10 Best WhatsApp Extensions You Should be Using in 2022

We will explore the 10 Best WhatsApp extensions you should be using in 2022. That will help you get a better experience of WhatsApp Web on your Desktop or Laptop. 

However, you are using WhatsApp is bad. I am not saying that. WhatsApp has improved a lot recently. And have most of the necessary features. Its messages are an end to end encrypted. You can send a text message, photos, voice notes, and you can even video calls.

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And how can we forget about the latest updates of WhatsApp? Disappearing messages, multi-device support, deleting chats, and more.

I am only saying that these WhatsApp extensions will enhance your experience.

10 Best WhatsApp Extensions of 2022

Story Saver

Story Saver Best WhatsApp Extensions

We all like putting stories or status on WhatsApp. We enjoy watching the story or status of our friends or family, and we want to save it but don’t know how? 

On web Chrome, there is an extension story saver. You need to download it. It is a very good app and has the best reviews on the Chrome web store. This app will help you save the stories you like on your WhatsApp. It will not only help you save stories of WhatsApp, but it will also help you store the stories of Instagram and Facebook.

After downloading it, you will get the icon of a story saver on the top left corner of the browser. All you need to do is tap on the icon while the story you like is playing. Tap on that icon, and the story will be downloaded with the help of an extension. Story saver allows you to save both photos and video stories. It is very simple to use.

But it might be working a little slow sometimes, maybe some time depends on your internet, but if you have any problem, you can always go and comment or mail your problem to the developer, and they will resolve the problem as soon as possible.


Auto WhatsApp translator

Auto WhatsApp translator Best WhatsApp Extensions

If you are connected with people worldwide, you need to send the message in their language to understand them better. So here we go, Auto WhatsApp translator, which translates incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages to different languages in real-time.

It can translate your outgoing and incoming messages into 110 different languages. It is very simple to use because you don’t have to do anything. It will automatically translate the message, and the translation will show in green color under the original message you received. Suppose you want to translate the message you are sending.

In that case, all you have to do is type a message, then press enter, and your message will automatically get translated. Then again, press Enter key to send a message. It is hundred percent free, and you don’t have to keep switching between Google translator and your WhatsApp, so very convenient to use. It also does not store any of your data or personal information.


Desktop Messenger for WhatsApp

Desktop Messenger for WhatsApp Best WhatsApp Extensions

It is an app that provides easy access to WhatsApp and notifies you of all the incoming posts. It is one of the easiest ways to check your message from your desktop. All you need to do is click on the toolbar icon, and then it renders WhatsApp web in a small UI attached to the toolbar popup.

You will get badge notifications for all incoming messages. Every time something happens on WhatsApp within the new chat list, it notifies you when your WhatsApp web is not on in any tab, the toolbar popup appears.

The views are quite good, but sometimes you may not get updated or notified by the message.



WAToolkit Best WhatsApp Extensions

A lot of people highly recommend this app. It is one of the best-rated whatsapp extensions available on the Chrome web store for WhatsApp web. It will help you never miss any WhatsApp notification even there is no WhatsApp tab for the Chrome window open.

This extension will run in the background mode permanently, and it will keep track and notify you instantly. By hovering the mouse over the icon, you will see a summary of your unread conversation in a tooltip. The icon will become orange if there is a connectivity issue with your phone. You can still hide the button if you want. Just right-click on it and select the hide button.



WhatsAdd Best WhatsApp Extensions

WhatsAdd will help you enjoy a better WhatsApp for business usage. This extension will make your WhatsApp web work faster and better. It has features like it can custom preset messages. Emoticons will be automatically replaced by emojis. It has text format buttons for bold, italic, and line trough.

It can easily scan and download media content from chat. This extension can help you, but it can be buggy simultaneously. You can have a subscription for this, but it might show the quality. Try to use the features of the free version.



Zapp Best WhatsApp Extensions

Zapp is one of the WhatsApp extensions that speed up your conversation while using Whatsapp Web. You can listen to long recordings in no time by adding audio control to the WhatsApp web. It adds control to the top right corner of the screen, which lets us change the recordings’ speed and volume.

You can use it by pressing the icon on the right of the address bar after entering WhatsApp web. A popup box will appear with all the controls needed to tweak the audio recordings on WhatsApp web. You can control speed and volume by pressing on the arrows or scrolling the mouse wheel. I highly recommend the extension, and it is also the most reviewed extension.


Privacy extension 

Privacy extension WhatsApp Extensions

Privacy extension will help you keep your messages private and hidden until you hover them. It blurs your messages and other content and only reveals by hovering over it with the mouse cursor. You can toggle all effects by using a keyboard shortcut or clicking the toggle button in the extension menu.

It blurs all messages in chat and blurs all messages preview on the left. It blurs images, videos, stickers, and more in separation from the text. This extension blurs all profile pictures. Privacy extension does not collect information about you or your message. It has good reviews on extension.



WAIncognito WhatsApp Extensions

This extension will help you be invisible on the WhatsApp web by disabling read reception and presence update. You can see other people’s read receipt and last seen but never send yours. It has features like adding a menu in WhatsApp that lets you toggle on and off the sending rid of the message and last seen updates.

It Can work for groups. It also works for status and stories. It can keep the deleted messages and restore them later.

This extension lets you set a safety timeout that automatically sends the read received after a certain time from opening the message. It has more features that you can explore after downloading it.


Multi chat for WhatsApp

Multi chat for WhatsApp Extensions

The Multi-chat extension opens WhatsApp and other popular messengers on desktop easily and accesses all your chats from mobile. This extension allows you to read and communicate in all popular messenger in one place. Multi chat extension contains WhatsApp desktop app, telegram web, slack desktop; we chat online, LINE application, Instagram discovered, and much more.

Multi chat app doesn’t require a desktop version of WhatsApp, telegram, messenger, Yahoo, etc., to be installed on your PC. Multi chat mirrors all the conversations and messages you have on your phone’s social media Messenger app and allows you to see them all and reply to them all on your PC.

Stop using your computer keyboard instead of the keyboard on your smartphone. It in bulbs always-on desktop notification it will run in background mode permanently it will keep tracking and serving your notification instant. 

It is very useful and convenient to use all messenger simultaneously because it can handle more than one messenger. It can handle all the social media messenger in one app.



The 10 Best WhatsApp extensions you should be using in 2022 are all free of cost. You need to try them. You chose the extension that fits you and also do tell us in the comment section which of these WhatsApp extensions suited you the most.

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