5 Free USB Bootable Software For Windows

In this article, we have discussed the 5 best free usb bootable software for windows. USB booting means using a USB device to boot a computer’s operating system. This USB device can be used in all systems to boot information and files so easily rather than using a hard or CD drive. Nowadays all the systems, computers, servers, and laptops support the bootable USB drive.

A bootable USB is mainly used to recover, install, and repair a working system. It provides users an alternative option to boot a system that using a CD drive. A bootable USB is created using different operating system components or using third party software. This USB Bootable Software will copy all the system files into the USB drive to enable USB boot. 

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Bootable USB is an OS installation media, which has been written into a USB drive using USB Bootable Software or using different apps. An ISO file from OS manufacture’s website is downloaded to make an USB bootable.

Once the USB drive is converted to a bootable drive, it can only be used for installing OS to a computer, this portable drive may get corrupted if any other files are added to that drive. After formatting, the bootable USB can be converted to a normal USB drive.

Only a UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) supported laptop would detect a bootable device if the user enabled Legacy support in BIOS. So, if a system is not supporting a bootable device Legacy support should be turned on. 

When a computer is started, the computer performs an operation automatically this is known as booting. During booting the system will check all the software and hardware, that are installed within the system and load all the files that are required for running a system.

When a bootable USB is plugged into a laptop or a computer, it can be operated only by changing the boot priority in BIOS setting. This will allow a person to run a copy of another operating system of a bootable USB without interrupting the current operating system on the laptop or computer.

5 Free USB bootable software for windows


 Free USB Bootable Software For Windows

Rufus (The Reliable USB Formatting Utility, with Source) is one of the best USB bootable software when it comes to creating a bootable USB for windows. Rufus is free, easy to use and open source.  It can also be used as flash BIOS, run low-level utilities and as firmware. When compared to other booting software’s rufus is the fastest in creating a bootable USB drive.

Rufus software provides different advanced options while creating a bootable drive like creating a partition scheme file system and cluster size. These are very beneficial while creating BIOS firmware or run low-level devices.

This software also allows to check the USB for any blocks, for that first we need to select the checkbox and then go to check device for bad blocks under the format option, depending on the size of the drive, number of passes and USB drive speed the software will take time.

This software is a free and fast USB bootable software. It doesn’t need to install we can run it directly from portable exe file. It is useful in downloading ISO DVD images of windows 7, windows 8.1, and windows 10 that too directly from Microsoft’s servers. The ISO download feature will be available if PowerShell 3.0 is installed and the check for updates is also enabled.



 Free USB Bootable Software For Windows

Universal USB Installer is a Linux Bootable USB Software.  This tool allows users to easily boot ISO to USB imagining tool from a USB drive. UUI is easy to operate and helps to create different type of bootable USB media. Like Linux and windows, antivirus rescue drives, penetration testing drives or other low-level bootable drives.

This is so easy to use, first choose from the distribution list, then browse ISO file, select the flash drive, and then click create. Once it’s completed, we should have a ready to run bootable flash drive with the operating systems and the windows installer. One of the most useful features of this software is that it allows to create a bootable USB device with large storage.

The amount of storage needed can be selected while creating the bootable USB device, but this is available only for some selected Linux distributions. The persistent feature allows to save changes and can be restored on subsequent boots.  The Casper persistence options allows to use a file larger than 4GB when the file is formatted with NTFS filesystem.



 Free USB Bootable Software For Windows

The Windows USB/DVD Download tool helps to create both bootable USB and DVD drives. This usb bootable software is so easy to use, just insert the USB drive select ISO and click the next option. After this the software will create the bootable USB within limited time. While downloading this tool it gives two options: 

  1. download a collection of compressed files
  2. download an ISO file

The ISO file combines the windows installation files into a single uncompressed file. When downloading the ISO file, it must be copied into a USB or DVD and when it is ready to install the windows, insert the USB drive or DVD with ISO file and then run setup.exe from the root of the drive.

This allows to install windows without an existing operating system. If you change the boot order of the computer, you can directly use from USB drive or DVD. This tool doesn’t have advanced options, the bootable USB cannot be personalized, and the file /partition scheme or bad blocks cannot be changed.



 Free USB Bootable Software For Windows

RMPrepUSB is a highly customizable and feature-rich bootable USB creator. It helps to create any type of bootable USB.  This also provides option for testing, partition, support for multiple image formats, customize bootloader, QEMU Emulator, and file system. 

Through this software one can easily boot into a bootable USB drive using QEMU Emulator on the window without rebooting the system. It is easy to check whether the bootable USB has been created properly.  It also helps to install various bootloaders like grub4dos, bootmbr, WEE, syslinux, and more.

As the tool sounds too good to use it can only be used by advanced users, beginners may find it somewhat difficult to use. This tool helps in quick formatting, the layout that is used improves the writing speed by 10% or more. It is compatible and gives the USB drive a good chance of booting on different PCs. 



 Free USB Bootable Software For Windows

Etcher is the easiest one to use among the five USB bootable softwares. The main purpose in creating this software is to remove the complexity of selecting multiple options and setting different operating systems. Only a few clicks are required to convert USB drive and SD card to convert to a bootable drive.

Etcher will run on windows, macOS, and in Linux based OS.  In Etcher it is easy to copy and paste files into USB drives.  It is a free source also used for writing image files like .iso and .img files. This software helps to perform lengthy steps easily and will quickly burn images into SD cards and other drives. Etcher is developed by Electron framework and is quick in action. Its working is so simple any user can create bootable USB so easily.


These are some of the free USB bootable software, there are many others available for free usage. Hope you like our list of Free USB bootable software if you have any suggestions please let us know in the comment section.

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