15 Best PWA Apps You Need to Install on Your Chromebook

Why waste the storage space of your Chromebook by installing Native Apps from the play store if you can get the same features with better performance from a lightweight Version.

Now the question is how you will be able to use these apps on your chromebook without downloading them from the play store or Apple store, then here comes the answer. You can do it with PWA apps. PWA stands for progressive web apps which are just websites that work on browsers and also allow you to install them on the chromebook.

There are many PWA Apps in the market but in this article, we will learn about the 15 Best PWA Apps you Need to Install on Your Chromebook. 

15 Best PWA Apps You Need to Install on Your Chromebook


PWA Apps You Need to Install on Your Chromebook

If you are a hardcore traveller you must be knowing the issues of finding a shelter where you can have enough space like a home. Airbnb gives you the option to choose an entire home to spend your vacations at a similar price to traditional hotels.

If you are planning any trip then Airbnb is a must-try. Book your Airbnb from the PWA app on your Chromebook 

Download: Airbnb


PWA Apps You Need to Install on Your Chromebook

Uber is the best companion for you if you are someone who is looking for economical transportation for going to the office, outings and travelling   

Most of us use this app very often so why clutter the storage space of the device with its native app instead use the PWA app for a smoother experience to book a cab.

Download: Uber

Google Map

PWA Apps You Need to Install on Your Chromebook

Google Map is designed for wanderers. Whether finding the places near you or some other place this one app will never disappoint you. 

Downloading this app from the play store can take up more space on your device so you can install the PWA app for viewing the maps in full screen by removing all the chrome bars.

Download: Google Map


5217 PWA Apps You Need to Install on Your Chromebook

If you are someone who easily gets distracted from work then you need something that will help you to commence your work with discipline. 

Fortunately, there is an app that guides you to work 52 minutes with complete focus and take a break for 17 minutes. This app is available as a PWA app with a  very simple interface which you can also install on your chromebook.

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Download: 5217

The Weekr

The Weekr

Memorizing things is a tough task for many. If you belong to this tribe, The weekr will memorize events on your behalf.

You can schedule your day, create tasks and set reminders for important events in this one app. With this app, you won’t miss out on any of your work. Start scheduling your day with the PWA version of this app on your Chromebook.

Download:  The Weekr



Snapdrop app can be used to share files between any device even if it has a different operating system.

You can easily share files by opening the website of snapdrop on both devices. Just use the PWA version of this app on your Chromebook to make the file transfer easier. Add the shortcut of this app on your home screen and you are good to go.

Download: Snapdrop 

YouTube Music 

YouTube Music 

YouTube Music has a wide range of music collections With different languages that makes everyone groove on its tune.

Although to use this app you have to buy a subscription first but if you are using YouTube 

Music in the PWA version then you will be able to play the music in the background while using other applications on your Chromebook. Use its PWA App to use that feature.

Download: YouTube Music



After YouTube Music the next best Music app that you can have on your Chromebook is Spotify. 

However, you can download this app on your device from the App store but it doesn’t give you the best experience to listen to the music seamlessly because of its layouts. you can install the PWA app that will work faster on your Chromebook and also give you the best music experience.

Download: Spotify



Flipkart is one of the best e-commerce sites available on both web and App stores. You can get all your orders delivered to your doorstep with a few clicks on this app.

If you are a diehard shopper then this app needs to have a place on your Chromebook. It’s PWA app uses 3 times less internet data to give you a fast and streamlined experience of shopping.

Download: Flipkart 


pwa Apps

Telegram is a messaging app that has very dynamic features. You can create different communities on this app to connect with your friends and like-minded people.

If you want a messaging app that works on your desktop even without your phone then it is the best app that you need to have on your chromebook. This app has its own PWA app which works smooth and uses fewer data to provide you with all its amazing features.

Download: Telegram


pwa Apps

Instagram is one of the most used social media apps where you socialise with your friends by sharing pictures and videos along with exchanging text and voice messages.

Using Instagram on Android sometimes gives a rough experience. It opens very late and the camera doesn’t respond quickly but the PWA app of Instagram makes the experience smooth. The lightweight and faster response of the PWA app makes it better than the native app.

Download: Instagram


pwa Apps

Twitter is a great app for keeping you updated with all the happenings of the world. Its Twitter space feature lets you connect with a large number of people where you can have an audio conference.

The app is also available on the play store as a PWA version. You can directly download it from the play store and start using It right away on your Chromebook. 

Download: Twitter

Gravit designer

pwa Apps

Gravit designer is a drawing software where the inner artist in you gets the digital canvas, colours and paintbrushes to create a piece of art.

This app is available in the PWA version which is loaded with all the features you need for making any drawing on your chromebook. It responds faster and has a unique interface that makes it’s better than the native app.

DowIoad: Gravit designer


Pinterest pwa Apps

Pinterest needs no introduction as this app is something that we all have used once whether to learn some DIYs or, planning a travel adventure it has everything in its app.

Looking at its popularity Pinterest has started its own PWA app to provide a similar experience like a native app. Its push notification makes it more convenient to use.

Download: Pinterest


BookMyShow pwa Apps

BookMyShow is one of the leading ticketing App in India where you can book tickets for your movies and theatrical shows.

The App has launched its PWA app to offer a smooth ticket booking experience. It is a super-lightweight app that consumes fewer data and loads faster than the native app.

Download: BookMyShow

Wrapping up

In this article, we covered the 15 Best PWA Apps You Need to Install on Your Chromebook that you can use for socializing, entertaining, Travelling, and many more activities. We learned that these Apps work faster than their native apps and are also very lightweight which doesn’t take much space in your chromebook.

My personal favourite is 5217 as this app helped me to improve my productivity and focus on my work. You can mention some other apps that you think are worthy to take place in this list of PWA Apps in the comment section.

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