Sticky notes are popularly known as the dramatic features of windows which had basic principles and crossed up at it. It won’t matter wherever you belong across the globe browsing the internet and program, you could progressively possess your notes or any kind of tasks. As the process of software prolog, with Sticky Notes gone from Windows 10, gentiles are in search of better alternatives for work.

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Microsoft Sticky notes

Microsoft has launched 3 web sticky notes. We all have come to love sticky notes but it always been underdeveloped and appreciated by Microsoft developers. Yet it’s no more! The sticky notes include cloud and conserving options along with their improved performance.

This sticky note is a superlative and ultimate reminder to ensure that you won’t slip any of the crucial schedule or tasks. Microsoft Sticky notes is a super norm developed by Microsoft Corporation and it’s been treated as one of the built-in apps in operating windows for immediate use.

The simplicity of the program shouldn’t be underestimated because it wraps with a notepad for any convenience. Microsoft Sticky Notes app makes it easy to unclutter your desktop and sync your notes securely across your devices, so you can access them on any device signed in to your Microsoft account.

Brandon from the Microsoft Sticky Notes team, will show you how to fabricate, find, and reclaim your desktop sticky notes and make you a Sticky Notes overseer.


Simple Sticky Notes

It lets you easily generate reminders and neatly assemble them on your desktop. By using the sticky notes, you may change the note color, size and use various fonts, etc. There’s an also option for setting the alarm to get note reminders and adjustments for each note’s transparency.

They are merely seeming to be post-in notes that litter corporate offices however personally not through unsightly. Simple Sticky Notes has multiple choices and options from changing to innovating and preparing notes.


Zoho Notebook

 Zoho Notebook is free of course for taking notes and specialized in the low range of cost and cloud-based software. This has been improved over the last few years and synced the notes all over the platform and website.

Zoho Notebook is completely free of charge for use and it provides 5GB total for filing cards though there’s no end in making notes. The notes you’ve been posted here will be called “Cards” that hold photos, voice recording, ideas, documents, files, and much more saves in your account.

Zoho Notebook upgrades your notes in the history version and updates you to revert to any previous whenever you like. Being utilizing the Zoho Notebook, you can turn physical pieces of paper into pdf or word files and scan the documents.

It doesn’t compose of optical character (OCR) in fact, this would make your text in the type of files searchable. However, Zoho Notebook deals with a massive range of features of collaboration and options, tags, scanning of documenting capabilities.



Stickies is declared as a desktop notes application included in Windows 10. This application leads diligently in loading and ensures the users note using post-it note-like windows on their desktop. It was developed in Windows XP Tablet Edition in 2002 and evolved with Windows Vista as a gadget.

The biggest behind stickies is programmed small and basic and stores information in a single file. You may access this software for plenty of systems and do not have to pay even a small coin. It had been exploded with various conditions.

For assumption, you could modify the program or files in many ways and no need of charging any distribution fees except the recovery of media costs. 



The sticky note named Xpad and it’s originated in Ubuntu. It can be used to take notes promptly, memos with major independent windows. Xpad is featured by customizing font, changing background color or font, moving and editing shortcut movement with CTRL and resize.

It generates powered pads in which you elaborate writing notes by yourself where pads have been saved and loaded transparently. The sticky notes are combined into 14 sets of sounds and provide 462 sounds in general. However, Xpad introduces a way that by developing for apps to achieve massive interval Glissando, which defines anybody can glide a tone continuously.


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