10 Best Website to Check Plagiarism of 2022

In this article we will be discussing about 10 Best Website to Check Plagiarism. Having your work plagiarized is never good. But how do you know if it’s happened to you? There are a few different ways. One is to use the websites on this list, which are designed specifically for finding plagiarism in academic papers.

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This post will outline 10 Best Website to Check Plagiarism that can help with this task, as well as some common signs that indicate plagiarism. Hopefully they will help keep not only your work safe but also others’. If the word plagiarism is new to your let me explain what it is? 

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is when someone copies the work of another person and gives it to someone as their own. Sometimes people copy others’ work unintentionally but in other cases it may be intentional.

Why shouldn’t you plagiarize?

There are some good reasons not to plagiarize. You could get caught for one thing. You might also be negatively affected by the fact that you will most likely be charged with academic dishonesty.

There are also some more practical reasons not to plagiarize. People who are caught plagiarizing may have: Less of a chance getting into college; Less of a chance of being accepted into good graduate programs; More difficulty finding a job after they graduate; and, Longer periods in school which will cost them more money.

Plagiarism is a frustratingly common practice. In many places, plagiarism is not taken seriously and there are no penalties for it. This can be annoying to students and teachers alike. 

But the consequences of plagiarism can be even worse, from failing a class that everyone else in the class has passed, to getting poor grades on their work, to being expelled from college or expelled from their school altogether.

Take It Easy On Yourself

Instead of getting frustrated by all this plagiarism checker stuff, here is my go-to advice. Be easy on yourself when you find something that looks like you copied someone else’s paper. 

Most of the time it is just a typo, or someone misspelled their name. I always hope that I will be able to piece together what is wrong with the paper on my own and fix it before it gets to me. Most of the time though, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with the paper.

So with all that said let’s start with our article of 10 Best Website to Check Plagiarism.

  1. Duplichecker
  2. CopyScape
  3. Plagiarisma
  4. PlagiaReport
  5. Paper Rater 
  6. Copy Leaks 
  7. PlagScan
  8. Plagium
  9. Plagly
  10. Grammarly

10 Best Website to Check Plagiarism


Duplichecker Website to Check Plagiarism

Duplichecker is an easy to use free plagiarism checker website that checks your article for any plagiarism. You can upload your document or article and it will check for all the words in that document that are found on the web. 

The words that are found are highlighted in red. The site also has the option to remove all the words that are found. I have seen this website recommended on the internet. It is really quite simple to use and it is free. 

Just simply go to their website, upload the document you want checked and they will review your article for you. If they find any plagiarism they will email you with links to websites that have used the same words as your document.

Website – Duplichecker


 CopyScape Website to Check Plagiarism

The thirst website on the list of 10 Best Website to Check Plagiarism is CopyScape. CopyScape is a website that allows you to find where a piece of text has been used online and who published it by entering the text into their search bar. 

It works by checking the piece of text for matches in its database, which includes parts of published books, large websites and social media platforms. Results are given with the matching web pages’ titles and their relevant search ranking on Google. 

Copyscape is an excellent tool to use if your paper or article has been plagiarized or if you suspect someone else’s work is yours. This website will help you locate instances where your text has been used without citation.

Website – CopyScape 


 Plagiarisma Website to Check Plagiarism

Plagiarisma is much more advanced than other plagiarism checkers because it also checks paraphrasing, incorrectly ordered sentences, keyword density, originality of images and videos, etc… 

This free website checks all grammar mistakes too so you have nothing to worry about! Plagiarisma also has free report templates with all the mistakes on them so you can reuse them for your assignments and term papers. 

The use of alternative texts, or paraphrases instead of the original text, is a difficult and quite complicated issue. The articles and essays in today’s scholarly journals are quite sophisticated in their ideas and terminology.

Website – Plagiarisma


PlagiaReport Website to Check Plagiarism

Another one on the list of 10 Best Website to Check Plagiarism is PlagiaReport is another free website that checks for plagiarism and makes it much easier to compare word by word the whole document of an essay or article so that you can see where exactly they have copied it from. 

This website also offers a number of other tools such as changing the font and its size, color, and boldness to make it easier to compare. Another tool it offers is a file uploader that you can use to input any text file as long as it is within the 10MB limit. 

You do not need an account to get started with PlagiarismReport and they are even offering a free one-week trial on their premium service which allows you to have access to all of the features they have to offer.

