10 Best Watermark Apps For Android in 2022

In this article, we have discussed the 10 best watermark apps for android that you can use on your pics and videos. Like any other materialistic object your pictures and videos can also be stolen by others and to prevent such maliciousness a tool has been created named ‘WATERMARK’.

A Watermark is a tool that is designed to add a stamp or logo on your photos and videos that can be identified as yours. 

It takes time and effort to create a perfect video or picture but what if someone else takes the credit for your hard work by claiming ownership of that picture or video. It sounds disheartening, right? Don’t worry, we got a solution for it that will not let your hard work go into vain.

All you have to do is download an application that will let you use a Watermark on your pictures and videos to claim your rights on it. 

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Watermark is nothing but a logo, stamp, or text that you can create or customize on your own with the help of a dedicated application developed to protect your videos and pictures which you have created with immense hard work.

No fraudsters can dare to steal the credits of your videos and pictures if you have used a Watermark on them. Here we will discuss the 10 best Watermark apps for your android phone. 

10 Best Watermark Apps For Android

Photo Watermark 

Best Watermark Apps For Android

Photo watermark is one of the Watermark Apps For Android that is designed to help you set a watermark on your photos. You can only add watermarks on photos, not on videos. 

It has some great features to help you create the best watermark for your photos.it gives you the freedom to choose colour, fonts and effects in text mode. It is easy to rotate, move, flip, resize and adjust the degree of transparency of the watermark. Isn’t it very easy to use this application to create a watermark on your own?

Download: Photo watermark ( In-app purchases ) 

eZy Watermark photo: watermark app for android

Best Watermark Apps For Android

eZy Watermark photo is another one of best Watermark Apps For Android to protect your photos from being stolen. Through this app, you can add watermarks to your photos in various forms like text, QR code, signature, log, trademark and copyright etc. 

eZy Watermark photo app makes the work more convenient because of its simple and easy user interface. You can import photos from the camera, phone gallery, Google drive and other social media platforms. it lets you add a watermark on multiple pictures at one tap. This application is not free, To use this app you have to purchase it. 

Download: eZy Watermark photo 

( In-app purchases ) 


Best Watermark Apps For Android

Watermarkly works the same as another basic watermark application but still, it is one of the easiest applications you will get on the play store. 

It will let you create the watermark as you want. Whether your name or company logo, you can use whatever you want to create your personalised watermark. While Resizing, rotating, flipping and changing the transparency of the watermark are some basic features you will get to see on this application there are some advanced features too. Placing watermarks automatically or manually and reusing the templates are some of its advanced features. 

Download: Watermarkly 

( In-app purchases ) 


Best Watermark Apps For Android

Logolicious is the best watermark app for android to copyright a picture. It’s a necessity to protect your photos from people who can use your photos on social media without seeking your permission. 

You can place your logo anywhere on the picture just by using your fingertips. You can drop the watermark anywhere on the picture by scaling your logo. It autosaves the logos so that you don’t have to create them again. Just upload the logo once and you will be able to use it unlimitedly.

Download: Logolicious 

( In-app purchases ) 

Add Watermark on photo 

Add Watermark on photo  Best Watermark Apps For Android

This watermark app will allow you to create fully customizable watermarks for your photos. Whether to protect your content from unauthorised use or promote your brand by using a digital signature this application is useful for both cases. 

You can create your logo by customising it with your desired fonts and patterns. You can save your watermarks as templates to use later. With its batch processing feature, you can watermark multiple photos at once. 

Download: Add watermark on photo 

( In-app purchases ) 

Video watermark 

Video watermark 

This application is only compatible with videos. You can protect your videos by adding a watermark to them, just like photos. 

It doesn’t require any computer to watermark your videos; you can easily do it on your phone. 

One of its best features is that this app will work in the background. You don’t have to wait as it will let you access another app while adding a watermark to videos. 

Download: Video Watermark 

( In-app purchases ) 

Add watermark on videos and photos 

Add watermark on videos and photos 

If you are looking for watermark apps for android that will let you watermark both video and photos on a single application without downloading two separate apps for photos and videos then this app is for you. 

Create your logo using the pre-designed watermark to save your time and effort. It’s an easy user-friendly interface where you can work effortlessly even if you have little knowledge of watermarking. You can also share these files on social media easily to promote your brand. 

Download: Add watermark on videos and photos 

( In-app purchases ) 

Watermark stamp

Watermark stamp

This application is one of the best apps for promoting your business. Using images that have the brand logo of your business creates more chances for your business to gain popularity. 

It is designed to add copyright logos and text to your photos to protect them from unauthorized use or promoting your business. To create your brand logo you have to select images from your gallery and modify the colour, font, position and size of the text. Now you can share the photos on various social networks. 

Download: Watermark stamp 

( In-app purchases ) 

Add watermark free 

Add watermark free is a very effective, quick and free application that comes with a lot of features to meet the need for watermarks. 

You can customize your watermark by changing the font, colour and transparency ratio of the logo to create a perfect waterfall for your content. The batch processing mode will let you use watermarks on your multiple pictures at once. It will save the file in .jpg and .png formats only. 

Download: Add watermark free 

( Free ) 


It is an editing app where you can edit videos and pictures as well as add watermarks to them. This app is an amalgamation of both editing and watermarking applications. 

Like every other editing app, you can crop, resize, and adjust the brightness of the file but here you can get one more feature that is Watermarking. You can add a watermark to the file which you edited. 

Download: PicsArt 

( In-app purchases ) 

Wrapping up 

These days the internet is flooded with pictures and videos and there is a high chance that someone can share your content without your knowledge on different social media. To avoid such circumstances you have to start using Watermark on your pictures, videos and other files. 

I have listed above some of the best watermark apps for android available on the play store. These watermark apps will assist you to create a perfect watermark logo for your content. if you found it useful then do let us know in the comment section.

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