15 Best Apple Arcade Games to Play (2022)

In this article we will be talking about the 15 Best Apple Arcade Games to Play. We all grew up playing video games from the video game cassettes to playstation or Xbox to now our phone. Video games have evolved with us drastically. And now we all know that gaming is a whole other money making industry. But that’s not my point. We are gonna talk about the games on our phone, specifically those games on the Apple Arcade.

If you’re an Apple user you’ll probably already know about it, but don’t let me tell you that Apple Arcade is a video game subscription service only for Apple’s devices. It provides you a service that is free of advertisements, in-app purchases, data tracking processes. You can share your subscriptions with five people. 

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It is a premium service but it lets you use it free for one month. For subscription it costs  $4.99 per month and for the annual subscription is $49.99. Apple Arcade is a fastest growing video game library and it has over 200 new and classic games. You get seamless support while playing every game and all the games update from time to time. 

In this list we’ve covered 15 awesome games from different genres like action, adventure, mystery, puzzle and racing. All the games in the list will entertain you. Other than just killing your time I’m sure that you will learn something from them too. 

Let’s stop the intro there and begin with our list of 15 Best Apple Arcade Games to Play. 

Best Apple Arcade Games of 2022

Sayonara Wild Hearts 

Apple Arcade Games

First on our list is the most recommended in the field of story driven Apple arcade games is Sayonara Wild Hearts. It is a music based action game created by Annapurna Interactive. It is also described as a pop album video game. 

Sayonara Wild Hearts is an amazing story of a heart broken young woman. It takes place in an alternate universe which I’m sure you’ll love to explore. Along with its story, action and the music tuning with its vibrant and stylish design will definitely amaze you. 

Sayonara Wild Hearts


Fantasian is another RPG game with a rich story line and amazing soundtrack. It has Over 150 handmade dioramas. The game is presented to us by the Mistwalker studio with Hironobu Sakaguchi who was the creator of the famous game Final Fantasy. 

In Fantasian we play a character named Leo who is in an alternate universe called Machine Realm he becomes an amnesiac after entering this universe. In your adventure you’ve to recover his memory and find out who he is and stop an infection spreading in the world.

Sounds exciting right check out this game in the Apple Arcade. 


Crossy Road Castel

Crossy Road Castel is another addition in The Crossy Road franchise, it is a popular game among kids. It’s not much complicated or story driven, it’s about a chicken traveling endlessly. Even though it sounds kind of lame let me assure you that it’s quite addictive when you get your hands on it. 

It offers a collection of over 150 retro-styled, characters inspired by pop art. Rather than just moving on road endlessly in Crossy Road Castel you hop forever on train tracks, rivers and dodge traffic in candy wonderland with an android robot.

 It is a single player game but you can play with your friends too. This game will definitely help you to kill your time. 

Crossy Road Castel 

NBA 2k21 Arcade Edition 

NBA 2k21 Arcade Edition is a real treat for the basketball lovers. You’ll get to play with your favorite NBA player. It comes packed with the Playstation 5 and Xbox series controller support. It provides different game modes like Arena Quick Match, Online Multiplayer, Blacktop Quick Match, My CAREER. 

You can play in almost 30 NBA arenas. On the court you’ll get today top NBA stars like Damian Lillard, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Zion Williamson, and Anthony Davis and in the 2020-21 update they added Jayson Tatum, Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving and more. 

You’ll get smoother gameplay and better visual, AI and animations on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac.

NBA 2k21 Arcade Edition 

What The Golf? 

What the Golf is a golf game as its name suggests. If you don’t like golf don’t worry the game itself says that it is for those who hate golf. There is a catch in that sure you’ve to put the ball in the hole but it’s not as easy as you think. 

Basically it’s a silly physics puzzle parody game in which you have to get an object that it targets. The game supports multiple languages and works great on your Apple devices. If my explanation doesn’t help you, I strongly recommend that you play this game once. 

What The Golf ? 