Website – PlagiaReport 

Paper Rater 

paper Rater Website to Check Plagiarism

Paper Rater is a free website to check plagiarism that allows anyone who has an account to check their own paragraphs for plagiarism by entering in their document text and the words that can be found on the web. This website is very helpful for proofreading essays and other academic papers, because you can compare your own writing with a variety of other sources, including Google.

This allows you to make decisions on how to improve your writing without the need for a paper editor. This website also has a Plagiarism Checker that allows you to check the text of other websites, which can be very useful if you are doing an assignment and want to know if particular information has been used or copied. 

The best way to use Paper Rater is by using an online browser such as Google Chrome. When you type in the words that are found on the web, it will show those words in your document and give you the percentage of similarity between what is in your document and what is on the internet.

Website – PaperRater 

Copy Leaks 

 Copy Leaks  Website to Check Plagiarism

Copy Leaks is a free online plagiarism detection service that crawls the web 24 hours a day looking for copied content. Copy Leaks uses The Google REST API, XML Sitemap, and its own crawling tool to find plagiarized content. It also has an advanced search engine to drill down into your results. 

Copy Leaks allows you to use filters to eliminate copied words and keep specific content types. It also has an advanced search engine to drill down into your results. Copy Leaks allows you to use filters to eliminate copied words and keep specific content types. 

The Copy Leaks service is still in beta and is constantly being updated and improved.

It is part of a project called PlagTracker from the University of Virginia Library. CopyLeaks was created by David White, Adam Fulkerson, Andrew McLean, and Dan Cohen from the University of Virginia Library. 

They have presented talks on it at several conferences including LITA, EDUCAUSE, Cataloging Conference, FolioFest, OCLC Members Meeting, and others.

Website – Copyleaks


 PlagScan Website to Check Plagiarism

Next website on the list of 10 Best Website to Check Plagiarism. PlagScan is a free website that can help you find and remove plagiarized content from your own work. This website analyzes and compares written text and detectsthe presence of plagiarism by comparing it to a database of over 10 million documents.

Your text is anonymously submitted to PlagScan so that can give you a report of your entire document or just the selected paragraph. Each scanned document is assigned a “plagiarism score” which ranges from 0% for an original work to 100% for copy-paste copying. The higher the percentage, the more likely it is that there was plagiarism involved in your project.

Website – PlagScan 


Plagium Website to Check Plagiarism

Plagium is a free website that checks your work for plagiarism. If you input your document into Plagium it will provide you with a list of websites (which are known to contain plagiarized content) that may have used the text of your essay or article as their source. 

If you are using a blog or personal website as a source for your work, Plagium may not be able to detect plagiarism but it does provide a handy tool for comparing text.

With Plagium, a well-written article that includes citations is an invisible check to plagiarism. Plagium is a useful site because it provides instructors with the ability to determine if their students are plagiarizing their work. 

This can be especially useful in courses where the instructor uses blogs and websites within the course structure. The fact that good writers include citations in their work makes it virtually impossible to steal original content from them.

Website – Plagium 


Plagly Website to Check Plagiarism

Plagly is a free plagiarism checking service that checks your work for plagiarism. It is written in Java and runs on Windows and Linux. If you’re looking for an easy way to check your work for plagiarism, Plagly is a free service that will help! 

Plagly can be installed on Windows and Linux and will check your work quickly and easily. This wiki has information about the software and how to use it. To use Plagly, simply place a copy of your source code in the appropriate folder on your computer. 

Then, click the “Plagly” button in the top-left of the window to run the software. When you run Plagly for the first time, it will give you a test (called “The Test”) that will check for plagiarism. If you fail, then you can edit your code and try again until you pass.

Website – Plagly 


Grammarly Website to Check Plagiarism

Grammarly is a free website that checks for grammar and spelling errors. It is easy to use and provides automatic suggestions for the problems it finds. The student can view the issue in a word document or take a screenshot of the text and submit it to their professor for review. 

The website is also compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and More. A great tool to use when submitting an assignment. Multiple entries can be submitted with different email addresses to avoid being caught plagiarizing, but this site will still detect it! 

Overall it’s a great site to check plagiarism and also gramatical errors in your articles.

Website – Grammarly

Ending Words 

So that was all with our list of 10 Best Website to Check Plagiarism. For a student, plagiarism is a serious crime. For a teacher, plagiarism is a serious problem. But for the internet, there is no such thing! 

You can find many websites that will check your paper for you and tell you if they detect any violations of the rules. So do check out these websites and make your article plagiarism free. 

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