5 Best Download Managers For Chrome And Firefox [2022]

As there is a lot of innovation happening around the world every day, it is important to investigate all those developments. The download manager is software that helps to prioritize downloads, their speed, pausing, and resuming downloads. This software may be built with a web browser or a standalone manager Today we will look into some of the most important and the best download managers for Chrome and Firefox.

Download managers have become important to download almost everything that we find of the internet. These managers help to download everything very quickly. It was very difficult to download a file from Chrome and Firefox before the invention of these download managers. So, after the innovation of these download managers, it became super easy and it’s like an antidote for all the users for effective download.

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Nowadays there are a lot of options available for downloading files. Before choosing a download manager we must consider some of the tips, the downloading manager should be easy to download and install. It should possess a simple user interface with comprehensive and smooth navigation. It should be advanced to download content from a multitude of content platforms online.

It should give you the permission to pause and resume the download whenever you need. Chrome’s download manager has not been updated and lacks several essential features like resuming broken downloads, scheduling, download acceleration, etc. so, for us, it is a great advantage that we have a lot of third-party apps foe easy download.

Until Chrome brings a downloader with all these features you can use many other extensions for download. There are two types of download managers for Chrome, the first is the standalone download manager that does not require you to download any complimentary app for download. The second one is the download manager that comes with a chrome extension to help in downloading files easily.   




Free Download Manager is a type of downloader for windows that employs a system to make the downloading super-fast. It increases the speed faster by splitting the files into small parts to make the download process easy, simple, and efficient.

One of the best features of Free Download Manager is it allows users to pause and resume their download conveniently. The most interesting point is its compatibility with torrent files. It is so easy to use and allows the user to choose the downloading speed. It is up to us to choose where the file must be stored depending on its extension.

This software is totally free, but it has many other features too, to have them then you must pay for it. It supports both HTTP, BitTorrent, or FTP protocol. The phenomenal bandwidth allocation feature makes it one of the best free download managers in recent memory. Some of the best features of this manager are its interface is modern and sleek. It supports torrent files. Free Download Manager is open-source and free.


Internet Download Manager


Internet Download Manager is the first download manager that started the practice of automatic identification and capture of videos from online sources. The tool automatically integrates with the Chrome browser, once you install the software on the device. Then you need to enable the IDM extension in your browser’s settings.

After enabling the IDM extension, the tools will automatically detect files and videos to download in your browser and will prompt you to resume the download process with just one click. Another way to download is to copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download into the download manager’s dashboard. It also allows you to pause and resume download.

Some of the special features of this software are that it can download multiple files at the same time. It has amplified download speeds. Supports proxy sites, FTP, HTTP protocols. IDM can accelerate downloads by up to 5 times due to its smart dynamic file segmentation technology. IDM integrates into Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle download.

IDM dark theme shows dark surfaces across the UI.  It can download all required files that are specified with filters from websites. IDM provides different skins for toolbar and different button styles. All skins can be downloaded from the IDM home site. It can identify files to download online and help to download them at incredible speeds.    


Ninja Download Manager


The best thing about Ninja Download Manager is it can download multiple files simultaneously. It can break files into smaller parts to make the downloading faster and easier. The file can be previewed while it is downloading. To delight the users, it has additional features like scheduling downloads, resumes and pausing of downloads and much more.

It has a modern as well as a sleek user interface. It is an intuitive tool that offers great looking download manager with many advanced features to make downloading fast and convenient and fast. It has both free and paid versions. Files that are to be downloaded can be added to your downloading list and can be downloaded later. Its speed will increase up to 20 times when multiple files are downloading simultaneously.

In order to download a file just copy the link and paste it in NDM and the file will be downloaded automatically. Downloads can be scheduled according to the data plan. You can set download limits and schedule downloads. Number of downloads and connections per download can be controlled. 




JDownloader is one of java- based download managers for chrome and firefox . This JDownloader integrates with the browser. The extension offers two operation modes, one is by sending downloading jobs from the right-click menu, and the second is by interrupting the built-in download manager and redirects requests to the JDownloader. This is open-source, free to use, it doesn’t have ads to hinder the experience.

These types of tools are very rare to find. To make JDownloader richer in its features. Files can be downloaded from all platforms so easily. Bandwidth limitations to customize downloading can also be done. The most appealing thing is the plug-ins that help to upgrade your experience. There are more than 300 different plug-ins. This download manager is one of the best download managers for chrome and firefox.


Internet Downloader Accelerator

IDA is one of the best managers because of one important reason, it can resume broken downloads. If a large is broken while downloading, then it can be extremely irritating. This downloader helps to fix the issue of broken files by some process.

This tool can easily integrate with your browser and increase or amplify downloading speed. It can integrate with multiple browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Netscape, etc. can easily make room for this software. Internet Download Accelerator blends with almost all kinds of browsers.


These are some of the best download managers for Chrome and Firefox that can be used easily for downloading files.  

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