The stealth game is a type of game that challenges the player to avoid alerting enemies altogether and allows the player to remain undetected. The overall gameplay element of a stealth game is to avoid combat, remain hidden and stay behind the shadows.

Some of the Stealth Games For Android games mentioned below have different genres like first-person shooting and platformers. Player planning became the major part of a stealth game and as it does trial and error.

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République is a stealth chilling game for androids that centred around survival, in which we immerse ourselves in a totalitarian state and help a prisoner to escape.

The general game atmosphere was inspired by George Orwell’s 1984 novel. The story is about the girl hope who was imprisoned during a repressive organization for having seen something she shouldn’t have seen.

As a player you are just a hacker who will help the girl hope to get out of this organization, you will open the doors and penetrate the systems and you have to solve the puzzles to get her to safety. You are tasked to help an imprisoned girl out of République dystopia.

The intro-cut scene begins when the protagonist gets an unknown call from a person. When the protagonist picks up a sacred girl murmuring and then this story begins.


Space Marshals 3


The Space Marshals is the third-person shooting stealth video game for Android. It is a sci-fi game; the player is tasked with taking out various criminals and their henchmen.

This game mode follows the traditional style of gameplay of the series. The graphics and gameplay have been improved. The details of the background environment are more visible and detailed.

The overall experience has improved. And this Space Detective series has finally reached its third generation.

The main Protagonist who is characterized as haughty is a former space marshal who was suspended for using inappropriate use of firearms. The main protagonist with two other partners frees themselves during a prison breakout.

Space Marshals 3 have three chapters with a total of twenty-eight missions. After each level, the player gets a ranking between one to five indicating how well the player has performed.




CounterSpy is an action, adventure, and stealth video game developed by American indie studio dynamite. The game is set in an alternate version of the cold war; the player protects the planet from the nuclear agendas of the mighty superpower in the world. The atmosphere of this game is heavily inspired by the 1960s James bond spy movie.

The agenda of the story is to sabotage the dastardly plans to prevent either of the superpowers from launching nuclear weapons and maintain world peace.

The player has to discover blueprints and dossiers that give you to access new spy weapons and tools.

The CounterSpy game is a 2.3D side – scroller and movement largely takes place on a 2D plane.

This game has a special gameplay hook to its ever-changing perspectives. I personally love its idea of a side-scroller, your perspective will shift to the opposite shoulders perspective.


Hitman: Sniper


Hitman: Sniper is a mobile shooting videogame of the Hitman series. The game follows first-person shooting with its 3D graphics.

The protagonist Agent 47 uses the environment to kill his assigned targets. As the game progress, the player unlocks more destructive weapons and skill abilities.

Hitman: Sniper is a legitimately fantastic mobile stealth game that combines the premise of shooting, sniping and complex puzzles.

It has a dense and complex scenario and the player might feel like a psychopath while playing this game. As the mission progress to the new mission, you earn cash and use them to upgrade your collection of refiles.

The missions revolve around killing one of the ten important targets with the secondary objective of using a specific trap, or landing a headshot while the target is moving.


Robbery Bob

Robbery Bob

Robbery Bob is the story of a little stranger, after being broke out of jail in the original release of this game. Bob attempts to make fearful and gets on the wrong side of the bride’s father, who is one of the feared mobsters in the city.

Robbery Bob follows a series of 2D sequels, the gameplay has virtual buttons and a thumbstick, the player has to sneak around, picking up objects while hiding. Bob has two tools in his arsenal, the first is the ability to creep slowly and the other is the ability to run faster in a short burst.

Your controls will be set to the bottom hemisphere of your screen along with a direction pad in the left. The controls are a bit simple and easy to navigate.

The Robbery Bob also follows an attempt to have a sense of humor and Bob is a pretty enjoyable character, you will never feel out the story plus this story sympathizes with the main character who is a thief.


Stealth games for android always have played a major role in the gaming world, instead of pinning the enemies and shooting them, these games require the player to use tactics and stealthily move past them. Hence, stealth games require planning and precision with a very careful movement. A player can increase the difficulty to make his/her experience more realistic.

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