In today’s world a spy camera is an essential tool for increasing security, because everyday the only news that we hear is about theft and burglars. Spy camera apps for android are important tools to record all that happens around your surroundings.

It is important to keep an eye on property, kids, and surroundings. If kids are left alone at home, it is essential to have a camera to look for their activities. Most of the places have a lot of rules and regulations on implanting a camera. They may also have a lot of rules for placing a hidden camera too. Cameras can only be fixed after knowing the rules of an area.

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Nowadays there is an increase in theft and crimes, people won’t like to be a victim to all the crimes that are happening around. Some people might have experienced this already and they would wanted to feel like they are secured. So, all they would do is fix a camera and monitor 24/7.

There are many advantages of controlling your camera with mobile phones, if you saw an evildoer in your surroundings, with the help of mobile phones we can easily trigger the alarm to scare the evil doers and make them run away. These recorded videos will be a great help to police during crimes.

Monitoring crimes through mobile phones will be a bit difficult if the chosen Spy camera apps for android are not the best. The spy camera apps that are installed on the phone captures and records video without any sounds. So, it is important to choose the best spy camera apps for android phones.  

5 Best Spy Camera Apps for Android 2022

Alfred Security Camera  

Alfred Security Camera is a reliable and free security Spy camera app. It ensures safety at figure tips. This security camera helps to watch over your home when you are away. Alfred Security Camera provides many basic as well as expensive security camera features. This app provides features like smart intruder alert, live stream, walkie-talkie, low-light filter, and unlimited storage and video playback and sharing option.

Old mobile phones can be easily turned to security cameras using this spy camera app, it is free, reliable and a stable app, can be used to monitor babies, pets, home, etc. setting up this camera is totally free of cost and time saving.

It requires no hard skills. This is an easy to install surveillance camera with lot of features. It requires two phones, one to be used as a camera and the other, that is regular phone to be used as monitor. 

It is not necessary to buy CCTV cameras, baby monitor, IP cam, or a web Cam. With these types of cameras installation charges, IP settings, and contracts can be eliminated. An old mobile phone can be reused as security camera. It’s easy and simple.

This is a simple multi-functional surveillance camera, which is free, versatile, reliable, and easy. It has no additional monitoring fee. It is an easy and low-cost idea to convert a smart phone to security camera using some of the spy camera apps for android.

Download Alfred Security Camera

Silent Secret Camera

Silent Secret Camera is one of the best spy camera app. It can be downloaded and installed on every android device, Supporting 14 api and above. This camera supports various secret screen mode like Internet Browser, black screen, and normal camera. It is simple and easy to use. A maximum of 100 continuous shots can be taken at a time.

It takes only a short time to save all the continuous shots. This app provides two types of focus, touchable auto focus and selective focus. One of the major problems, while taking photos is the sound of camera shutter. It’s very annoying and disturbing, while taking pictures of sleeping baby or from a library.

For all these problems, this Silent Secret Camera is a great solution as it can take pictures silently and quickly. Sometimes, taking pictures quietly is an ideal way.  All those moments can be captured using this app. It has a simple interface. The only drawback is, sometimes, when you are stealthily taking a picture, you must point the camera at the object to take a focused picture.

Download Silent Secret Camera

Background Video Recorder

Background Video Recorder is one of the best video recording and spy camera apps for android. This app has an option to disable camera sound so that people around you would never know that the camera is on and recording videos. Time can be set to schedule when to start recording.

BVR helps to record videos in background mode with options to allow and to disable camera shutter. It will record videos even when the screen is turned off. With a single click you can start recording the video. This app supports over 50 languages. It can record unlimited number of videos that too with or without preview. BVR support save the video to SD card and video orientation.

This app automatically records video during a phone call.  It supports both front and back camera. Records HD video of 1920×1080 resolution. Camera, video quality and duration configuration are so easy and simple. It gives option to enable / disable notification with screen message like start/ stop recording. It protects the app by locking it with a pass code.

It is easy to find the recorded videos from the folder. Check storage space before recording. Supports night mode. The only drawback is performance won’t be consistent across all devices. BVR is a free with in-app purchase.

Download Background Video Recorder

Silent Camera

Silent camera is a photographic tool, that can take photos stealthily using the phone camera. This gives the option to turn off the shutter sound, so that nobody will find when a photo is taken. This is the best silent camera.

Among other spy cameras this is the best that takes high quality images. It takes high-speed continuous shots, that too with high quality. Timer can be set for shooting. Silent Camera can be zoomed with nice image quality and has both auto focus and manual focus. It can maintain good white balance, color effect. This app has touch shutter and at the same time volume key can also be used to take pictures.

It has Geo-tag to find out the location. This app has in-built photo editor and dramatic filters and allows to choose the size of the image. There is nothing more in this app other than taking photographs. This app is free to use, and in-app purchases are optional.

Download Silent Camera


Presence Security Camera requires at least two devices to use it, one is to monitor the place and the other to control or dashboard. This app supports multi-viewing. More gadgets can be connected to survive a place. The most appealing feature is its wireless sensor compatibility. Using the app with the detectors helps to reduce false-positive recordings.

This app will send alerts when it detects any motion around the surviving area. Its action is quick, giving advantage to act immediately. When an intruder is detected unlike other spy camera apps for android, it will not alert by sending email or any notification instead it will show you what just happened in that area. This app has both free and paid version.

In paid version you can have Amazon Alexa support. Presence Security Camera is impressive with its basic features. This app can also be used to control other electronic devices. If you want additional features, then go for pro version. Sometimes it has some technical difficulties.

Download Presence

Hope you would enjoy reading this article. These are the 5 best spy camera apps for android in 2022 and i wish they help you in your task also if you have any suggestions please let us know in the comment section we keep on updating our article weekly so your suggestions can easily make us write a better content.

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