5 Best IR Blaster (TV Remote) Android Apps in 2022

Saving up for a new TV is an amazing idea, especially if you have a new Smart TV that has all these cool apps to view. You might be thinking about the awesome feeling of finally getting your hands on one, where this is your first time doing so.

Your excitement might not know no bounds when you will go out to buy that remote control because it’s been bothering you for days. This scenario is usually met with dismay when we discover there are no remotes in sight, and then we think back to how we could just use our phone as one instead!

There are multiple IR blaster android apps released by different developers, but not all of them work the same way or at the quality they should.

universal TV remote:

this app can control TVs, cable boxes, and other appliances. The app supports popular TV manufacturers, including Samsung, Sanyo, Toshiba, LG, Panasonic, etc. This is one of the leading TV remote control apps available for Android smartphones. It provides some other features like voice search, power control, and more.

The Smart TV and device settings required are to connect your smartphone as well as Smart TV. It should connect to the W-iF network. For IR TVs, smartphones should have an inbuilt infrared (IR) feature for the app to work as a remote control. Through this feature, the app gives the mobile the power to run remotely.

It gives a signal to the device or Smart TV. The smart TV functionalist is voice search, smart sharing, and casting. This app gives full control, just like the original remote. But for the IR blaster, the smart TV should have a WIFI option so it connects afterward. This app has a higher number of downloads.

Mi Remote controller:

This app is included with the Xiaomi or Mi smartphone. This app does not allow you to control your television, but it does include other features such as a step-up box, air conditioners, bright boxes, and projectors. The MI Remote controller supports brands like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Haier, Micromax, etc. It supports every electric appliance. Whenever you cannot find the remote, the user can use the Mi remote.

And it supports every brand and is even pre-installed on the Mi phones. There is an option to set the favourites. Most of the Mi phones come with the IR blaster, and it provides a 10 metre radius. The AC connects with the setting and then does not require anything. Every device in the Mi range can be controlled by the Mi blaster control, but it should be connected through the same wifi. It supports HTC, Samsung, Mi, and many other brands.

This app was created by Xiaomi for the IR blaster remote, which helps connect the devices. This app is ad-free. There will be no questions, or advertisements or ad breaks. If this app is available on your mobile or tablet, by using this app you can turn your devices into one and control them at anytime without the need for a remote.

even if the battery is dead and there is no extra battery through this app. The app is well organised and the user interface is easy to setup and use. This app is compatible with all supported mobile devices, but it works best with Mi. If there is a Mi Box and a TV, they will connect very easily. The Mi blaster remote puts everything at the tip of your fingers.


Smart Home and TV Universal Remote: This app connects to both WiFi and infrared.It’s the same as other remote apps. Sure-smart home and TV universal remote can control smart TV, regular TV, media streamers, intelligent lights, air conditioners, etc.

This app allows you to stream photos and videos from your smartphone to a smart TV via WIFI or DLAN.It includes voice command support and the ability to copy files from the shared folder. It supports mobile networks and vice versa. Sure, Universal is a world-leading, award-winning universal remote control app.

This app is for smart TVs and devices. This app has to share the features of music, videos, and photos for smart TV and some other media devices. Very few smart TVs and smartphones have an IR blaster. But it can only connect through Wi-Fi. This app has the function of controlling all your smart home appliances.
It’s true and all in one home IoT solution. The soul of the IoT Sure is the app that provides every solution for users.

Castreal Remote Control:

This is another great app that has provided an IR blaster and turned smartphones into universal remote controls. This app has all the controls you need, like television, media player, air conditioner, projector, home control, cameras, and many more.

To use this app, the mobile should have an IR blaster because without that, the app will not work. This app turns the smartphone into a universal remote controller for various devices, like smart TVs and many other devices. Many users have found this app very useful for getting back to their old devices. Casteel Universal Remote Control is a new app, but it comes with thousands of IR remote controls.

But some of the services offered to the users are not free, like Ac and many more. For Ac, there is a subscription which you have to buy. There are some which are required to be done, otherwise this app will not work correctly. First, you have to choose the model and match it to the device.

If it matches, then the user can add it to their favourite list. Whenever the user wants to use it, they can open it with one touch. The remote database that comes with this app contains IR codes for many famous TVs and air conditioners. As per the requirement, it is set remote as per the required feature.

ASmart Remote IR:

This app is an intelligent IR universal remote-control app for Android smartphones. If users want to try some apps and want an intelligent remote IR, then they should use this app.
It is the same IR remote apps that give a smart remote a smart remote.

It is used to control TVs, air conditioners, DSLRs, media players, projectors, etc. This app supports every famous brand and model.

A smart IR universal remote control for Android. It is installed on every IR Blaster smartphone. But there are some system requirements for this app. Otherwise, it will not work correctly. This IR blaster exists in-app and comes pre-installed in many built-in apps.

This app is updated every day so the app can enhance its features and provide the best experience for the users. The users just have to install some settings to get started. It will be ready to use. This remote is only available for the IR blaster remote.

Conclusion :

We have seen some of the best IR remote apps and their features. Even though there are many smart TV remotes available in the market, but these apps can help you connect your devices. All you have to do is download them from the Play Store and install them on your phone or tablet. This app will automatically be installed on all the required devices. You can use these apps with your smart TV as well as smartphone. It will give a great user experience.

You can use this app not only for controlling your TV, but also for controlling other devices such as air conditioners, projectors, home lights, etc.

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