5 Best Ways to Download Instagram Reels on Mobile (2022)

If you are looking for ways to download Instagram reels then you are at the right place, Instagram is one of the best Trending social media apps in the world. It is available on Android, iOS, and Web. On Instagram, users share their images and videos with their followers or selected groups of people. It also connects them to their peers through its voice and video calling features. 

In 2020, Instagram introduced a new feature where users could make short videos of 60 seconds and share them with the masses. This new feature was named ” Instagram reel”. In a very short period, the Instagram reel amassed popularity among the creators as they got huge exposure to the creative world. 

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Somehow, after the new feature was launched Instagram was not limited to just sharing pictures and videos but it became an ocean of opportunity to showcase talent and expand the business. While for some Instagram was a way to fight boredom, a large section of people used Instagram as a platform to promote their talent and a market to sell/buy from a business. 

Whenever you make a short video, you must be thinking of downloading it to watch it later or to upload it on other social media platforms but Downloading reels is a real task. Instagram doesn’t allow you to download that with audio. As William Hazlitt once said ” where there is a will, there is a way” and for this problem, we have 5 ways to deal with it. All you have to do is pick the best one that you feel is easy to follow. So let’s begin learning about the ways. 

Table of content 

1. Download reels using third party applications 

2. Download reels using online tools 

3. Save it as a screen recorder 

4. Download reels from stories 

5. Download by sharing ” close friends ” 

Download reels using third party applications 

Ways to Download Instagram Reels on Mobile 

Most Instagram users tend to use Instagram on mobile as it allows the user to access Instagram anytime anywhere within their comfort zone and for such users, various third-party applications are available on both android and iPhone.One can download the reels with audio by using dedicated applications from the app stores. The steps to download Instagram reels are as follows: 

1. Search “Instagram reel downloader” on the App store. 

2. Choose an application from the list and install it. 

3. Go to Instagram and copy the link to the reel. 

4. Now open the application that you installed for downloading reels. 

5. The link will automatically start downloading. 

6. You can see your downloaded videos in the download section of the application

Some apps might ask you to log in to your Instagram as some reels are posted by private accounts. If you face such issues then login through the reel downloader app and you will be able to download the reel. You can also download Instagram videos and images from the same application. Some apps are mentioned below where you can download your reels. Try them out! 

All video downloader | Fast save | video downloader for Instagram 

Download reels using online tools 

Download reels using online tools 

One of the easiest ways to download Instagram reels is to directly download the reels from an online tool that is easily available on browsers. 

With the help of online tools, you can easily download reels both on mobile and computer. Instagram is also accessible on web browsers if you want to download reels without installing any third-party application then you can seek the help of an online downloading tool. 

There is significant availability of websites that will let you download Instagram reels as well as images and videos by following these steps. 

1. Search for a dedicated website that allows you to download Instagram reels. 2. Now go to Instagram and copy the link to the reel. 

3. Open the website and paste the copied link. 

4. Click on download. 

Now your reel is downloaded and you can watch it anytime you want. Below are some websites to help you download the Instagram reels. 




Save it using a screen recorder 

Save it using a screen recorder 

Screen recording is a convenient way to save a reel. The screen recorder will record the whole Instagram UI, comment, like and captions everything will be included in the recording. Screen recorder is an inbuilt app that is available on both android and iPhone. You can easily save a reel without even using your internet as this app works without data usage. 

All you have to do is start the screen recorder and then play the reel that you want to save. then click on the stop to save your reel automatically in your media.

Some mobile phones don’t have in-built screen recording apps. If your phone doesn’t have that app then you can download it from the play store. 

Download reels from stories 

Download reels from stories 

There is one feature that will let you download the reel without using an application or website. you will be able to save only 15 seconds of the reel on your phone. The ‘Add to story’ feature of Instagram will allow you to save the reels on your phone by following some quick steps. The steps are as follows : 

1. Open Instagram and play the reel that you want to save 

2. Click on the share button and tap Add reel to your story. 

3. Now you have to zoom out the reel to make it fullscreen 

4. Click on the download button showing on the top. 

5. Now your reel is saved on your phone. 

Download by using the ” close friends ” option 

Download by using the " close friends " option 

Usually, the close friend’s option on Instagram allows you to choose people who can have access to your posts. You can choose your audience by adding people to your close friend’s list but did you know you can also use this feature to save your own Instagram reels on your phone without using any other medium to download it? Yes, you can save your reels just go through the following steps 

1. Open Instagram and go to your profile page. 

2. Click on the hamburger menu and select the “close friend” option from the given list. 3. Add one person to your close friend list and then make a reel 

4. Now preview your video and click “next”. 

5. Click on the “share” button appearing next to the close friend option 

6. Now go to “your story” and click on the three-dot menu 

7. Click on save video and your reel will be downloaded on your phone 

Now after downloading your reel you can delete the video or you can let your close friends watch it. 

Wrapping up 

These are some ways to Download Instagram reels to help you out with the issue that you face while downloading Instagram reels with audio. You can try any of the above-mentioned ways to download reels on your phone.

Apart from the suggested methods if you know any other way to download Instagram reels then feel free to mention it in the comments.

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