13 Best games on iMessage for iPhone (2022)

iMessage is not like any other boring messaging app. It is more captivating, entertaining and lively than that. There are effects that appear on the screen after saying certain code words.

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Apart from that the most amazing thing about iMessage is that it has games within to play and pass time while waiting for the replies. I’ll be showing you the 13 best games on IMessage which you can play and chill in this article.

13 Best Games for iMessage in iPhone

The old versions of iOS do not support iMessage games, only devices with iOS 10 and above have the liberty to support iMessage games feature.

To open your favourite iMessage game you need to follow certain steps.

  • Open and start a new conversation in iMessage
  • Click on the Apps icon and there will be a menu
  • In that menu tap on the icon in the lower left corner namely the Grid icon
  • Then click on the Store icon
  • Search your favourite game’s name in the search bar and enjoy your playing time.

These games given below are mostly free, but for the in-app experience you need to purchase some of them. One more thing, they are not arranged in best to worst order so do not judge a game by on which number it’s placed.

Draw One 

Draw One games on iMessage for iPhone

The first one we have here is Draw One. Who doesn’t like doodling? Everyone in their childhood have doodled on their textbooks or on the back of their notebooks; some have selected artistic paths and some have decided not to draw again after seeing their masterpieces.

Now we can go back to the beginning with ‘Draw One’. It’s a new version of the classic Pictionary game. One has to draw/doodle and the other has to guess words from the drawing. It is a fun way to pass time along with being innovative.


Would You Rather?

Would You Rather? games on iMessage for iPhone

Would You Rather comes under the party games category. Where everyone wants to know the person you are and along with that have fun. Would you rather? Is a really interesting game which makes you question your rationale. This game is a two or multiplayer game.

One question is asked and you have to choose from the given two options; for example, “Would you rather have a power to fly or a power to be invisible?”. At the end of the game only the option you selected is shown to the other player.

If you are playing in a group then it categories player’s names into the option they selected and shows you the chart as results. It’s a cool way to know how the other person thinks or prefers.


Black vs White

Black vs White games on iMessage for iPhone

Black vs White is a strategy board game measuring 8×8. The rules of this game is a bit complicated but once you start and know it, it’s really great to play. There are two coloured discs allotted to two players; Black and White.

The two players try to “sandwich” the other player’s disc with his colour with their own coloured disc. The sandwiched discs are then changed to discs with your colour. The player with the greatest number of discs of his/her colour wins the game. This Board game beats the notion that says Board games are boring perfectly. 


Tap Duel

Tap Duel games on iMessage for iPhone

Tap Duel is a simple game. Hence can be addictive easily. It’s a solo game where no other person is involved while the game is going on.

The player gets 10 seconds where he/she has to tap continuously on the circle present on the screen. The faster your finger is, the greater the score. It’s that simple. But when you share the score with your friends and challenge them to beat your score, the fun begins.


Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors games on iMessage for iPhone

In list of the games which bring back memories Rock Paper Scissors is at the top. All the important decisions like Who would bat first? Who would have the last piece of candy? were taken by a round of Rock Paper Scissors.

And now iMessage allows you to continue the same tradition virtually. Also by paying $1, you can unlock new signs like Spock and Lizard to make it more fun.


Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe games on iMessage for iPhone

Tic Tac Toe is a game each one of us played in their lives. Whether it’s at the back of the classroom or back of the notebook, everyone has been there.

Surely another game which brings back memories and the best to kill some time on a boring day with your friends. For this Tic Tac Toe, the player has to download the app and have their share of experience.


Game Pigeon

Game Pigeon games on iMessage for iPhone

Game Pigeon is basically a multi game platform. Where numerous games are present with a rule stating higher is the score higher is the chances of winning.

Some of the games included are Cup Pong, Mini Golf, Dot & Boxes, 8 Ball, Archery, etcetera. If you are a choosy person go for this game and choose from a lot of options to have fun. 



Wordie games on iMessage for iPhone

Wordie allows you to challenge your intellect in a fun way. You have to send couples of images where clues are present to your friends and challenge them to guess the correct word by referring to the images.

It’s like Draw One in some way but it’s effortless as you don’t have to actually draw, the images are already given. Wordie is a  really interesting and easy-to-play kinda game.  


Cobi Hoops

Cobi Hoops games on iMessage for iPhone

Cobi Hoops allows you to play basketball virtually. Although it’s a solo player version of basketball, it’s fun and really helps if you want to take a break from your hectic routine. You have to try and throw as much as the balls in the basket in given time i.e. 30 seconds.

Your score is recorded, share it with your friends and challenge them to beat the score. You can unlock a bonus game mode by paying $2 to make it more interesting. But without costing you too this game is really fun.


Let’s Puck It!

Let's Puck It! games on iMessage for iPhone

This game is more of a betting area, if not then a place where you can settle all the disputes. ‘Let’s Puck It’ is an Air hockey duel player game. There are options like “loser buys dinner” or you can customize the betting end by yourself. It seems easy in the beginning but you have to be smart and fast as the speed of the puck keeps on increasing.



Mr.Putt games on iMessage for iPhone

Mr.Putt is another addictive competitive game in this list. It’s the most popular mini golf game on iMessage. This game is made by a student at the Missouri Kansas City University.

The sleek background graphics make it more enthusiastic and less intimidating from the challenge put ahead of you. Mr.Putt is available exclusively on iMessage and nowhere else.


Truth Truth Lie

Truth Truth Lie games on iMessage for iPhone

Truth Truth Lie is another game in this list which lets you know more about your new friends in a dramatic and fun way. You can play it in the group or in dual player mode. The player 1 has to make three statements and the remaining players have to guess the one lie among the three statements.

Now you know why it’s called Truth Truth Lie. Like Would You Rather? mentioned above makes knowing the other person interesting and in this way it never gets old. 



Checkmate games on iMessage for iPhone

Checkmate is a paid iMessage game for just $0.99. Although the GamePigeon game mentioned above allows a version of chess in there for free, the fans of chess should go for this version for a better experience.

There is no limit set for the time you get to think, so you don’t have to make haste and mess up the game, take your time for thinking and win the game. To make it more connecting, you can chat alongside playing and can play multiple games at the same time. 



These games given above are the best iMessage games out there. These games definitely make your hectic and chaotic daily life more interesting.

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