6 Best Coloring Apps For iPhone And iPad 2022

In this article we have discussed 6 Best Coloring Apps For iPhone And iPad, Coloring is one of the best stress-busters for adults. Most people think that coloring is for kids, but that is wrong, there is no age limit for coloring. It isn’t just for kids, can be used by people of any age. Nowadays, it is difficult to travel with coloring books and sketch pens, especially for adults, it doesn’t matter if it’s a kid, that’s not the case for an adult.

They may have fear, what people will think of them? Will they face any embarrassing situation while traveling with the book?  It can be a lot of fun and relief for adults to color something. Technology has really developed and now it is possible to color using an iPhone, Android, etc is enough. There are plenty of best coloring apps for iPhone available in the App store to make the coloring experience more fun and enjoyable.

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You can start coloring with any app, but Apple pencils are really nice to color book apps. The App Store provides you with some of the best coloring books. If you are looking for some of the best coloring apps for iphone and ipad to keep your creative mind up to date, here are some of the Apps that can be of great use to you. 

6 Best Coloring Apps for iPhone and iPad



Colorfy is easy to use, high quality, simple and modern, and it makes coloring easier. A nice picture can be selected and then you can start coloring right away. When the color option is a tap away, you will get a palette of colors of different shades. It also gives us an option to choose themes. This coloring book brings enjoyment and creativity at your fingertips. This app is for mostly for adults.

The User Interface of this app is really great. You can make the canvas section larger by zooming in and out. Pinching the screen to zoom it is a very nice feature. The interface of this work is mostly grey to show or enhance the importance of the artistic work and to make you use that app even more time.  It has filters that adds beauty to the work. Using this app, you can even color your own picture.

First, draw a picture in a nice sheet of paper, then take a photo using the in-app camera and start coloring. There are 72 shades of colors. There is also a paid version, where you have to pay for some colors, mandalas and more than 500+ images. The only disadvantage is there is no difference between markers and brushes in the app. So, the coloring pages will not have depth and structure. This app makes a low threshold to get started.




Pigment app lets you discover a world of colors, relaxation, and creativity. This app is a bit more extensive than Colorfy. This app lets you choose a plate to color, choose colors from the bottom. This app lets you work for yourself and get started. It helps to unlock your creativity. In order to have a realistic effect, this app provides you with Watercolor, Oil color, and Pastel brushes.

Fantastic fun effects can be created by plasma and glitter brushes, you can even color and relax by using tap-to-fill mode. It ensures you color neatly and within the lines. Pigment have the largest collection of designs, that is about 6000+ designs. You can even use Apple pencil support to draw and color, it provides prefect shades of colors and 12 brushes with the ability to adjust size for precision and opacity.

Customizable brushes help to add even tiny details. You can choose different brushes, sizes and density of the paint in the menu on the left. The intuitive tools provide a realistic coloring experience. You can add dimension with marker brushes or air brushes, details can be created precisely with pencils. You can see the work of others and can even share your work with the coloring community.

Therefore, there is no lack of inspiration, you can see creations of others and also can follow various tutorials. This app provides endless possibilities. The User Interface is easy to use and simple. With subscription, you can unlock many functions, coloring pages, and brushes. Even with the free version you can enjoy coloring.


Coloring book for me and Mandala

Coloring book for me and Mandala BEST COLORING APPS FOR IPHONE

This app is one of the best coloring apps for iPhone to unleash your creative mind. It has a lot of coloring pages and unique designs and mandalas. This is one of the worth coloring book that aims for the ultimate therapeutic experience. It has soothing music that can be played while you are coloring.it is easy to adjust the size and density of the brushes and choose colors from different palettes.

It has a rich collection of images like animals, birds, humans or, mandalas. It allows you to create your own mandala with all new features. It is not easy to transform a photo into a coloring page, this app allows you to easily transform a photo to a color page, helps to blend reality with art. When you just finished work, you can easily share it with your friends.

It allows adding a landscape as background. You can also choose a texture as background.  This app provides 25+ beautiful color palettes with 8 colors each. It provides free images and colors, but if you subscribe, you can unlock all pictures, use extra palettes, share artworks without watermarks, and can enjoy without ads.




Recolor is calming and a bit simpler in terms of functions. This app lets you relieve your stress in an easy and fun way. When you choose a picture, you can see some colors at the bottom, by swiping you could see different color palettes. Coloring is so easy, if you tap an area, it is immediately colored with transition colors. There are over 4000 unique adult coloring pages like flowers, mandalas, animals created by professional artists.

You can also import your own picture and color it. You can create your own masterpiece and share it with the community in Recolor App. It provides over 70 color palettes and dozens of coloring options to choose from, own palettes can also be created. It has more than 80 stunning filters, effects, and outlines. Even if you have colored the image you could still use filters and structures.

Lines can be lightened or can be given a different color. You can enjoy the free version or can subscribe to get amazing features. Unfortunately, if you wanted to choose an image in the free version then, you must watch a video. This is one of the disadvantages of this app.


April Coloring


April Coloring is a simple and easy app, everyone can create beautiful pictures using this app. This app is unique because here coloring is based on numbers and swipes instead of taps. By taping a number, you will know which surface has the same number. You can start coloring. At the bottom, you can see a palette of colors with specific numbers.

Here, the difficulty level increases as you level up or unlock more paintings. This provides you with free content and premium quality that helps you to become a creative person. This app ensures whether the app is of great use to you. They focus on user’s experience, simplicity, and through the great community in the app.

All the content in this app is almost free, you can unlock more colors and images by leveling up or by collecting coins. This makes it a lot more fun. When you color two adjacent boxes, a line that is present between them will disappear and a nicely colored picture will appear.


Color Therapy


Color Therapy is the best pick among other coloring apps for iPhone. It has a massive collection of more than 2000 coloring pages. It has images of art, mandala, animals, fashion, nature, etc. This app ensures all the images are the best and people will never find it boring.

It has the best coloring tools, lines, and effects. It has realistic brushes from airbrushes, oil painting brushes, flat brushes, and many more. This app has finishing effects like galaxy, metallic, glossy, canvas. You can blend colors perfectly using the Smear tool. In the free version, all the features are not accessible. It has different frames like classic frames, frameless to customize pictures elegantly. You can use music while using this app.


These are some of the best coloring apps for iPhone that can be used on iPhone and iPad, which helps to increase the creative mind of a person.   

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