5 Best Snapchat Alternative Apps of 2022

In this article, we have discussed the Best Snapchat Alternative Apps of 2022. Snapchat has a user base of 10 million active users just a year after its introduction. Its meteoric ascent to fame can be credited to the fact that it revolutionized how people communicated, demonstrating that ephemeral material has a place in the chaotic world of social apps.

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Snapchat, on the other hand, has a confusing UI and no convenient mechanism to save incoming photographs. You also can’t save or read other people’s past content, and you can’t use your photo as a profile picture — only avatars or bitmoji, which are similarly time-limited.

The trend was started by Snapchat, and several other apps have subsequently followed suit. Snapchat Stories is now available on the majority of popular messaging apps. Hundreds of face filter apps were created as a result of Snapchat.

This list includes the finest Snapchat alternatives, some of which include regular messaging functions while others focus on offering entertaining and distinctive face filters.

Best Snapchat Alternative Apps


It’s no surprise that Instagram is the app that comes closest to Snapchat. While it’s most known for being a photo and video-sharing app, Instagram has added a slew of new capabilities that make it the social media equivalent of a Swiss army knife. With only a few touches on your screen, you can now access Instagram’s built-in facial filters. These filtered images can be shared via Stories or direct messaging.

While you may be seeking for apps that aren’t as popular as Instagram, it gives you the most immediate access to face filters because you and your friends are likely already using it.



Telegram is a secure, simple-to-use mobile messaging service that, like Snapchat, runs on mobile devices. It’s rapidly expanding as a result of people migrating from Facebook’s WhatsApp network, and it has some unique features.

For easy regular operations, you can send messages, make video and audio conversations, transmit files, and organize group chats with thousands of individuals or bots.

Unlike Snapchat, which appears more personal for a small inner group of people, the platform is perfect for teamwork or hosting massive online communities.

Telegram’s secret chats may also be used to communicate self-destructing content, similar to Snapchat, and it’s a highly secure instant messaging service with one-on-one customer support. You can also send messages to an unlimited number of people.



WhatsApp, which was founded in 2009, is a messaging service that is used by over two billion people in over 180 countries. The app began as a way for people to interact with their family and friends, but as time went on, companies joined in, and people now use it to communicate with their favorite brands as well. The tool was created to help businesses create correct profiles, share purchase updates with customers, and provide customer service — particularly through WhatsApp Business.

Unlike Snapchat, which is just a photo and video-sharing social media platform, WhatsApp is much more. You can communicate with friends, family, and businesses, exchange photos, videos, files, and documents, shop, and much more.

It’s the most popular messaging app right now, and it’s owned by Facebook, so you can link it to your personal or brand’s Facebook page and/or Instagram account.


Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is worth considering if you want to do more than just talk and share filtered photographs or videos. You can message anyone in your network using the app, which works on the web and on mobile devices (Android and iOS).

In contrast to Snapchat, which does not allow you to connect with folks in your contact list, you may find and communicate with contacts or acquaintances even if you don’t have their phone numbers.

Furthermore, Messenger does not require a Facebook account to use. Simply enter your phone number and begin chatting with other people. You can use Messenger to chat with your Facebook friends and other Messenger users if you have a Facebook account. You may send texts, react with emoji, gifs, or stickers, transmit media files, or capture your own with the camera and filters using the app’s basic messaging facilities. You can also use quick polls to get feedback or ideas.

Messenger also allows you to watch movies with others, play games, share music, and, depending on your location, send money via PayPal – all of which Snapchat does not. You can enable encryption on both sides of the conversation, and Facebook will analyze any photographs for possible violations of company policies, such as child abuse — but not for commercial purposes. It’s a well-designed program that organizes your chats and makes conversing with friends and family simple.



Viber is a Snapchat rival that offers a comprehensive messaging service and a significant monthly active user base. Outside of Viber, the app combines media and text messaging with a free video or voice call service, something Snapchat does not provide.

Without making phone calls, you can communicate to individuals or organise group chats with a large number of people, and send video or voice messages. When you’re too busy to type or too lazy to type, this is the ideal option.

Viber also features a built-in QR code scanner and allows you to send stickers and GIFs directly from your chat, making conversations more lively. All communications are encrypted end-to-end, but you acquire private keys to share with your friends.

Viber offers a dark mode option for its simple design, as well as an organised approach to delegate chats and calls in distinct tabs, in addition to free calling. Viber is available in over 41 languages, and it also supports the self-destructing texts popularised by Snapchat. Viber’s hidden talks likewise disappear after a while. Viber also allows you to send money, which Snapchat does not allow.


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