will be ‘yes’. Many of us have always been a wooer of pranksters and to keep that prankster alive in you we have listed out the 10 Best Voice Changer Apps For Android in 2022. 

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Best Voice Changer Apps For Android of 2022

Voice Changer- Audio Effects 

Voice Changer Apps For Android

To start with, This app provides a clean and easy to use interface for users to experience recording voice in higher quality, effects to apply from a wide range and provides customisation to get the perfect sound desired.

It is very convenient to sing karaoke with. It also provides a feature to save the voice to be used as notifications and alarms, it has an easy to share feature to upload karaoke and effects to your favourite social media. 

Download: Voice Changer- Audio Effects 

Voice Changer (Android Rock) 

Voice Changer Apps For Android

This app offers many effects to experiment with within your making of a prank. It has an easy to use interface to juggle with many effects to find the right o for the moment Like other apps in the category it provides to record the voice with effects too, be heard later

after saving, saved audio can also be edited to the desired effect by this app which makes it convenient to edit voice later, it has an easy to share mode to upload to the internet of your recent experiment or share easily through Bluetooth. 

Download: Voice Changer ( Android Rock ) 

Voice Changer FX (MOBZAPP) 

Voice Changer Apps For Android

This app is a versatile voice changer its major perk is it provides a seamless experience while using it, along with voices this app also adds effects to the audio files in the device. You can Livestream your audio with effects in social media through browsers and media players which is not usually provided by other categories. You can save and share your recordings as MP3, set your recordings as alarm and ringtone 

Download: Voice Changer FX (MOBZAPP) 

Voice Changer Sound Effects 

Voice Changer Apps For Android

If you want an accessible and user-friendly app it is one of them it provides a plethora of effects to choose from which are pre-loaded, You can customise the sound with different effects such as echo, reverb, pitch etc to make new effects that will suit preloaded You can add audio files, recordings to the app to add effects. It saves recordings in .WAV format instead of MP3 

Download: Voice Changer Sound Effects 

5. Voice Changer By 302 Lock Screen 

Voice Changer Apps For Android

This app is the right voice change app that might allude you to pick as it offers a fast convenient and user-friendly environment. You can record and add effects to it or choose from your saved audio files to apply effects.

You can easily share the recordings to social media and through Bluetooth, you can set your favourite edited voice as notification and alarms by applying multiple effects to generate many different effects on your voice. 

Download: Voice Changer By 302 Lock Screen 

6. Voice Changer Voice Recorder

Voice Changer Apps For Android

If you Plan to Surprise or Frighten your friend or family with a robot or alien voice this app is just for you, It can modify your voice quality for giving your singing professional touch, You can record your voice or edit saved audios from your directory.

You can share your creativity easily through this app to your social media accounts. It allows you to play recorded audio while on a call. 

Download: Voice Changer Voice Recorder 

7. Voice Changer- Super Voice Effects Edition 

Voice Changer Apps For Android

If you want a fancy app that will make you feel like your favourite state then it is here to make your dream come true, This app has 20 Popular superheroes characters to choose from.

You have to record your voice and just have to apply the superhero voice that you need and disguise yourself as your favourite hero. You can set your best recordings as alarms or notifications to use in a funny and fancy way. 

Download: Voice Changer- Super Voice Effects Edition 

8. Voice Changer with effects 

Voice Changer Apps For Android

This app is well-tailored to meet the basics of a voice well-tailored with that it offers effects to the pre recorded voices, to copy from. You can require-recorded from the surroundings. It also provides a user-friendly interface to interact with and a user-friendly interface to choose from.

You can make a voice from texts. But it doesn’t allow you to change voice effects in real-time. Every effect must be saved and heard in real-time this is the most widely used app among all the voice changer apps with 100M+ Downloads. 

Download: Voice Changer with effects 

Voice Changer, Voice Recorder and Editor 

If you want to shock your friends with an unknown voice to be funny then this app can make that happen. You can change your voice after recording and applying effects with the audio editor. It also converts text to voice. You will get clear sounds while recording.

This app reduces background noise for crisp and clear sounds. You can also autotune your voice for karaoke; it provides an audio processing feature. 

Download: Voice changer, voice Recorder and editor

10. Magic Call 

Unlike voice changer apps mentioned earlier this app provides a voice changing feature during calls, it changes voice in real-time while in a call, It also provides to switch among other effects during the call, it is the lightest app among all as it doesn’t record and save the audios which makes it very accessible for short pranks, It also provides sound emoticons to apply during the call, You can also apply background music effects to the calls. 

Download: Magic call 

Wrapping up 

As many of the apps have the same functions and features. Magic call app is the only app to change voice while in an ongoing live call others offer to record and test effects like a robot, alien, girl, boy, animal etc. It must be kept in mind that these apps must not be used for any illegal purposes and must be kept strictly for pulling off pranks and creating funny voices to laugh at or to make your singing better. 

You can pick any Voice Changer Apps from the apps we have listed above according to your needs. If you feel this article is helpful for you then let us know in the comments and do not forget to share it with your friend.

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