5 Best Video Downloader Chrome Extensions (2022)

Google Chrome is the most used and famed internet browser known till now. Its worldwide utilization rate is no joke. There are far more Chrome Extensions present on the internet which helps us in abundant pursuits and sometimes acts as a life saver for many.

Video Downloader chrome Extensions are something that helps you to download videos from any website. By clicking on one button these Video Downloader Chrome Extensions allow the user to download videos they want. 

You ought to be careful in regards to which Video Downloader Chrome Extension you choose to use. Because bad chrome extensions can harm you more than it helps you. Hence here you have some of the safest and best Video Downloader Chrome Extensions. These video downloader extensions support video formats such as MOB, MP4, ASF, MPG, AVI and many more. 

5 Best Video Downloader Chrome Extensions

Common guidelines to use any of these Video Downloader Chrome Extensions are as follows

  • Copy the URL of the video you want to download
  • Paste it in the address bar of the respective Video Downloader Chrome Extensions you are using 
  • Click on the ‘Download Video’ button to save it on your device and it’s done.

Video Downloader Plus

 Video Downloader Chrome Extensions

Video Downloader Plus is a Google Chrome Extension that helps you to download video with exceptional simplicity. It is claimed to be the best tool for downloading videos in multiple formats. It allows you to download videos from any website platform.

Video Downloader Plus Chrome Extension easily identifies the video played on the browser and allows you to record the live streams with the help of its unique features. Also, this video downloader chrome extension makes downloading the estimated videos possible in a bulk. Yes, it allows you to download multiple videos in one moment, resulting in saving up a lot of the user’s precious time.

Video Downloader Plus Chrome Extension is really easy to use and the plus point is its Free. Whereas some extensions do cost a lot for providing you the extraordinary features, Video Downloader Plus Chrome Extension provides you with those extraordinary features for free.

Also there are no one of those annoying Advertisement pop ups while using this chrome extension. Hence it’s a highly rated chrome extension for downloading videos from. 


Video Downloader Pro

 Video Downloader Chrome Extensions

Video Downloader Pro is one of the best Google Chrome Extensions here for making your life easy. It’s easy-to-use quality makes it one of the best video downloader chrome extensions out there. Video Downloader Pro is a smart tool which easily identifies the video present on any online content browser.

It lets you download the respective video in the same format it’s present on the web. Video Downloader Pro is a totally Free Google extension for downloading videos. Also it keeps away the not at all wanted Ads from disturbing your video downloading process. 

The only downfall of Video Downloader Pro Chrome Extension is that it does not allow downloading videos or copying URLs from the YouTube platform.

YouTube is one of the most used platforms out there and it’s really regrettable that Video Downloader Pro doesn’t support downloading videos from this platform. But other than that, this video downloader chrome extension gives you the best experience judging from its high ratings.


MiniTool uTube Downloader

 Video Downloader Chrome Extensions

Thirdly, we have MiniTool uTube Downloader Chrome Extension which is famed for its editing and video conversion features. This video downloader chrome extension is claimed to be best for video servicing online. MiniTool uTube Downloader is an exclusive video downloader chrome extension for YouTube.

It verifies the video present on YouTube platform easily and through online tried and tested video downloading process allows you to download any YouTube video you desire. 

 MiniTool uTube Downloader is an all rounder tool which lets you do many things with its extraordinary features. Although it’s a convenient video downloader chrome extension, it lets you convert the respective video you aim to download into any format of your choice.

Also the conversion and downloading of the video can be done in batch, to save up your valuable time. MiniTool uTube Downloader allows you to extract audio and to download the subtitles of the selected video. When doing all this there would be no disturbance from annoying Ads as MiniTool uTube Downloader gives the user an Ad-free experience. You don’t need to spend money for using any of these features as it’s Free.


Video Downloader Professional

 Video Downloader Chrome Extensions

Another video downloader chrome extension is Video Downloader Professional. This chrome extension helps you to download your desired video from any website. Video Downloader Professional has a feature of making a video list where you can list the video you aim to download later without having to download it at the moment. It makes the whole video downloading from the web process very innate and effortless. 

Video Downloader Professional detects all the videos being played on the browser and shows the list of it to you when you click on the green arrow, it’s beside the address bar and leads you to the downloding menu from which you have to choose the video of your liking to download.

It gives you the option of choosing in which resolution you would like to download the respective video. There are limitations of using this video downloader chrome extension as it won’t let you seize the site protected content. But apart from that it’s as good as it can be as it’s Free to use. 


YouTube By Click Downloader

 Video Downloader Chrome Extensions

Last but not the least is YouTube By Click Downloader. It’s more of a YouTube Downloader supporting more than one internet browser, Chrome, IE and Firefox. YouTube By Click Downloader is claimed to be the easy-to-use and best tool for downloading YouTube videos.

It lets you download YouTube videos with a length of more than 20 minutes, it lets you download the whole YouTube playlist. Other than that YouTube By Click Downloader lets you download the video in whichever format you like; MP4, MP3,etc. 

YouTube By Click Downloader not only lets you download the video in multiple formats but also from multiple sites. It is a paid google chrome extension that you can download for free but to use all its golden features and for a better experience, it costs you $19.99 to be precise.



 The most famed and world widely used web browser is no doubt Google Chrome. The basic qualities which a user wants in a video downloader is that it should be easy-to-use, nothing much complicated, simple but smart. The tool should be smart in terms of identifying the desired video and should allow you to download from various popular platforms.

After all these at the end the user wants to make sure that how much the tool costs him/her? Is it within their budget or not? It should be cheap or if possible free with all the basic qualities. The once in a blue moon kinda user would be okay with the free extensions, whereas the ones who use it regularly should go for the paid versions cause that will save a lot of their time. 

 The basic qualities mentioned above are possessed by each and every video downloader chrome extension mentioned in this article. The Video Downloader Plus is best for downloading videos in multiple formats, outputs and supports Windows and Mac operating systems without charging you a penny.

The Video Downloader Pro is good for easy video downloading and this too supports Mac and Windows operating systems. The MiniTool uTube Downloader is the bestest for full service video processing online and supports not only Windows and Mac but also iOS and Android operating systems. The other two Video Downloader chrome Extensions too are satisfactory.

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