5 Best Reverse Image Search Engines, Apps and Uses (2022)

Today in this article we will be talking about the Best Reverse Image Search Engines, Apps and Uses

We have a list of one the Best Reverse Images Search Apps and Engines. If you don’t know what reverse image search is then let me tell you about it. Reverse Image Search is similar to the normal search engines but the only difference is that in this you can search what you want with the images rather than text. 

For example you come across a wonderful image of let’s say a car and you don’t have any knowledge in that matter. To know more about it you can click the photo of the car and you search it on the reverse search engines. 

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These reverse image search engines will track down all the traces of this car image and give you all the available details about it. I’m pretty sure that example will give you a clear idea of what it is. To get a better understanding of this subject let’s start with our list of Best Reverse Image Search Engines, Apps and Uses. 

Along with Reverse image search Engines and Apps we’ve mentioned uses so you’ll know about all the things it can do that will help you in your day to day life. Let’s start. 

Best Reverse Image Search Engines

Reverse Image Search Engines

TinEye is one of the most popular reverse image search engines. It claims to be the world’s fastest and most accurate image recognition APIs. You can upload images from the gallery or click directly from the camera. 

Other than that you can post the URL of the images and let it do its job. The website works well on mobile too. After it reverse searches the image you can sort it to find the best match. The filter options available are best matched, most changed, biggest image, newest and oldest.

The results can also be filtered by the website. TinEye supports images up to 20 mb and supports PNG, JPEG and GIF images format. If you use it frequently it can be added to a chrome extension on the browser. Check out the website for more details. TinEyes has a free and paid version that will give you access to more features and number of searches. 

Website – TinEye 


Reverse Image Search Engines

Yandex is a popular Russian search engine which also supports the reverse search of images. It has a similar feature and interface like Google. To search the image click on the camera icon on the side of the search bar then click image, post URL, browse or upload the image from the gallery. 

Yandex will give you information about the image that includes its size and text in it. You can translate texts, see the similar images and any sites related to the image. To focus on the particular part of the image the crop option is available. Your search results can also be shared on social media, email, or text. The website is completely free and works smoothly. 

Website – Yandex

Reverse Image Search Engines

Talking about the reverse image search engines and leaving Google out of the list is impossible. It was introduced in 2011. Knowing that Google has one of the largest databases of images doing the reverse search is an easy job.

You can search for any images by text typing, pasting the URL or directly dragging the image on. Google then will analyze the image completely with its algorithm and give you results. Good thing is that it has no limit to searching the image. 

If you are using Google Chrome then it becomes easier to just click on the camera icon on the right corner of the search bar then click or select images on the device. GoogGo. Image is the most simple and convenient option to do the reverse search. 

Website – Google Image Search

Bing Image Match

Reverse Image Search Engines

Another famous search engine is Bing. It also has launched its own reverse Image Search engine tool called ‘Bing Image Match’. For searching you can upload images from the gallery or click the photo instantly and then search. 

It works the same as all the above-mentioned Reverse image search engines. It does all the basic work fine, good to use when you are looking for a particular product. 

Website – Bing Image Match 

Reverse Image Search Engines

Last on the list is Reverse Image Search. As the name says it does the work of reverse searching of images. For searching purposes you can upload the images from gallery, iCloud, dropbox , Google drive or take a new picture instantly with your phone’s camera. 

Upload the image and it will instantly show you the results of similar images around the web. It gives your images to Google images and lets it do the rest of the job. It’s a nice website to do basic reverse searching works decently but for that you’ll have to bear with the ads. 

Website – Reverse Image Search 

Best Reverse Image Search Apps 

Cam find 

CamFind is a free to use app for reverse search of images. It is the first successful mobile visual search engine. For searching just open the camera, click the photo and boom you’ll get your results in no time. It shows you related and similar Images and Videos from the internet. 

It’s also convenient for online shopping and price comparison. You can get visual reminders and even share your reverse search results with others. Instantly share it Twitter, Facebook, Email, and Text.

The image can be uploaded from the gallery too. Scanning QR barcode is also possible. It can do voice, text search, language translation and much more. It can do everything you can expect from a basic reverse search app. 

Download – Android / iOS 

Google Lens 

Whenever we think about a search engine Google comes to mind. So in the case of a reverse search image, how can it be left behind? 

Google Lens is an app that will help you to track the image easily. Whether it’s in your gallery or you’ve to click the photo, both can be done in no time. Here are some things that it can do: scan codes, explore places around you, identify animals & plants, scan & translate text. 

Other than that it also provides you buying links of the products too.  For Android users you can download it from the Google Play Store, but for the iOS users to use the Google Lens you’ve to download the Google photos and easily get access to the lens feature. 

Download – Android / iOS 

Photo Sherlock 

Photo Sherlock the name surely fits well to the reverse searching job of the app. It is a very simple app with a straightforward interface. With Photo Sherlock you can easily search by choosing an image from the camera roll or directly clicking the photo. 

To focus on a particular object the option to crop or rotate a photo before searching is available. It provides fast results by reducing the size of the images. With its built-in browser you can conveniently navigate. It has a pro version which is ad free and allows to open search direct links in external browsers. 

Download – Android / iOS 


Another app on the list is Veracity. It has a great intuitive interface and makes the image searching process real fast. It is the best app to identify fake images on social media. Like other apps you can select the photo from the camera roll or photo library but it has an additional option to link it with your dropbox (the file sharing service) account.

It even has an option to edit images but you’ve to pay to use it. However it is only for the iOS users and you can’t share your results directly on social media. 

Download – iOS 

Reverse Image Search App 

Other than all the mentioned apps, Reverse Image Search Apps results are far more accurate one. Because it uses Yandex, Google Images, and Bing Image to search images. This app is said to be the perfect alternative to Google Lens especially for the iOS users. With its stylish user interface you can search images which are saved in your device.

It doesn’t support clicking the photos directly. This app is only available for iOS. It’s free to download but has a premium subscription too. And for android there is a different app sharing similar features you can give a try to that one. Both of their links are mentioned below. 

Download – iOS / Android 

Reverse Image Search Uses

Now that we’ve discussed what are the best reverse images search engines and apps. Let’s talk about what are the uses of these apps and engines and how their use can benefit you. 

Find Similar Images 

Primarily reverse image search is used for finding the same types of images. You might have a picture in your phone and want more pics like that one but you don’t have any idea how to find them. 

That’s where reverse search comes in hand. If you are a blogger, or writing an article and want some images then you can use this function to find similar images according to your need. 

Get Knowledge of Unknown Things & Shopping Purposes 

Another use is that it is helpful to do shopping. Just click the photo of the product and search it. The apps and engine will give you detailed information about it. 

The product can be anything like a gadget, clothes, jewelries, toys, etc. It even can be used for finding your favorite recipes.

To Get Rid of False Rumors 

One of the main uses is to get rid of false rumors. If you use social media regularly then you must have seen some posts spreading false information that can disturb you. To get know whether the information is true or not reverse search and get clarity in the matter. 

Final Words

That’s all with the article Best Reverse Image Search Engines, Apps and Uses. We’ve discussed everything related to this subject and if there is anything we’ve missed so far let us know. 

Both the Search Engines and Apps are great to use. Choose and use as per your convenience. All of them work great and will at least get you  basic job done. We hope this article will answer all your queries in this subject. Thanks for reading. 

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