5 Best Photo Filter Apps Help in Photo Editing

Taking pictures whenever you want has become very easy, thanks to the modern smartphone cameras. Now mobile phone cameras are no doubt helpful in creating new pictures. Still, an important fact you should know is that the quality of the pictures taken with mobiles cannot be compared with that of professional DSLRs. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot enhance the quality and the overall outlook of the pictures you have on your phone. Today you have digital photo editing applications which can help you enhance the quality of your photos.

Top Five Photo Editing Applications?

There are hundreds of photo editor apps you can find on the web, but we have only listed the top-rated ones here in this post. 

Filters Camera App and Effects

You can take your photography skills to the next level if you download this app on your mobile. This camera filters and effects app is free and very easy to use, so it is popular across the globe. If you don’t have much experience in photography, then this app will be your perfect partner. With the app, you can take new pictures after setting your favourite filters and effects or edit the images already stored in your local gallery. Some of this app’s famous camera effects include a darkroom, old retro, Polaroid cam, Glitch, cinematic, Hipstamatic, vintage, and light leak. You can also use the vintage black and white filters with this app. Here, you should know that the Lomography category comes with fabulous and unique effects like stars, clouds, fire, texture, love, and even smoke. You can beautify your pictures professionally with the help of this app.


This is another top-rated photo filter and photo editing application you should have on your mobile. This photo editor application is also free and very easy to use. You can use it on your mobile like an expert even if you have no experience. There are many filters, editing options, and creative controls that you can enjoy with this app. The image editing tools are quite versatile and considered best for manipulating all kinds of images. The best thing that we like about this app is not its editing tools but the digital in-app tutorials that you can watch and learn how to edit images the right way. You can create award-winning photographs once you get the hang of PicsArt.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

This is another popular option that you can find on your device’s application store. Here you should know that Photoshop is famous because it uses AI and other advanced algorithms for editing images and other visual content. Now you should know that in the Photoshop camera, you will find filters known as lenses. These lenses can be adjusted according to your preferences and editing choice. Adding these filters and special effects to your images can help you enhance the colours and lighting of the image. If you want to provide clarity to the images, you should try the editing options of this application—use the Camera filters and effects by Adobe on both android and iOS devices without any cost. The app is free and has no premium version.

Google photos

Google photos is the app you probably would already have on your mobile. Google photos are used to store and backup visual data on your mobile so that you can recover or delete it permanently in case your phone gets lost. Here, you should know that Google Photos helps you save images and edit them. The editing features of Google photos are quite simple yet interesting. You can easily change the colours, contrast, brightness, and background of the image. Moreover, the fun side of this app is that it also provides you with funky filters and stickers, which can add to the beauty of the images you have in your gallery. Note that you can edit old images stored in your gallery with this app and take new images. 

After light 

After light is another application for individuals interested in photo editing, you cannot find camera filters and effects on this app. Still, you can also find some tools that can help you set the colour, composition, exposure, and structure of the image. The tools are very easy to use, so you have to add professional editing skills. The interface of this app is quite simple, but it provides one of the most professional results. This application exists in both free and paid versions, so it is best for both newbie and professional users!

These are the top camera filters and effects apps that you should have on your mobile if you want to enhance the quality of images that you have taken with your phone’s camera. You can try all these apps for free..

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