Card of Darkness 

Card of Darkness is obviously a card game as the name says . It has a light and colorful theme and is super easy to use. The game is brought to us by a famous developer Zach Gage and published by Choice Provision, Pendleton Ward. 

You’re the hero and your adventure starts in the  heart of Glinhorn Forest at the edge of darkness. In every round you’ll get 20 health points. What you have to do is cross the board and reach the other side without getting eliminated. The board has cards on it, you have to select these cards by doing so you either gain or lose your health or get a weapon etc. 

By picking up the right cards you can cast powerful spells, slay terrific monsters, discover the ancient secrets, and save the world. You have to venture through the 8 environments, fight 5 ancient bosses and get 64 cards from the Deck of Darkness. 

Card of Darkness is a really amazing puzzle strategy based game which will really keep you on your toe. 

Card of Darkness 

Chameleon Run+

Chameleon Run+ is a fun runner racing game. In this game you are an auto runner running and jumping on different platforms. This game is sure worth killing your time.

Your aim is to run on the platform that matches your color and if you step on another color platform you’ll be eliminated. All this sounds quite easy right so for that the game keeps getting difficult every level. 

It has perfect jumping mechanics like double jump and head jump. Along with stylish smooth and colorful graphics it has pixel perfect physics. You’ll only have a simple two button control to move yourself. 

Chameleon Run +


Mutazione is a unique drama, adventure game. Brought to us by developer Die Gute Fabrik, and published by Akupara Games. This is a very different game as I said before, a unique one which gives you a melancholic kind of feeling. The game highly focuses on its art style and music.

Mutazione is inspired by soap operas storytelling features. In the game you play a character named Kai who goes on an island to see and take care of her dying grandfather. The game takes place on different days and events. 

The player goes to different places on the island to interact with the people in a conversation. You can select the response that will affect the discussion. You can even do gardening and grow different plants, bushes and trees. The seeds for that can be found everywhere on the island.

This game is really something else. I doubt that you’ve seen anything like this before. It is not very fast paced and takes its own time. I bet you’ll find it very comforting to play. 


Neo Cab

Neo Cab is an adventure arcade game more like an emotional survival, suspense visual novel which unravels its story step by step. The game is created by Fellow Traveller and Chance Agency. Neo Cabs story takes place in the future where automation has taken over the job of drivers in ride services. 

You play a character named Lina who has come to this technological metropolis Los Ojos to live with her old friend Savy. Her friend goes missing after some time and the story moves forwards as Lina works as a diver, interacts with passengers. Neo Cab has several endings, the game moves slowly in its pace but it keeps you engaging with its futuristic environment and neon based visual style.

You can play the main story mode of the game or the free mode in which you can keep picking the passengers which doesn’t affect the main story arc. This is one of the most amazing games on the Apple Arcade. 

Neo Cab 

Oceanhorn 2 : Knights of the Lost Realm

Oceanhorn 2 is an open world action-adventure game with really great animations. The game is developed by Finnish studio Cornfox & Bros. As you know it is the second part of the Oceanhorn series. It takes inspiration from the game The Legend of Zelda and particularly with the Breath of the Wild. So don’t be surprised if you see the resemblance with them.

Oceanhorn 2 is a prequel of the game Oceanhorn: Monsters of the Uncharted Seas and takes place a millennium before its events. The game’s RPG main quest is about 20+ hours of gameplay, it has multiple side quests to get rewards, along with fighting you’ve to solve puzzles and explore the dungeon. 

You play a young knight who has the responsibility to save the world as now the Warlock Mesmeroth has returned with his dark army. Your job is to unite the Owrus, Gillfolk and other men to fight with you.

I know all this makes you excited right so click on the link to start playing the game and explore the beautiful world of Oceanhorn 2. 

Oceanhorn 2 

Agent Intercept

Agent Intercept is a story based action-packed driving game. If you love car games, but getting bored by playing only racing games online then Agent Intercept is a perfect match for you. In the game, you’ll be an undercover agent with his spy car ‘Scepter’. 

