6 Best Audio/Volume Mixer Replacements for Windows 10 (Ranked)

Sound mixing is an essential aspect of any audio production, as it ensures proper levels between various tracks and channels. However, Windows 10’s default sound mixer plays a huge part in how the sounds are represented. So, if you ever get tired of dealing with the regular mixer and want to see what else is out there, here are six great options for Windows 10 users.

As an avid music listener, you may have noticed a growing trend in the last few years: sound quality is decreasing. You were probably feeling it most acutely with the rise of the mp3 and its awful sound quality, or maybe you’re noticing that it’s harder to hear vocals or bass lines over drums and guitar. Whatever the case is, many people are turning to audio/volume mixers for Windows 10 when they want clearer, crisper sound.

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In this article, we’ll take a look at the best audio/volume mixers for Windows 10. We’ll be focusing on those that are free, but we will be looking for mixers that give you the greatest control over your sound without costing you a dime.

What Is an Audio/Volume Mixer?

The term “mixer” may refer to a number of different tools, but in our case, we’ll be talking about audio/volume mixers. These are essentially audio/volume control programs like YaStorer or Volume Panel that allows you to adjust and balance your media volume.

Often, you’ll find that these programs come with preset sound modes. You can find them in the presets dropdown menu. As a rule of thumb, most well-built mixers will include presets labeled “enhanced”, “personal”, “movie” and similar options that could be useful to you depending on your circumstances.

The best audio/volume mixers for Windows 10 will also include a number of advanced controls and tools that allow you to fine-tune your audio experience. Some of the controls may include bass boosting, equalizers with presets, loudness settings, virtual surround sound options, reverb and other effects.

List of 6 Best Audio/Volume Mixer Replacements for Windows 10


Best Audio/Volume Mixer Replacements for Windows 10

ASIO4ALL is a free and open-source multi-channel audio device driver that bypasses Windows’ own internal mixing mechanisms and allows you to use your sound card directly with professional signal processing applications.

You might be asking, why would I want to use this when my sound card already has its own mixer? The reason is that some DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) can’t access the different mixer controls of your sound card, especially if it was designed for consumer use. Then there is the fact that most consumer sound cards are not really designed for professional use, often lacking important features that can cause problems in an audio production environment.

ASIO4ALL was created to solve these problems and make it easier for professional DAW users. It does this by giving you access to many advanced controls, giving you more control over your audio.

While that sounds great in theory, there is a downside to this method, as some features may be limited or not work at all because of ASIO4ALL’s bypassing methods. This can be annoying if you are trying to use specific features on the card with ASIO4ALL enabled, but it is a small price to pay considering the benefits that it offers.



Best Audio/Volume Mixer Replacements for Windows 10

AIMP is a great free audio player that has tons of features, including a powerful sound mixer. ASIO4ALL is limited in that it only supports output devices, but AIMP does not have this limitation. This means that you can both input and output audio using the same source, making it much more useful in many situations. AIMP also has some really nice features for visualizing your sound and giving you lots of control over how things sound.

AIMP also offers a solid music library. You can use it to organize your music library and create playlists, but it also has some really nice sound options available as well. The sound quality is very high, and you can easily customize the sound output based on your system’s hardware needs. It’s also possible to add new audio effects for better quality—it supports custom plugins so users with programming experience can create their own.

The AIMP team is constantly updating this free audio player, making sure there are only the best features present in each release. 


Audacity (Free)

Volume Mixer Replacements for Windows 10

Audacity is an open-source, cross-platform audio editor and recorder that has been around for a long time. It’s super powerful and great for people who want to do a lot of heavy recording work. You can mix sounds together and edit your recordings to make them sound perfect, with just about any effects you can dream up thrown in. Audacity isn’t the most intuitive app in the world, but once you get used to how it works, it can be a godsend.

Audacity also offers a lot of helpful features that other podcasting apps lack, such as the ability to sync your recording with a video. And, of course, Audacity is completely free.

Audacity is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/Unix operating systems.

Audacity also has its own help website, which you can find more information about here .




WavePad is a wave file editor used by professionals in radio and audio production. It is available for various platforms including Windows and Mac OS X.

WavePad has incredibly powerful editing tools, customisable keyboard shortcuts, batch processing of hundreds of files, support for a wide range of file formats, an oscilloscope to monitor system performance in real time and more. In addition to the main program there are also two plug-ins available: Noise Generator and Sound Enhancer Pack (SEP). These plugins expand WavePad’s capabilities to include audio enhancement features such as noise removal, voice overs and sound effects.

WavePad has a number of features and tools that make it particularly useful for audio production.




Reaper is an easy-to-use application for both PC and Mac that allows you to record, edit, mix, master, and stream audio.

It is a powerful multitrack recorder with a built in mixer that supports 16 simultaneous audio tracks. You can edit your sounds with unlimited undo or redo capability (including nested edits) while preserving the ability to punch in or out of recordings on any track. Reaper also has tools for creating recordings from scratch such as synths and drum loops.

With its flexible MIDI input features, Reaper can easily be used as a front end for music software such as Reaktor, Absynth, or Pure Data. Reaper has a powerful mixing engine with realistic dynamics and a built in EQ. This means that you can record live instruments and vocals with pristine fidelity at low to no latency which is critical for broadcast applications such as streaming Internet radio and audio-over-IP. 

Reaper was formerly known as “Reaper Proto” – the name was changed to match the demo version released by the company.


FL Studio

FL Studio

FL Studio is a music mixing tool that provides users with the ability to create, edit, mix and produce music using virtual instruments. It is a stand-alone application with a simple interface that doesn’t require any expertise in audio engineering or sound production.

This program can be used by both professional and nonprofessional DJs as well as amateurs who are looking for tools for producing music without having to purchase expensive pianos, synthesizers or other equipment.

The program consists of multiple modules including: a sequencer that records musical notes on one track; an instrument editor; a mixer console; plug-ins (sound effects); and automation lanes (which are connected to sequencer tracks). 



So, this is the list that we have curated for you. All the Audio/Volume Mixer Replacement tools for your Windows 10 device are very unique and offer great features. Working with these tools might boost your mixing experience.   

So, I must suggest you to try these tools and stay connected with us for more updates.

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