5 Best Instagram Apps for iPad of 2021

In This Socialising Era, we all love to spend most of our Time on Social Media Platforms that Connect us with our Friends and Family Members Who live Miles Apart From us. After Facebook, the most loved App by People is No Doubt Everyone’s Favourite Instagram. In this article, we have discussed the 5 Best Instagram Apps for iPad of 2021.

Instagram Offers Bunches of Features To users like instant Messaging with Our Friends, Sharing Stories for 24 Hours and can Post Our Pictures, Videos and also, we can Add Music to Stories we Share on Instagram. 

Instagram Is A Platform that Offers Platero of Filters and effects that we can Apply to our Photo, Story, and Edit it, also Connects People with Their Favourite Celebrities, Content Creators, and Bloggers of Different Genres and So Users can easily Follow out their work.


We can Share posts and Memes with our Friends and Followers. Instagram Is an App that is Freely Available for all Users of Android, IOS, and Windows but there is no Perfect Version of the Instagram App is Available to iPad Users.

iPad Users can Enjoy the Feel of Instagram not with the Official App but with its Substitute Instagram Apps for IPad. They will be Enjoy Only Some of the Features Offered by these Substitute Instagram Apps for android. So, the 5 Best Instagram Apps For iPad Users are – 

Best Instagram Apps for iPad

Flow for Instagram

Instagram Apps for iPad

flow is an Instagram app for iPad users which is very Much Similar to the Official version of Instagram offered to iPhone Users. Some of the features of Flow are free if you want to enjoy more features then you need to pay for that and it will cost you around $ 2.99 and then you will be able to use Functions like multiple Accounts, dark Theme Mode and Photos and Videos are Easily Downloadable and then we can view it in Gallery and user can Also Extended Feeds.

It offers iPad users a Smooth Browsing Experience, we can Scroll, Tap, Swipe, Easily Comment on the Post also we can share posts to Twitter and Facebook accounts. On the Left-Hand Side of the app, you will See many Tabs Like view your Profile, Favourites that we have Saved, Bookmarks also Search and Discover New Post and Feeds. So, No Doubt we Can Say that It is the best App to Experience Instagram on iPad.


Insta Pad

Instagram Apps for iPad

Insta Pad is Also an App For iPad Users that will help them in Enjoying Instagram. The Users can Easily Search for Their Friends and Favourite Celebrities and bloggers and Connect with them in A Single Click. iPad Users can Easily like Share, Comments on the Post of their Friends and Followers.

We can easily Scroll Down the Posts and Feeds of Food, Travelling, Fashion and other Categories Share them with Friends. The User has To Pay Around $ 2.99 to Enjoy the Pro Version. 

Overall, Insta Pad is a Good app but the user can easily Get Annoyed with its Ads Policy as it Shows Lot of Advertising That will Hamper Your Smooth Browsing Experience. This App Offers Viewing Of photos and videos in Grid Form with a Full-Size Viewing Option.

When the User Purchases the Pro Version, they Enjoys Features Like Geographical Location of Maps, and all the Posts and Videos are Available in retina Mode, full-Screen View of Posts and Videos and in this Version, User Enjoy the No Ads Policy and can Easily Tag and Search their Friends.


Retro for Instagram

Instagram Apps for iPad

Just like the Flow app iPad users can Use the Retro App to Experience Instagram. The retro app was Developed by Tiny Whale in Singapore. It offers a full Instagram Experience to the users with no Ads Policy so they Smoothly Enjoy the Browsing.

Just like Flow and Insta Pad it will Also Cost us Around $2.99 to Purchase the Pro Subscription but then the users will be Able to Enjoy Many Features like Extended Feeds, Multiple Account Switching, and photos and videos are Easily downloadable in Gallery. 

The user Enjoy this App in Both Portrait and Landscape mode with Many Other Features like Dark themes, tagging, and Searching for Friends and Followers, we can Edit our Profile and add Bookmarks and Favourite so that we can watch it Later and get Instant Notifications for Updates.



Instagram Apps for iPad

This app is Also Very Much Popular Among iPad Users to Experience Instagram. Pinstagram Allows the Users to Experience the Browsing of Photos and Videos in a Retina Mode. Pinstagram is very Much Similar to Pinterest App and operates Exactly like Pinterest.

This App Offers Viewing of Photos and Videos in Pinterest Style. We Can Easily Pinned our Favourite Videos and Photos on Pinterest Wall so that we can Watch it out Later or Whenever we Want. The user can Explore Posts of various Categories like Fashion, Beauty, Food, and many more and can Easily Pin it to Watch it out Later.


Pad Gram

Instagram Apps for iPad

Pad Gram is the most popular Instagram apps for iPad Users to experience Instagram. Pad gram Allows the Users to View Photos and Videos in Portrait and Landscape Mode we can Also Switch mode into Dark Theme Mode.

The posts, Photos, and Videos Are Easily Shareable on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and other Apps. When the User Click on the Thumbnail Tab Then the Photos will be Visible on Full-Size mode with total Likes and Comments and Description. 

Photos, Post and Videos are Visible on Grid Mode, mostly its Feature is Free but if User Want the Pro Version then It will cost around $ 2.99 but it will be Valid For only 6 to 12 Months. Pad Gram has No Ads Policy it Means that It will Show Many Advertisements at the Time of Browsing Photos and Posts.

It Allows the Use Tags and instant Messaging with friends Sharing Posts with Them, also they can Switch to Multiple Accounts, Download the photos and videos and save them in Gallery.



So there I am Sharing my List of 5 Best Instagram Apps for iPad users. As Instagram Has no official App for iPad users so they Enjoy Instagram on their Device with The Substitute Apps which give them the Vibe of Instagram.

These Apps offer the Users an Amazing Experience by Offering Platero of Features from Instant Messaging to Sharing Post with Friends with No Ads Policy Users Can Enjoy the Browsing in Dark Theme, Landscape, and Portrait Mode Whichever He Want.

So, in my Compilation of List, I have Included almost the best 5 Instagram Apps From flow, Retro to Insta Pad for iPad Users but if you know about the Instagram Apps for iPad users then do tell us in Comments. 

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