The car will be loaded with gadgets, and weapons that will help you to carry out dangerous missions. You’ve to take down the nefarious criminal organization CLAW and it’s new mysterious leader, who are making an army of vehicles and experimenting with the technology. You’ve to fight the bosses and infiltrate hidden lairs to get secret information. 

Your car Scepter can transform into a boat and a plane to take down enemies. Agent Intercept offers easy to use control and beautiful movie-like graphics. You’ll get to play main story missions and side missions to keep you engaged. Playing this game will definitely remind you of ‘Mater’ from the animated movie ‘Cars 2’. 

Agent Intercept 


Grindstone is a puzzle adventure game. To be precise Grindstone is a sword slashing puzzle game. It is brought to us by Capybara Games, some of their well known apple arcade games are Super Brothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes, and Critter Crunch. 

This game studio is specially known for developing puzzle games. In the game you’ll get daily challenges with leaderboards. There are a total 200+ levels to conquer. You’ll get weapons and gears to unlock and play. You get to play the Jorj and the game takes place on the grid. Jorj can move in total eight directions up, down, left, right and alongside diagonal movements. 

There are three ability slots available in which you can fill the Jorj abilities like bow and arrow, bombs which let you take down the creeps as per their abilities. There are multiple colored monsters and Jorj is only allowed to kill only one color at a time. You’ve to fight with the bosses and move forward.

To keep winning the game you are required to do some smart strategic thinking. With its colorful animation you’ll think of it as an adaptation of a popular cartoon from the Cartoon Network. This is really an interesting action, bloody, puzzle carnage game that allows you to do critical thinking rather than just killing time. 


The Pathless 

The Pathless is another story based, open world, adventure and action packed game played from third person perspective. It is developed by Annapurna Interactive who also developed the first on our list the Sayonara Wild Hearts. 

In the game you get to play the Hunter, a skilled archer, she possesses a bow and arrow along with her trusted eagle which also carries her while flying and helps a lot during missions. What you’ve to do is to lift the curse from an island. Unlike any other open world game you don’t get a mini map you’ve to use the spirit vision to get the location you want.

Other than the action the game consists of puzzles to collect the light stones. This game with its beautiful visual style will not let you lose your attention. You must check out this game if you love action adventure apple arcade games with amazing storyline. 

The Pathless 

Manifold Garden 

Manifold Garden is a puzzle game. What is special about the game is that it’s architecture is truly mesmerizing. Even if you are not into puzzle games you will love to see and experience the visually pleasing world of Manifold Garden.

This game took very long to develop and the type of fine work done on it makes it obvious. In this world the laws of physics are different from ours. The geometry repeats works infinite in every direction, when you fall here you’ll be again at the point where you started. It’s the manipulation of gravity that will make you see the world from a different perspective. 

Explore the space, walk on any visible surface and experience the Escheresque architecture. For playing you’ll be given different puzzles to solve in order to move forward, find and fit the color coded box in the doors. The game will literally spellbind you. 

Manifold Garden 

15. Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game

Hitchhiker is an environmental puzzle based game. It has a very rich mysterious story that keeps you thinking. In the game, you’ll be playing a hitchhiker who has lost his complete memory and doesn’t know where he came from and where to go. Throughout the game, you have to hitchhike and travel with five complete strangers like stoic farmers and off-duty waitresses. 

Each one of them has a story to tell that will help you to regain your memory. Your goal is obviously to know your story but that will be done by exploring in a very unknown way. Along with the story the game has very beautiful landscapes to offer you. 

You’ll be given a choice to choose your responses and that will shape your story and you will find the dark secrets about yourself. Keep an eye for clues, solve the environmental puzzles that you’ve to do. 

Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game 

Wrapping Up 

So that was our list of 15 Best Apple Arcade Games to Play. The arcade games in the mentioned list are the most popular ones from different genres. It is basically to give you the idea of what type of games the Apple Arcade has. These apple arcade games will definitely entertain you and make your time worth it. 

Let me know if you have played any of these above-mentioned arcade games and if we’ve missed any game which you think should be on this list please let us know. Thank you for reading. 

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