5 Best SHAREit Alternatives for Windows 10 & 11 PC in 2022

SHAREit is a cost-free and effective transfer tool for sharing of data from one PC to another. Any user can easily download and use SHAREit as it is compatible with most of the operating systems (Windows, Android, and iOS).

The software is a fantastic choice to rely on the basic and default options, but if you want additional options other than sharing the files, then you’ve to explore for SHAREit Alternatives for Windows 10 & 11 PC.


Recently, it has been part of controversies around user privacy. If you don’t know, The Indian Government has but a ban on the SHAREit app because of its Chinese connections.

Although, you can use SHAREit on PC, but you can’t transfer files between PC and Android devices. SHAREit mobile app and desktop client have started to push annoying ads before its ban. You can have a look for SHAREit alternatives, as the app has been banned in India.

There are plenty of SHAREit alternatives for Windows PC, to transfer files between supported devices. We have considered your problems, and for your convenience, we have come across the best alternatives that can be used for various other purposes other than sharing the files. So, let’s take a look at the software list and their services.

List of 5 best SHAREit alternatives for Windows 10 & 11 PC in 2022


SHAREit Alternatives for Windows 10

Xender is one of the most frequently used SHAREit Alternatives for Windows 10 & 11 . Xender is compatible with most mobile and PC versions, hence it doesn’t require much from your PC.

Xender relies on web app to share images, videos, audios, and documents as it is not having a standalone app for PC.

It can be accessed via Chrome extension or Xender web page. The best part is that the software runs extremely fast, and in no time, files are shared.

Xender is released in 2015, and since then, users are getting better experience as the software has been updated regularly. There is no limit to share. It supports transfer over cross-platforms too.



SHAREit Alternatives for Windows 10

As the name implies, this is a very fast program when it comes to sharing files. Its fast nature has enabled it to gain the second place in our SHAREit like applications list for PC.

The software runs very smoothly, and you can connect the devices easily using QR codes or NFC, unlike other applications where you need to pair devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi direct.

The best part of this SHAREit alternative is the fact that you do not need to download the software. If you want to transfer the files, you can continue with the Web-Interface and free up space on your computer. It keeps track of every transfer and you can check them all in the history. In addition, it supports all file formats including APKs, audio, video, images and documents.

In no time, you can transfer files quickly with Superbeam effortlessly, irrespective of the file size. The software is available for all versions of Android and Windows. It also contains Light, dark, AMOLED color themes, you can set them as per your comfort.

Superbeam automatically adds unique numbers to duplicate file names. In the free version, you have to encounter a lot of ads which can be irritating.



SHAREit Alternatives for Windows 10

Zapya is another app in the list that functions similar to SHAREit. If you have bulk file transfers, you must try Zapya. It might not be famous like other apps, but it can share large files like audios, videos, apps, and photos quickly.

Irrespective of the file size, you can share it with any device as it is designed for cross-platform sharing, that is, you can share the files between Android to Android, Windows to Android, etc. Zapya is compatible with most of the PC and mobile versions.

To connect with other devices, app requires shaking gestures and then you can share the files, in mobile phones. File transferring involves two simple steps to process. The sharing speed is 128 times better than Bluetooth.


Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere

One of the best choices of SHAREit alternatives is Send Anywhere. The software is in great rival since it is the most popular software for sharing files and folders effortlessly. Send Anywhere allows you to easily share all major files such as images, documents, music, videos and more. Compared to the other file sharing software, it comes with a feature that you can secure all your files with a passcode.

The files can only be opened when you enter the correct passcode, which means nobody other than the sender and the receiver is able to open the files. The software contains built-in audio and video player for previewing the files before sharing them. It also offers a shareable link which is valid for 48 hours. The software asks for many permissions which is irritating.


File by Google (Mobile)

File by Google (Mobile)

Google is the most trusted and well-known name in the field of software and applications for both mobile and PC. In our list of alternatives of SHAREit for PC, we have got the entry of Google. The Google File is brilliant software that one can use for sharing and receiving the files.

With the application, you can easily share files across various domains like music, videos, documents, and applications.

To share the files, you don’t need to have an active internet connection, it can work perfectly without the internet. The best appealing aspect of File by Google for Windows is that it is free from ads and other interruptions. It stores all your files and folders in a specific organized way so that you can easily discover them when needed.

You can search your files through categories and filters. The program works effortlessly without the internet. It has a fast-transferring speed of up to 480 Mbps. All the files shared are secured with WPA2 encryption, giving a more secure transfer of files. You can back up the files on the cloud or on an SD card. While transferring the file, you get the estimate, time, and remaining size of the file.



Now, if you’ve looked over the list of best SHAREit alternatives for PC, it will be easy to determine the most suitable alternative and use it for sharing all your files within minutes. Every software on our list has a different set of features and options that could appeal to you.

The final software on our list is accessible only on mobile devices, but it is likely to come out on PCs, soon in the future. I hope this article has helped you!

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