5 Best Free Email Service Providers in 2022

We’ve all had the experience of getting trapped with bare-bones email service providers that are either too expensive, not intuitive to use, or both. But just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean you should have to settle for subpar service.

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That’s why we’ve rounded up the 5 best free email service providers in 2022! Keep reading to find out which providers are our favorites and why we love them so much:

Best Free Email Service Providers


Gmail is a mail by google which is free of cost and it provides 15 GB of storage. It allows you to send and receive emails. It provides settings and security to users which not create disturbance in the privacy of users. It is one of the best mail providers in the world.

They never compromise with the quality of service and security. Google mail is the one that most users feel to carry forward. Even in the colleges, they provide individual mail accounts which they bought from google. They provide apps and websites. In the period of covid, they provide google meet for the institution and meeting.

Google meet is free of cost which was used by everyone. Even those who start their firm and cannot afford paid mail. They use Google mail. Gmail provides google photos and googles docs which have every document and save every folder of the computer but they ask for approval by the user side. Google mail provide good feature as we like and have ours like pictured in the mail wallpaper with good settings provided by Google.



Yahoo mail is one of the oldest mail services providers which has the same features as Gmail. This mail service has is used by users but mostly by the corporate sector because this mail service is basically for the commercial because it provides 1TB of storage and it gives competition to the other service who are in the game of the mail service provider.

It provides various good templates which can be customized. It’s providing the best feature to search previous mail forex: keyword, date, or contact. Nowadays they provide the best feature to the user. They can send GIFs and mail as we did in the ’90s in a more animated way which can attract the users by this feature.

Yahoo mail provides an app to users which is available in the apple store and play store. In the mail, we can customize our mail. With automatization, spam messages either go into thrash or spam. Yahoo Mail is the one that 90s kids used on their time. Yahoo provides various user names as per the country like Yahoo. uk, Yahoo.us. Yahoo.co.in. They provide service in each country. They provide the best quality but they have been in the news for phishing attacks and many details have been shared. 



Outlook is a browser-based email service provider. It is included in exchange server, exchange online, and office365. This service provides help productivity and connects yourself at home and on the go. It offered grade security to the enterprise.

This email service provider built-in calendar that enables the meeting and enables to update about their work and meeting as per the schedule. Like, google save the contact the same way outlook saves the contact and which can help for the latter. Outlook provides a good email service but they give very limited storage. It gives an easy way to find people and messages and documents in email.

There are two types of outlook services first one is the normal and the second one is charged-based services. Most people used this for chatting and sending mail and in windows, they provide an outlook to registered their mail or log in.

This service which not need to login into the browser. Users can send the mail directly through Outlook. This service provides auto-correction of spelling and auto-detection of the sentences. This service help to login into the computer. Microsoft provides security for windows though Outlook service provides login security to windows. 



If anyone has not heard about the Proton Mail just because it is not as popular as other email services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. If you are looking for privacy and you care about security then Proton Mail is the best email service, provider. All emails are encrypted from one end to another. Third parties can not access the mail.

There is no need to create an account with identifiable information. Users can create an anonymous account. There are two types of services is available to the users first one is without any charges ad the second one is paid subscription.

As the market is covered by the topmost email service provider. Somewhere people like the service of this provider but you can not port to the other email service. They are the best email providers who provide good security for the users. They cost 5$ per month for the paid service. These are the only demerits in this email service.



Zoho is cloud-first productivity that makes a slew of apps and services for users and company users. There is no surprise that this company is competing heavily in email. Zoho mail comes with good templates and there is a lot of colorful design.

Which makes it easy to switch between users’ mail and to the other app like user calendar, task, and contracts which are very similar to the other topmost email service provider. It will compile all the emails in one place and if any users want as per the folder, Zoho will provide it.

There are so many features in it and it’s free of cost. Most of the users may want to see somewhere else. But Zoho provides the best services in they can have their URL and any user can opt free without any charges. Even users can have paid service of Email which more options in their mail service.

Zoho has good security and privacy which even Microsoft or other email services providers can not give. Zoho provides a service of a business which at 1$ per user per month give 5GB of storage and 25 MB of attaching in the mail. It can give more storage if the Zoho mail is upgraded by the user means Zoho Mail premium which has 30 GB of storage and 40 MB for email Attachments per user but it would be nice if consume get that in lite version.



There are a few other email service providers other than Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Proton Mail but for some reason or other these email service providers have not been able to compete with the others. Of course, there are some features that make one provider or the other better over others.

So if you ask which is the best service to use then the answer depends on your needs particularly, so kindly go through all these services and decide by yourself.

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