5 Best Video Gaming Consoles To Try In 2022

The gaming industry has changed a lot in the past few years. From new technologies to higher graphics, there are plenty of things that helped the gaming industry to evolve. Likewise, PC games have surely evolved a lot. However, they haven’t been able to interrupt the growth of console gaming. 

If you are reading this article, you want to find out what are the best video gaming consoles to try in 2022. We will help you to know them with details in this article. Here are they given below in detail that will help you to know more about them.  

Top Video Gaming Consoles To Try In 2022 

Here are some consoles that you can try in 2022 to have a breathtaking gaming experience. Make sure to go through all the different computer game consoles to find out the details about them. 

  1. Nintendo Switch 

With the help of the Nintendo Switch, you do not need the best hardware to create an entertaining game console. Nintendo Switch is one of the best consoles that many people use. It might feel a bit strange to use the Nintendo Switch at the initial time, but you will get the hang of it quickly. 

Various things like battery life and other features make it one of the best consoles in 2022. It is one PC gaming desk accessory that you must try to have an excellent experience with. 

  1. Sony Playstation 5 

This one might be the most popular and best console among all the other ones on this list. Sony witnessed the biggest sales with their consoles. However, the updates of Sony Playstation are very low. 

Some of the specifications of this console that you need to know include 8K resolution support for games and videos, 3.5-GHz AMD Zen 2 processor, AMD RDNA 2 GPU, and others. If you want to learn the benefits of playing using virtual reality technology, this is the best one that you can try. 

  1. Microsoft Xbox Series S 

Xbox is known to be the biggest competitor of Playstation, which comes with some advanced features. For example, it offers AMD Zen 2 processor, AMD Radeon RDNA, 4 TFLOPS GPU, supports games in 4k and 14440p, 512GB built-in storage, and others. In addition, there are different Xbox console series available such as the Xbox Series S, Series X, and others. 

You can play a wide range of games on Xbox. Almost all the games coming out now are supported with both PS5 and Xbox. However, you may notice some differences in game development for the PS5 and Xbox Series X

  1. Google Stadia 

This is not a gaming console like all the other ones on the list. However, it makes this list due to the features and functions. Unfortunately, there are no processors, graphics, memory, or other features available. 

However, it supports more than 4k resolution for gaming and wireless communication of Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. It is a mixup between Netflix, Chromecast, and mobile phones. There is a selection of games and controllers that you can easily use to play.

There is another version available named Stadia Pro that can help you to deliver 60 frames every second and better sound for gaming.  

  1. Playstation 4 Slim 

Playstation 4 Slim is the normal PS4 edition of Playstation that comes with some modifications and changes. As the name suggests, this PlayStation is slim and has a vast game library. 

You will be able to get some of the best specifications such as AMD Jaguar, AMD Radeon Graphics Card, 8GB GDDR5 Ram, and 500 MB or 1 TB storage. In addition, it comes with the DualShock 4 controller that helps get a better gaming experience. Read more: Wp Blogger Tips, TechNet Deals.


There are plenty of video gaming consoles available. All of them come with different features, specifications, and others. You can go through the list and find the best one based on your requirements. If this article has helped you choose the best one, make sure to share it with others. 

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