5 Best Periscope Alternatives For Android

Connecting is one of the things that people have started doing less. Let the reason be either their introverted self wanting to get away from the world or just simply a choice of wanting to enjoy their alone time. Not going to lie, being by yourselves is addicting but completely isolating just for fun doesn’t make sense as well.

Where technology advances every other day, newer things come up on the surface. An easy way out to socialize and connect from the comfort of your own space are the social apps which introduce you to hundreds of features altogether.

Periscope, a live video streaming platform introduced by twitter for engaging had begun in 2015, unfortunately it has been shut down now. Does that mean that the engaging while doing various activities or just presenting yourself on a live stream stops? No it absolutely doesn’t when we provide you with the top alternatives for it.

So that, the fun never stops as you keep on presenting whatever you feel like straight in that moment. Here are the Five Best Periscope Alternatives for Android : 


Periscope Alternatives For Android

One of most common social media apps to be found on internet but if it serves the purpose then does it even matter? A platform for exploring your social community and making connections with beings within the globe. It’s acquired by Meta, having a downloading size of around 147 MB.

It allows you share yourself to the world in the form of videos, photos, and live. Where the captured moments help you engage resulting in likes, comments and shares; live feature does the same. Only difference being, that while other are just momentary the live lets you engage right in that ongoing particular moment. 

Hundreds of fun filters to choose from, enjoy the joining of other people on your live with you and maximize the fun for yourself as well as the viewers, no matter where you all are present. Send those colorful hearts as those conversations move forward one by one.

Watch the live, stories, posts of your favourite artists, influencers, family and friends, etc. Discuss them all in your private message boxes or the group chats made for nonstop fun as you keep on being a part of different communities while coming across various businesses, accounts and what not.


Periscope Alternatives For Android

It is a live game streaming and multiplayer gaming Esports platform that let’s you enjoy any IRL broadcast on your Android Device. It’s an entertainment app provided by Twitch Interactive, Inc. with a downloading size of 41.50 MB. 

Watch gamers play with multiple games like fortnite, valorant, apex and many more. Games aren’t your thing? Live stream any IRL content you can think of, whether it be the art demos or cute animal videos. Don’t forget to connect and live chat during any broadcast, game, Esports. Hop in on those live discussions around your favourite sports, listen to podcasts or check out music concerts as you switch to Dark Mode for those late night viewing sessions.

You can be a part of various communities of your interests out there within the boundaries of the app, along with that join a world of millions of hardcore and casual gamers along with the general people. Take your passion to the next level with Twitch and show everybody what you got with this platform!

CameraFi Live

Periscope Alternatives For Android

CameraFi Live is an Android app for live streaming that can help streamers to broadcast high-quality videos easily with their mobile. It supports diverse camera connection and real time video editing features. It is presented by Vault Micro, Inc. with a downloading size of 37 MB. 

The android version it is compatible with is version 5.0 and above. The video size of it varies from platforms and smartphone models. Streaming servers are the ones like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Restream can be used for when a user wants to multistream. 

Coming down to the features, a choice can be made between Camera and Screen modes to either broadcast your camera shooting or smartphone screen. A higher quality of video can be streamed through clear shooting and zoom function using USB cameras with high performance. Texts, Images, Videos and audio files can be easily added while live-streaming which adds onto the fun with the text that can be written as an overlay.

Other helpful overlays given are of chat and web browser. Make a good use of the eye-catching video filters as you apply those diverse cool motion effects. The audio mixer lets you use free copyright music to make the live interesting without worrying about a strike. After an amazing live stream, save the video to revisit the memories whenever you want to. 

PRISM Live Studio

Periscope Alternatives For Android

PRISM Live Studio helps you shoot and edit your colorful live broadcasts, videos and photos using the in-built effects. A High quality live streaming app brought to you by NAVER corp. with a downloading size of 32 MB.

It allows you to select your preferred shooting mode for the spontaneous live or filming a unique recorded video. A single login can be linked easily to the other existing servers so the fuss isn’t too much and you’re able to have fun freely. Chat with the viewers in real time using the PRISM chat widget to create a special live together with your viewers and use the media overlay, the web widget to either show the media you. 

Add that available for free music depending on your mood to make the experience more interesting while you keep on interacting. All of the features of PRISM are free to use, so don’t forget to make the most out of it and share the URL of your live to let everybody else join in on the fun!


Periscope Alternatives For Android

Streamlabs is one of the best free video live streaming app for creators. Stream your gameplays of mobile games and stream your screen or broadcast your camera to the social platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and many more!

Unlike other apps, this links to your existing channels so you can go live and chat with the fans whenever you choose to. Whether you’re a musician, travel blogger or just for chatting, swap between your front and rear camera as you give that high quality video to your viewers. Personalize your stream, pick the required widgets, customize legitimately everything and protect your stream if anything goes off track. From top to bottom this platform really has it all.

Similar features as the Desktop version of Streamlabs are packed on your mobile device, use them freely as per your wants and wishes. Take your stream to another level with Streamlabs Prime and unlock exclusive features like multistream and professional mobile themes.

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