5 Best Brain Training Apps For Android in 2022

There are many people who want their and as well their children to develop the brain and mind. These Brain Training Apps For Android are the best app that they use and try out. There is a premium app that provides more features than a simple one. These apps are motivates the children to play and grow their thinking minds.

These Brain Training Apps For Android are available in the play store to any person who is in need. They can download it and use the app as per their choices.

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Best Brain Training Apps For Android

NeuroNation – Brain Training

Brain Training Apps For  Android

This app helps to train a brain scientifically. It is a day-by-day training app. If any person is weak or not able to concentrate. They can give 15 minutes of training daily. It will disappear all the problems, which are faced by any individual. The community is more than 20 million members. This brain training app can help many it can install on mobile. 

There is research which proven that brain training can improve memory and increase your thinking and concentration. NeuroNation performs a comprehensive analysis of our strengths and potential and creates a personal training plan daily. This app provides 32 exercises and 300 levels to get training and motivation to balance the promotion of our brain.

This app provides many users the benefits to train of brains and developing their brains. This app provides a feature where any individual connects to their family or friends and checks their scores and compares them. Their day-to-day updates and publication help the users to understand the brain’s work. They provide customer support. The app is available in the Play store.


Elevate – Brain Training

Brain Training Apps For  Android

This app is a brain training app. It is designed to improve speaking abilities, memory skills and mental math, and many more. Each person is provided with a personalized learning program. Through this, they can learn and understand their issues. The more you learn through Elevate the more you will improve critical cognitive skills that have proven to boost productivity and self-confidence.

More than 90% reported which said that they were able to learn vocabulary, math skills, and overall mental sharpness when they frequently use Elevate to challenge their brain. In this app, there is no need profession or anything. Anyone can install and use it. This app is a 7-day free trial after that it starts asking for premium uses.

They give 40+ which improves cognitive skills and increase your focus, memory, and comprehension. It includes games and puzzles. It will lead to having time table and routine which make you progress in your day-to-day.

It is providing features of grammar and many more things that help in improving the quality of writing and understanding. This app helps boost the power of the brain. This app gives a subscription after 7-days which have to pay. 


Brain Wars

Brain Training Apps For  Android

This app is the world’s first real-time concentration brainstorming app.  Helps to increase the power of the brain and compete against the player around the world. This app provides puzzles, crosswords, sudoku, and another brain teaser. In Brain Wars the users have to compete with other users to climb up to the next step.

The user has to play a match so they can increase the level and help increase the brainpower through continuous challenges. Compete with worldwide challenges. Test your opponents and push your brain to its limit. Users can invite their friends and have a mind game battle.

Users can log in through Facebook and challenge other players. Users can have a mind game battle worldwide and have worldwide rank. This will sharpen the mind of the brain and grow in understanding. But it does not provide any individual languages.

This app is also connected to social media. Brain Wars is a mind concentration battle game. Players will connect. This app is not required any special knowledge, everyone can improve their brain function through repetition and adaption. This simple brain teaser can develop the growth of the brain. This app does not charge anything.


Brain Dots

Brain Training Apps For  Android

This app is downloaded by 40 million people. This app is full of ball things. There are two stages which are divided into two parts red and blue. In this app. The users have to draw a line through which the red and blue ball will bump. Every user has cleared the different stages. Through different mindsets, the stages have to clear. In this app, there are 25 varieties of pens of different colors and sizes.

In different stages, the pens have to collect. There is an option to share the victory on social media. The users can review the stages which they cleared previously on video or picture. Users can share it on SNS to show their superior skills to their friends. Seeing friends how they have cleared the stages which can be helpful as a hint. In this app, the brain ability will be tested.

In this app, the different games are there like Escape the room and many which help the brain to work. This helps the child to use their brain and develop a growth of mind. This will in the children’s intellectual growth and stopping from deterioration. This app is free of cost and helps in the growth of children. As well it’s available in different languages.


Memorado: Brain Games

This app is used by 10 million members worldwide. Which gives cognitive skills a boost. This provides 420 levels which makes a brain stronger which is 14 fun. There is unwinding with our all-new audio relaxation stories and exercises and daily tips.

Users can check their statistical progress. There are more than 100 pieces of audio that can calm the mind of the users and develop their brains. Their inner page is fascinating and attracts users. This app is the free cost for users. If any member wants to upgrade, they can do but it will be chargeable. This app helps in enhancing the brain’s mindset and understanding of thoughts.


These are the best Brain Training Apps For Android that you can use everyday and progress your critical thinking and aptitude.

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