5 Best Writing Apps for Android in 2022

Nowadays writing is a booming industry. We have different types of writers in the industry. The different categories of writers are content writers, copywriters, ghostwriters, technical writers, bloggers and many more. We also have writers who write novels, poems, screenplays, scripts, lyrics etc. 

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No matter what kind of writer you are, Writing Apps for Android play a (necessary segment) major role in your life. As a writer, you may get the ideas for your next story or novel or poem or even for your next blog post almost anywhere and everywhere. At those times you may have felt the importance of writing apps. So we have brought you a list of the 5 best writing apps for Android. Let’s get started. 

Best writing apps for Android

Google doc

Best writing apps for Android

The very first app on the list is Google Docs. It is a beginner-friendly app. This app is best for budding writers as well as for experienced ones. This app is very easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface. You just have to go to the play store and download google docs on your mobile phone. After adding your email id, it is ready to use. 

This app even facilitates the storage in your google drive automatically. This app is completely free and comes with a 15GB free storage in Google drive. This app has basic functions like changing the fonts, font size, etc. It provides your writing in a doc format which you can share with your team members for editing. You can easily edit, modify and create a new doc on the way. You can also use the Google doc on your desktop. 


Grammarly keyboard

Best writing apps for Android

Okay, maybe writing with a virtual keyboard isn’t practical. But, Grammar plays an important role in writing. Grammarly can help you with correct grammar in your write-ups. Grammarly is a free app. This is also very easy to use.

It provides you with a virtual keyboard which you can use on notes or different writing apps on your phone. This app helps you to write grammatically correct sentences. You can even check your write-ups under different parameters easily with its help. Like plagiarism, spellings, grammar, etc.

This app highlights the mistakes which are not seen by your eyes subconsciously. This app is an all-rounder and you can use it everywhere. 



Best writing apps for Android

This app is good for authors and novel writers. This app provides different templates for your next story. This app also has different options in its menu which can make your novel writing easy and efficient. This app has different tools which are very helpful in fictional writing. The tools provided in this app are:-. 

  • Story elements:- In story elements you can add the description about people, places, names of the characters, or the research. 
  • Outline:- The outline of your story is easily accessible. You can refer to it anytime from the sidebar. 
  • Templates:- The templates provided in the LivingWriter app can give you that necessary fuel to start. It can help you to give the idea of how a fiction outline should look like. It is very user-friendly and helpful to the budding writers who have different ideas in their mind but they are not sure about where to begin.  

Beside these, the app provides other basic functions like spelling checking, inserting an image etc. You can also use it on a desktop. This app also has a roadmap and you can even use it in offline mode. You can also switch between light mode and dark mode easily.

The most productive element provided by the app is Goal-tracking. You can easily set your own goals regarding your novel and the app will help you to stick to that goal by reminding you how much you still have to go on. This app offers you a 14-day free trial period without the use of any credit card details. 


Writer Plus (Write on the go)

Best writing apps for Android

It is a very simple and minimalistic text editor app which works on the Android operating system. It has basic editing features with less distraction. If you have to edit a very plain text file this app can help you in this with its clean and distraction-free interface. 

You can also customise the theme of the app as it has the option to change it into night mode with black and grey colour. The app stores the files which you are currently editing in the folder named ’writer’ by default. Later, if you want to change the storage location of the file you can move the files in another folder of your choice.

You can store your writing in different folders according to your choice and personal preference. Writer Plus also provides you the statistics of the text file with its word count and character count. It also gives the statistics of estimated reading time of a text file. 

Besides all these facilities the app has a drawback, that is, the app doesn’t facilitate synchronisation with Google Drive or Dropbox. 




JotterPad is another app on the list for writers. It is also a type of text editor. This app is specifically designed for creative writing. This app is good for writing short stories, novels, poems, lyrics, essays etc. This app has a clean interface for typing down your thoughts. Its distraction-free interface allows you to write with full focus and a perfect flow of thoughts and ideas. 

JotterPad facilitates synchronisation with Google Drive and Dropbox. Its features include themes, markdown, dictionaries and theasures, and dark mode. JotterPad also has a research function. You can search definitions, synonymous, rhymes etc. in the app/software itself. JotterPad uses a freemium policy which means that some part of the app is always offered for free. 



As a writer, you may get ideas where you are not available with a pen and paper. At those times Good Writing Apps for Android can be your best friend. You can jot down your ideas and poems or even lyrics anywhere on your phone with the help of a good writing app. I hope we have helped you and you have discovered a suitable writing app for your Android. 

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