5 Best Alfred App Alternatives for Windows of 2022

In this today’s article we are presenting you with our list of 5 Best Alfred App Alternatives for Windows

You must have heard about the macOS application launcher Alfred app and wondered if there is something like that for Windows. As Windows is developing its search function but still its not anywhere near to the Alfred in terms of numbers of functions and features.

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As we all need a smart assistant to make our job easy and carry out some simple tasks, browse content locally, do some calculations, things like these that will make our job easy. 

If you’re done looking for third-party apps to do this job for you and give you an effortless experience, we are presenting you some alternatives to Alfred that will do your job quite decently. 

So with that being said let’s start with our list of 5 Best Alfred App Alternatives for Windows

Best Alfred App Alternatives for Windows


Alfred App Alternatives for Windows

Our first alternative in this list of Alfred App Alternatives for Windows is Listary. It is developed by Bopsoft and supports almost 28 languages. Being a desktop search utility it works well with “Open” and  “Save” dialog boxes, Task Manager, File Explorer, Windows Desktop and  Registry Editor.

It is free to use, but also comes with a pro version that will obviously give you more features and a betting experience. Listary gives you features like, Text editing, Traditional search, Nifty UI, Shortcut to command mode, Wildcards, Smart Search, Regular expressions, Hotkey. 

With its Traditional Search all you have to do is to search by simply typing the name of the item and it will appear. Following that we’ll discuss the Autocomplete feature, which automatically detects what you are trying to search. With the use of Hotkey you have to press Windows+W to start the Listary. 

To make your search more easier, you can customize the shortcuts to select items from a large list. You can set themes and fonts as your choice. It allows you to open and search directly from Google and Wikipedia. 

Listarys file manager and search options will make your job trouble free. Overall it’s a great search utility, for Windows. You should at least give it a try. For details check the website. 

Website / Download – Listary 


Alfred App Alternatives for Windows

Wox is an effective launcher for Windows. It is also said to be Alfred’s Windows version. Wox is known for its fast and real-time result showing feature. You will get the results of the local searches as you type. Wox is a plugin-powered launcher that supports both file as well as web searching. 

It might be a bit hard to install it but once it is done, just do Alt + Space to launch it. After that you can directly start searching. With Wox you can easily access all the popular websites. It automatically sorts your apps and files based on their usage. You can add your daily searches in the Wox setting window to make your job easy. 

Plugin with Wox is very easy. It supports plugins by Python, NodeJS, CSharp, Golang, and many others. Creating your own plugin and sharing it with others is also possible. With the plugin, you can use a calculator, search hex code and carry out the system commands. 

For making the use of Wox more interesting, you can create your own themes by selecting colors, fonts, sizes etc of your choice with its theme builder. Wox has many things to offer you, download it and see all of them for yourself. 

Website / Download – Wox 


Alfred App Alternatives for Windows

KeyPirinha is a free and lightweight application. It is also a simple and portable alternative for Alfred. The app is said to be ‘A fast launcher for keyboard ninjas on Windows. You need to have a zip file extractor to install it. It is a great alternative for Windows 7/8/10. 

To install it on Windows 7 or 10 by using the Chocolatey package manager. To open the launch box use Ctrl + Win + K. To launch the application while it’s running in the background use hotkey or clicking the system. 

While searching you’ll get quick results and you’ll see the ‘k’ icon appearing changing to the app or website you’re looking for.  KeyPirinha carries out multiple things like linking connecting keywords to the items, viewing the bookmark suggestions, and increasing the system’s path location by configuring the apps.ini file. 

It has other features like Naturally associating keywords to specific items, Generating random UUIDs, password and bytes sequences, Launches search on any configured website or online dictionary, Language translation on-the-fly, Evaluates the mathematical expressions, and Quickly find and launch number of items like applications, files, bookmarks, URLs, sessions (PuTTY, WinSCP, FileZilla), registry keys. 

In the comparison of the other Alfred App Alternatives for Windows on the list, you have to manually edit the setting of KeyPirinha using a plain text editor rather than a built-in settings or Options menu.

It has many packages that you can configure for your needs like the Apps package, Control Panel package and many more. All these packages work in different ways. You’ll get a complete guide of KeyPirinha on the website. 

Website / Download – KeyPirinha  


Alfred App Alternatives for Windows

Hain is an open source, free and simple alternative for Alfred in the list. It offers a friendly, easy to use interface. After launching the application opens with a plain panel with the highlights and a search bar.

It has multiple plugins to search popular websites, to launch the commands with cmd.exe, record and take simple notes, use a calculator, open URLs and manage some other tasks. The built-in plugins are used to search for the files and file extensions and add or delete options accordingly.

Hain has a dedicated setting for the window position; it can be set automatically to remember window position or draggable window. Hain allows you to set the theme to light and dark and also has external links for supporting themes. 

The best feature of Hain is that it lets you get away with the typos, for example you can type exel or wrd for Excel and Word and open these respective apps. 

Website / Download – Hain 


Alfred App Alternatives for Windows

Don’t worry if you can’t be Bruce Wayne (Batman) by not having Alfred, but with Jarvis you surely can be Tony Stark (Ironman). Jokes apart Jarvis is an open-source and fast file explorer, it is developed under the MIT license.

You can start searching for queries as soon as you install it, Alt + Space is default hotkey for Jarvis. You get a clean and simple user interface with a plain white search bar. In the settings menu you’ll get only two options. One is to get the updates and updates preview and the second one is for the File Indexing option. 

It allows you to add the permissions for the files and folders extensions. Jarvis supports multiple extensions for different types of audio, video, images, and documents. However being built for the Windows 10 it doesn’t provide you with any customization themes. 

Even though Jarvis doesn’t have to offer much compare to our others Alfred App Alternatives for Windows it still does the job in a quite decent way and you can expect some developments from it in the future. 

Website / Download  –  Jarvis 

Final Words 

So that was our list for 5 Best Alfred App Alternatives for Windows. We’ve tried to keep the list small and give you some really effective alternatives that are already quite popular among the users. Whether or not you’re particularly looking for an Alfred alternative, these apps will definitely help you to carry out various tasks with ease. 

Make sure you choose the right option compatible with your device and get a trouble free experience. Let us know how your experience using these Alfred App Alternatives for Windows was and do tell us if we’ve missed any of the alternatives you think that should be there. 

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