5 Best Video Editing Apps For Iphone

Do you know we could edit our videos besides just chatting on our iPhone? If you’re someone who is a youtuber, editor, or want to enter the editing market then this article is going to help you know which app is the best for you. 

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You might have already known that this is going to be about the best 5 apps for video editing on the iPhone. These video editing apps for iPhone are very professional and make your video turn out as desired. 


Video Editing Apps For Iphone

If you looking for cool video editing apps for IPhone and if you ever come across an iPhone for video editing then you know how much performance power an iPhone has and this video editing app really brings out the performance of your iPhone. It gives us a very professional outcome. We can do every edit we want in this app. 

● Advantages 

○ Complete package., It has everything required for video editing. 

○ Professional editing., Using the tools in this we get a video as if it is edited by some professional editor. 

○ One time purchase., The best thing about this is that you only have to pay once and it’s all yours. App will be updated regularly. 

● Disadvantages 

○ Not very easy to learn. 



Video Editing Apps For Iphone

It is very easy to use and gives professional output to our videos. The export time is good and it also has great effects inside it so if you need fast pre-made effects so this Video editing app is made just for you 

● Advantages 

○ It’s got cool animation styles and text animations 

○ It has great effects then lumafusion 

○ The best part is that it is very easy to use. 

● Disadvantages 

○ It is very costly which is not a very big disadvantage. 


Adobe premiere rush 

Video Editing Apps For Iphone

This is like the little brother of Adobe premiere pro. You won’t regret buying this. This app usage has to be learned but if you find it hard to use then lumafusion is a very good option. Also as this app is coming from the Adobe company you can imagine how good of an app it is. Adobe makes great software one of which is Adobe Premiere rush. 

● Advantages 

○ We have professional control here in editing our videos. 

○ It has great effects and animations. 

○ It’s not very difficult to use. 

● Disadvantages 

○ There are no disadvantages as such using this Adobe premiere rush but one thing which bothers me is that it doesn’t have any one-time subscription it has this monthly subscription which makes it costly to use. So it is not economical.



Video Editing Apps For Iphone

You might have heard of this. It’s been the ruling app for video editing in Android also and iPhone and iPad. It is one of the best video editing apps for iphone available. It has many good features and all are very easy to learn and help us achieve professional editing outcomes. 

● Advantages 

○ Easy to use. 

○ Has a large number of effects. 

○ Large number of editing options as well. You end up getting tired exploring features but there is no end to effects in this. 

● Disadvantages 

○ Monthly subscription we have to pay every month to use this. 



Spice software comes from a company called GoPro and we all know GoPro is a company that has revolutionized the vlogging industry with its cameras. If you are searching for something with which you could edit video easily with good AI support this is the app you just have to try. You will never regret buying this. 

● Advantages 

○ Has good AI options 

○ Got great effects 

○ Easy to use 

● Disadvantages 

○ Limited control 

○ It has some odd subscription plans. 


To conclude, all the video editing apps for iPhone mentioned here are best. You can choose any of them according to your preferences. There is no way you’re gonna regret it. If you don’t want to buy multiple video editing apps then you can go for Lima Fusion and you will have everything to edit your videos.

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