5 Best 3D launcher apps for Android in 2022

In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 Best 3D launcher apps for Android. Do you have an Android and you are bored of seeing the same interface on the home screen from the day you have bought it? Then you need to adopt an android launcher to give your phone a new look and customise it according to your choices. A good android launcher can give your smartphone a total makeover. 


Android launchers can help you to get the most out of your smartphone and you can also convert it into your personal assistant. With the use of android launchers you can arrange your Home Screen in a more personalised way and make it more functional. The one advantage you can get as an android user over IOS users is that you can personalise your android according to your choice and make it more efficient to use. 

So, in this post, we have come up with a list of the 5 best 3d launchers for Android. 

5 Best 3D launcher apps for Android

Nova launcher

Nova launcher

The very first and one of the most popular 3D launcher apps for Android is the Nova Launcher. The app replaces by default stock of home screen and icon packs and gives you the opportunity to add all the features you want in your smartphone. It gives you the flexibility to alter the grid sizes, widgets and many more according to your preferences. 

Nova launcher is available free as well as paid version. The free version of the app can be more than enough for beginners. It can provide you with lots of functions to start with the customization of your smartphone.

But if you are an advanced user you will surely benefit from the Nova Launcher Prime by unlocking some locked features in the free version. The unique feature of this app is the usability and the implementation of a quick search bar. It integrated with the many popular apps like Spotify, Reddit, Netflix and many others. 


Apex launcher

3D launcher apps for Android

It is the most customizable third party launcher available. It can transform the interface of your device completely. It gives you plenty of features and functions to make your device more customizable and efficient to use. This launcher has been trusted by millions of users as it is more efficient and provides the user with a reasonable set of features. 

With the help of the apex launcher, you can customize every single icon and app. It also supports millions of themes to choose from which are available online.  


Smart launcher 6

3D launcher apps for Android

As the name suggests this 3D launcher app for Android is really smart. It improves the features on your device and gives your home screen a new look which is much easier and faster to use. It works automatically by organising your apps into categories.

It also provides you with a strong search engine. Smart launcher changes the theme of your device automatically every time to match the colour of your phone background. The app is very easily customizable. You can change the fonts, theme colour according to your personal choice. The app is really smart because it shifts the position of the items which you interact with the most in the bottom of your screen which is easily accessible within your fingertips. 

Smart launcher 6 is the new update in the smart launcher which has all the features of previous versions. 


Niagara launcher

3D launcher apps for Android

It is a minimalist launcher app it arranges every application within your reach. It makes the accessibility of your phone very easy. You can access everything with your single hand, no matter how large your phone screen is.

You can get each of your notifications on your home screen and you can even respond to them by the home screen itself. Since The app has a minimalistic design it helps you declutter your home screen and lets you be focused. The most valuable quality of this app is that it is free to use. You don’t even get the advertisements even in the free version of the app. 



3D launcher apps for Android

This is one of the 3D launcher apps for Android that is for the ones who are epic iPhone lovers. If you are an iPhone lover and really want to experience the iOS user interface on your Android then this launcher app can be your first choice. This app is so innovative that it transforms the look of your home screen and gives it the view of an iPhone. 



Smartphones have become an integral part of our life. We spent most of our hours on smartphones. We use it in different ways instead of just making a phone call. That’s why, it’s better if we make it our personal assistant.

Nowadays we have different applications and softwares which can help us to customise our smartphones according to our choices. 3D launchers for Android can be your best friend to customise your smartphone according to your preferences. 

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