5 Best Vine Alternatives to share your videos in 2022

Vine voice an american video sharing app which was quite popular through which users could share 6 seconds long videos. However, it is archived now due to many reasons. In this article, I will be sharing 5 best vine alternatives to share videos in 2022. 

Short video streaming apps like tik tok became very popular in recent times. There are people who got famous and became celebrities by using this app and made a successful careers now. After tik tok got banned in India many Indian snack video apps which already existed gained importance. 5 best vine alternatives to share your videos in 2022 include Josh, MX taka Tak, Share chat, Moj, Triller. 

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Vine Alternatives

Josh is India’s number one shot video streaming app. It is available in 12 different languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Odia. Users can create content in this using different effects masks, games etc.

Users can also want the best videos from their best creator in this app by following them. We can also play games in this app like the fruit, space shooter. Also many challenges are happening in the app which are led by celebrities like Badshah.

We can discover celebrities and their challenges thrown by them in this app. Using this app one can also catch the trending music in recent times as we can find users in this making videos on the latest music trends using the relevant hashtags. 


MX Taka Tak Short Video APP 

Vine Alternatives

MX Taka Tak short video app enables users to create, watch and share funny videos also so it has daily challenges which can give you a lot of prizes. There are many celebrities on this app. You can discover the trending videos around you using hashtags of your kind.

One can post videos by shooting them instantly using songs available on it. With 15 million + creators now on, takatak is also regarded as Google Play Store best fun app in 2020. Users can create turning videos with advanced editing tools in this app. This app comes with latest music songs and viral dialogues which is the best thing. 



Vine Alternatives

ShareChat is a short video app which is made in India. The unique thing about this app is that it’s got chat rooms where you can chat with your favorite people on the app. It also has categories like Ishq Mohabbat, girls fashion, bhakti Bhavna and many more which you can follow and get relevant videos of your interest in your feed. Users can share videos on WhatsApp easily.

This app also got celebrities like Jannat zubair Rahmani who is a teen celebrity on social media. We can watch videos like comment and share them with our friends. 



Vine Alternatives

Moj is on the seventh place in top free social apps on Google Play Store. There are so many talented people showing off their lines on this app by which you can get inspired and do your thing like chinki minki.

You can try crazy fun filters on this app and also play your favorite songs. You can create videos on this app very easily and you can also follow your favorite celebrities like Riaz Aly. You can become a star by making videos gaining a lot of followers. 


Triller – Music Video Editor 

Triller - Music Video Editor 

With Triller you can record video, edit music, edit videos and share great content on the internet. Users can make videos with millions of songs available in the app. Video editing is quite simple on this app. It has amazing filters and effects which make you look amazing.

Also it has power edit where you can edit the song and add your own voice by recording. There are some fun challenges and exclusive content available which makes the app more fun and interesting.



We can find vine alternatives in 2022 as well. With a huge amount of daily users and creators on Vine many other apps which are available now will also gain popularity.

There are some apps that are pretty much like vine but with other features as well. These 5 vine alternative apps which I discussed above are the best to share your video on the internet in 2022.

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